To his credit, President Obama told the audience at the national HIV-AIDS strategy meeting at the White House East Room on Tuesday, July 13:

“Over 1 million Americans (are) living with HIV/AIDS and (there are) nearly 600,000 Americans who’ve lost their lives to the disease.”

He also noted:

“Gay and bisexual men make up a small percentage of the population, but over 50 percent of the new infections.”

Notably, he also declared:

“To extend lives and stem transmission, we need to make sure every HIV-positive American gets the medical care that they need.”

QUESTION: How on earth will medical care stem the transmission of HIV/AIDS when the gay and bisexual men – whom he mentioned – continue spreading it – to what the White House announced as 56,000 news cases a year?

QUESTION: Did anything in that speech to an audience widely made up of applauding homosexuals include a plea that the homosexual community take a lead in closing down those AIDS-and-syphilis-spreading gay bathhouses?

I found nothing of the sort in that speech.

QUESTION: Did the president state (or even suggest) that those homosexuals who know they have AIDS or syphilis and who engage in anal intercourse with other men are guilty of a crime that resulted in many of those 600,000 people dying of AIDS?

I found nothing of the sort in that speech.

The president also said:

“When we fail to offer a child a proper education, when we fail to provide him with accurate medical information and instill with him a sense of responsibility, then how can we expect him to take the precautions necessary to protect himself and others?”

That evoked applause – but think about it.

The president never specified what he meant by taking “the precautions necessary to protect himself and others.”

QUESTION: Did he mean that homosexuals engaging in anal intercourse should always use condoms?

Or does he realize since there is no perfect condom, and anal intercourse is such a large transmitter of AIDS, that it should be avoided like the plague – to which it subjected so many of those 600,000 to death?

Is there any record that President Obama’s fellow Democrat President Franklin D. Roosevelt ever disagreed with, or took any action against, authorities of his native state of New York, for their years of quarantining Mary Mallon?

In 1915, working under an assumed name in New York City’s Sloane Maternity Hospital (where I was born in 1927), she spread typhoid fever to 25 doctors, nurses and staff – two of whom died.

They were only a few of those she infected and killed.

She was sent to a penal institution, North Brother Island, off the Bronx, where she was kept in quarantine until her death in 1938.

If “typhoid Mary” Mallon was so isolated for so long, to protect the public from typhoid, when will New York and the United States begin protecting the public from spreaders of the far deadlier disease of AIDS?

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