I talk for a living. But talk is not enough. We now know what Obama meant when he vowed to “transform” America. It’s time to act.

At first, I gave Obama the benefit of the doubt. Even though I was less than enthusiastic to do so, I voted for McCain in 2008. But I cheered the election of a black man, hoping for a president who could truly “bring us together.” How’s that working out? Not well. Not well at all.

“Race” just seems to be a card to be played. Rev. Jeremiah Wright–style hate got incorporated into the government. It’s “payback time.”

The white Cambridge police officer acted “stupidly” in detaining professor Henry Louis Gates as he was trying to break into his own house. Charges of voter intimidation at a Philadelphia polling place by a club-wielding New Black Panther – a clear violation of the Voting Rights Act – were dismissed. A California manslaughter conviction of a white transit officer in the killing of a black man was insufficient. The Department of “Justice” announced a double-jeopardy prosecution for “civil-rights” violations.

The black (as the half-white Obama described himself in the census) president has acted with all the thin-skinned self-consciousness of an affirmative-action hire.

Traditional liberal, race-based divisiveness played out at the border, too.

Even as they acknowledged that they had not even read S.B. 1070, the Arizona state law that required local law-enforcement officers to detain suspected illegal aliens for federal officers, Obama officials denounced the law as “racist,” “discriminatory” and “unconstitutional.”

Brushing aside other states’ laws (California, Rhode Island, Missouri) that require the same actions by local law enforcement, Obama decided to make an example of Arizona, a state he could never turn “blue.”

Sen. Jon Kyl, R-Ariz., reported that Obama told him he would not secure the border because then “you-all (Republicans) would not support comprehensive immigration reform.” In other words, Obama holds national security hostage to his political agenda of amnesty for illegals – otherwise known as “undocumented Democrats.”

In a remarkable pleading in U.S. District Court in Phoenix, Obama lawyers asserted that the feds had fully pre-empted the area of immigration law and, even if the president determined not to enforce that law, no state could enforce it. This from a president who had sworn on the Bible to “faithfully execute the laws” of the United States. “Equal justice under law”? Gone – just like that.

Sometimes I think I am permanently blue in the face talking about this president.

I’m tired of talking about the William Ayers clone “czars” appointed by Obama to drive radical policies deep into federal agencies for labor, defense, the environment, energy and education.

I’m tired of talking about the executive orders and extralegal commands from an elected “chief magistrate” who acts like a dictator – replacing the CEO of a private company, impoverishing corporate bondholders and enriching political allies in corporate takeovers that mirror Hugo Chavez’s finest hour. “Rule of law”? Gone – just like that.

I’m tired of revealing the lies of Obamacare. Contrary to Obama’s repeated assurances, you won’t be able to “keep your doctor” or your insurance. Medical costs will go up, not down. “Death panels” will be called some Orwellian acronym (in the U.K. they’re called NICE), but will function just as Sarah Palin predicted. You will get the medical care as dictated by the government.

I’m tired of talking about the bailouts, the tsunami of debt, the “too big to fail” fat cats, the endless pork, the blatant Chicago-style corruption.

Last week when Obama traveled with his imperial retinue to Missouri at taxpayer expense to raise money for Democrat Senate candidate Robin Carnahan, I (finally) reached the breaking point.

I invited Roy Blunt, a decent man and a straight-talking constitutional conservative running for the Republican nomination for Senate in Missouri, on the show to hear his views. In plain and unmistakable language, Blunt listed the many failings of Obama and his clone, Carnahan. Blunt lifted me and the audience with his call for a return to limited government, an opportunity society and a free-market economy as the surest way to end the recession and provide jobs.

Then and there, I decided to do something I had not done in the 24 years that I have hosted a talk-radio program. I urged listeners to donate to Roy Blunt’s campaign at RoyBlunt.com. Blunt is leading Carnahan in the current polls. With your help, he can win.

Obama spoke the next day in Las Vegas at a fundraiser for sleazy Harry Reid. Again I could take no more.

Obama extolled the virtue of his “good friend” Harry Reid – the same Harry Reid who, as Senate majority leader, gathered the lobbyists to craft the “stimulus” bill and “Obamacare” behind closed doors and then jammed through these trillion-dollar monstrosities without hearings, without real debate, indeed without most senators knowing what was in the thousands of pages they were voting on.

For “equal time” and for “fairness,” I asked Reid’s Republican challenger, Sharron Angle, to come on the show.

At the glittering fundraising dinner, Obama had ridiculed Angle for telling the truth about the Bernie-Madoff-style scheme we know as “Social Security.” He had scoffed at her calls to abolish the federal Energy and Education Departments – even though the Energy Department has never created any energy and the federal Education Department serves the interests only of the iron-fisted teachers’ union while it presides over the downward spiral of public education.

Sharron Angle is the voice of parents everywhere (she was an elected local school-board member) yearning for quality education for their kids and getting only indoctrination. Angle served in the Nevada Legislature – and was routinely denounced by fellow legislators because she would not “go along to get along.” She opposed tax increases, even when proposed by Republicans.

Angle (parent and grandparent) is the original “Mama Grizzly.” Her limited-government, low-tax, freedom platform is exactly the antidote to the arrogant narcissism of our “know it all” president and his lapdog, Harry Reid.

Again, I urged listeners to contribute to Angle’s campaign at SharronAngle.com. Despite the presidential slanders and Reid’s fat war chest, Angle leads in the polls. With your help, she can win.

I’m enjoying this. All the frustration, all the helplessness is evaporating as I determine to go beyond talk and take action. The “We the People” enthusiasm of my audience for this new commitment to action is infectious.

My show is now one permanent tea party – a national audience forging a national campaign that will “remember in November” to “vote them out.”

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