For a president and an administration with the media in its pocket, it’s amazing they haven’t convinced the American public that it’s OK to protect lawbreakers by racial profiling.

I know, I know – if you believe the Left’s rant, only conservatives are racist bigots. But the truth is, the liberals lead on that one, and they’re proud of it.

When they demand special rights for a certain class of “brown” people, they’re racially profiling and are bigots.

They should be ashamed. Not only have they opened racial divisions in this country that were virtually closed decades ago, but they cater to it and are moving this country to the breaking point.

The issue is illegal aliens: foreigners who cross our borders illegally, stay in this country illegally, take jobs using fake identification – both of which are illegal – and feed at the trough of American generosity for food, housing, medical care, education and whatever else they can get.

On top of that, too many get involved in criminal activities from petty crimes to felonies. The costs to the criminal-justice system and the numbers of incarcerated illegals prove the point.

Arizona hit the breaking point: bankrupt hospital emergency rooms, overcrowded schools, enormous social costs on every level, escalating crimes, record-setting kidnapping rates and violence against private citizens as well as police officers and Border Patrol, including murder.

It’s a basic responsibility of the federal government to protect the borders and the citizens living within them. There are laws on the books to accomplish that.

But for political and philosophical reasons, politicians for decades have chosen not to enforce the law. They’ve chosen not to think first of the welfare and safety of the country and all Americans. They do what they please, hoping it will buy them votes and change the face and culture of this country permanently to their advantage. Their attitude is: The country be damned.

Their hubris is astonishing, and it’s getting worse. The federal government, from the president on down, is doing as little as possible to strengthen the border, has encouraged the demonization of any entity – read that Arizona – and anyone who disagree.

To liberals, Arizona is the ultimate “racist” – all because Arizonans have had enough of what illegals are doing to them because the feds virtually ignore the problem.

The legislature passed S.B. 1070, which allows law enforcement to question a suspect’s immigration status, if, during a stop for another criminal issue, the officer has reason to suspect an immigration violation.

Gov. Jan Brewer signed the bill. She’s clearly one of the most politically courageous politicians in decades.

Barely had the ink dried, than the long swords were drawn with everyone from politicians, immigration activists, education hacks, the media, ignorant citizens and religious hierarchy, most especially clerics of the Roman Catholic Church, piling on.

Liberals say 1070 mandates racial profiling and is racist – but in truth, liberals are the racists since they seem to think only “brown” people are illegals. Facts prove otherwise, but facts confuse them.

Under the guise of “human rights” and a “religious halo,” they advocate criminal lawbreaking, and the government isn’t letting up. In addition to demonizing the state and its residents, the feds plan to sue and had Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announce it during a press conference in Ecuador.

Gov. Brewer was furious at the insult of the foreign announcement, but is hanging tough and touts her record of winning such court cases.

After a long delay, Obama did briefly meet with Brewer, promising a border-security plan in two weeks. She’s heard nothing.

When Sen. Jon Kyl, R-Ariz., told a public meeting that the president told him privately he would only secure the border after “comprehensive immigration reform” – leftist political shorthand for “amnesty.”

The audience was appalled. The White House, furious, called Kyl a liar. It became a political p—ing contest: another unflattering reflection of the president.

Unflattering but accurate – as accurate as the rumors now circulating that Obama plans to get immigration “reform” by a presidential executive order. There’s enough concern that eight GOP senators wrote to Obama warning him against it.

They said such a move “would further erode the American public’s confidence in the federal government.”

Confidence? Hah! More than 80 percent of Arizona citizens support the new law. Upward of 70 percent of the country supports the Arizona law.

Fremont, Neb., last week passed a referendum making it illegal to rent to or hire illegal aliens. Kris Kobach, the attorney who helped draft that ordinance, also helped craft the Arizona law and has won court battles defending similar laws in Arizona, Missouri and Nebraska.

Americans are furious that Obama sided with Mexican President Felipe Calderon in criticizing Arizona and even more furious now that Mexico has petitioned American judges to void the Arizona law.

And the bad news continues – with reports of increasing numbers of illegals from Muslim countries crossing the Mexican border, with increasing drug trafficking and weapon smuggling, with the discovery of another tunnel under the border, with confirmation that the “teen boy” shot and killed by the Border Patrol after rock-throwing attacks had a long, border criminal record including deportations.

Despite this, the Border Patrol has to pay for environmental damage resulting from its patrols and also has to contend with wildlife protection.

Yet, despite widespread calls to boycott Arizona, the AP reports at least 20 other states plan similar legislation.

If Obama tries to shove amnesty through despite public opinion, his head will spin at the reaction he’ll get. It won’t be pretty.

Arizonans wanted protection. Who knew it would provide the flashpoint to protect the country? Good for them!

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