Ex-prosecutor: Obama’s Kenyan activities may be ‘criminal’

By WND Staff

Sen. Barack Obama with Raila Odinga

In a new best-selling book connecting Islam and Obama-style socialism, a former top terrorism prosecutor chides the national media for failing to investigate Barack Obama’s “borderline criminal” activities in Kenya as a U.S. senator.

Andrew C. McCarthy, the former U.S. attorney who investigated the American embassy bombing in Nairobi, Kenya, charges that Obama interfered in Kenya’s internal politics possibly in violation of the Logan Act.

The centuries-old law bars Americans who are “without authority of the United States” from conducting relations “with any foreign government … in relation to any disputes or controversies with the United States, or to defeat the measures of the United States.”

In “The Grand Jihad: How Islam and the Left Sabotage America,” McCarthy says Obama undermined U.S. relations with a strong antiterrorism ally in an African region where al-Qaida operates. In 2006, he details in the book how Obama campaigned for a pro-communist candidate running against Nairobi’s pro-American government – “in outrageous contravention of U.S. policy and, probably, federal law.”

Obama spent six days barnstorming the Kenyan countryside in support of Raila Odinga, the socialist Luo who was seeking the presidency. Appearing with Odinga at campaign stops, Obama gave speeches accusing the sitting Kenyan president of being corrupt and oppressive, leaving the masses in poverty.

Obama’s interference “was more than reckless,” McCarthy writes. “It was borderline criminal (and that’s being generous).”

Earlier, Odinga had visited Obama in the U.S. – in 2004, 2005 and 2006 – and Obama had sent an adviser, Mark Lippert, to Kenya in early 2006 to plan a trip by the senator timed to coincide with Odinga’s campaign.

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McCarthy notes that Obama and Odinga, who named one of his children after Fidel Castro, are “leftist soulmates” whose families go way back. Their fathers belonged to the same Luo tribe – and both Barack Hussein Obama Sr. and the elder Oginga Odinga worked inside the Kenyan government as communist agitators.

There is also an Islamist connection.

On Aug. 29, 2007, Raila Odinga signed a secret Memorandum of Understanding with Sheikh Abdullahi Abdi, chairman of the National Muslim Leaders Forum of Kenya. In exchange for Muslim support, Odinga agreed, among other things, to:

  • Rewrite the national constitution to install Shariah as the law in all “Muslim declared regions.”
  • Elevate Islam as “the only true religion” and give Islamic leaders an “oversight role to monitor activities of ALL other religions.”
  • Establish Shariah courts in every Kenyan divisional headquarters.
  • Ban Christian proselytism.
  • Fire the police commissioner for “allow[ing] himself to be used by
    heathens and Zionists” to oppress Muslims.

  • Adopt Islamic dress codes for women.
  • Ban alcohol and pork.

Even with strong Muslim backing, Odinga (who does business with a wealthy Saudi donor to Osama bin Laden) was defeated in the December 2007 election. But he accused the incumbent president of rigging the vote and incited his supporters to riot in protest.

Over the next month, some 1,500 Kenyans were killed and more than 500,000 displaced – with most of the violence led by Muslims, who set churches ablaze and hacked Christians to death with machetes.

All the while, Odinga was in regular communications with Obama, who publicly called for an end to the violence.

“Odinga’s strategy, the extortion strategy of Islamist intimidation, worked to a fare-thee-well,” McCarthy notes in his book. To appease his angry mob of supporters, he was named prime minister and allowed to share power with the president.

“With Obama’s helping hand, leftists and Islamists had combined forces to overwhelm a constitutional democracy,” McCarthy says, while decrying the national media’s “stubborn disinterest” in the “stunning” chain of events.

The same alliance can be seen in the U.S., he says, as the Obama
administration reaches out to the radical Muslim Brotherhood, which, according to the FBI, has a plan to infiltrate and sabotage the U.S. from within. Obama and other Alinsky “revolutionaries” are carrying out a similar plan, he maintains.

McCarthy says that while there’s no evidence Obama is a practicing Muslim, he shares Muslim Brotherhood hatred for America and “the Muslim
Brotherhood’s sabotage strategy.”

McCarthy says the administration ignores incontrovertible evidence tying Muslim Brotherhood front groups in America to Hamas and other terrorist groups. One of them, he notes, is the Council on American-Islamic Relations, which claims to be a benign civil-rights organization.

But he says the recent Holy Land Foundation trial – “and the eye-popping publication of ‘Muslim Mafia'” – have exposed CAIR “as a farce.” Quoting from “Muslim Mafia” – which he adds is an “important book” – the former top terrorism prosecutor further litigates the case against CAIR’s “Hamas-tainted leaders.”

In another bombshell, McCarthy reveals that he was dropped from the White House Christmas card list following his criticism of the Bush
administration’s purging of the words “jihad” and “Islamic terrorism” from the official military and homeland-security lexicon.

Like President Bush before him, he says President Obama fails to grasp that Islam is not a “religion of peace” but “a huge part of the problem in combating ‘violent extremism,'” which is the new euphemism for Islamic terrorism.

“To be sure, the same ground was staked out by his predecessor, President Bush,” McCarthy argues. “They are (both) wrong.”

“The need to deal with Islam is unavoidable,” he adds, “not because it’s an asset, but because it’s a liability that can’t be written off.”