Joseph Farah addressing national tea party convention
Joseph Farah addressing first tea-party convention in Nashville in February

Event organizers for the National Tea Party Unity Convention are announcing the rally will be rescheduled from July to October, in part, because of the extreme heat at the gathering’s epicenter, Las Vegas, Nev.

“We’ve had a good response to the convention. We have a lot of people coming,” Tea Party Nation founder Judson Phillips told WND. “But a lot of folk who would love to be there are telling us, ‘We’re concerned about Vegas in the summer.'”

A statement released by the Tea Party Nation explains, “We were so excited about the tremendous success of the first
convention, we jumped into this second convention without
considering the timing. The heat in Las Vegas in July is keeping
many who would like to participate from attending. We have also
received numerous emails from people who were forced to decide
between family vacations and attending the convention.”

The statement further explains, “Our intent is to gain the greatest momentum and
the greatest delivery to the greatest amount of patriots. Nothing
more, nothing less.”

To achieve its goals, the group opted to bump the date closer to the election, rather than seek a venue outside of strategic Las Vegas.

“When we talked about the unity convention, Vegas was our choice,” Phillips told WND. “Obama has said, ‘Don’t go to Vegas.’ Sen. Harry Reid is up for re-election.

“And this time will be good, too. We’ll be less than a month away from the fall election. It will be a good time for a Reid pre-retirement party,” Phillips said.

Exact dates for the rescheduled convention, originally planned for July 15-17, at the Palazzo Las Vegas Resort in Nevada, and organized by Tea Party Nation, along with ResistNet, Leadership Tea Party, the Tea Party Leadership Coalition and other groups, are expected to be announced shortly.

“We’re contacting all of our people. The response we’ve gotten so far has been incredibly positive. Not a single complaint yet,” Phillips told WND. “We’re going to keep a good schedule of workshops and other things like that. Those were the trademarks of the [first] national convention in Nashville.

“We’re working with our speakers about their availability in October. There are scheduling concerns, and those things happen,” he said.

Among the speakers planned for the event were Nevada Republican Senate nominee and challenger to Reid’s seat Sharron Angle, radio hosts Laura Ingraham and Lou Dobbs, the editor and chief executive officer of WND, Joseph Farah, nationally syndicated talk-show host Neal Boortz, Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton, hip-hop entertainer David Saucedo (known as Polatik), singer and songwriter Lloyd Marcus and a variety of other authors and leading activists.

“With all the people that we’re going to have there, it really is going to put an end to the myth that the tea-party movement is nothing but a bunch of old, white people,” Phillips joked earlier, noting the diverse array of speakers.

Phillips told WND the organizing groups are working now on confirming speakers for the rescheduled time and that a formal announcement of the new dates and lineup should be coming in the next few days.

“The folks who come to tea-party events have that traditional American can-do spirit,” Phillips explained. “When this movement got started, most people never had done these things before. But they just jumped in and did it.”

“We have also gained valuable access to new tea-party groups in the United States who have contacted us and we have contacted others; therefore, the time delay will allow them the valuable and necessary time they need to be a part of this amazing event,” the Tea Party Nation statement concludes. “The momentum
we gain from holding the convention in October heading into the
elections we feel will be worth all of the sacrifices and

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