Is fluoride a Nazi-era, brain-softening, mind-control industrial waste toxin poured indiscriminately into our water supplies by New World Order operatives bent on controlling the masses?

Well, no.

Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral found in most drinking-water supplies. The process of fluoridation adjusts the level of fluoride in that water either up or down. This means, obviously, that in some drinking water, fluoride is removed from the water to bring it to the level believed to best promote the prevention of cavities (about one part per million). In 1928, after decades of research, Dr. Frederick McCay identified naturally occurring fluoride as the mineral that was causing a condition called “Texas teeth,” which results in stained teeth that are also remarkably resistant to decay. (Too much fluoride – which those affected did not even know was in their water – causes the staining effect.) In 1943, a Dr. H. Trendley Dean concluded that one part per million was the ideal concentration to prevent cavities without staining the teeth.

Subsequently, the drinking water of millions of Americans has been artificially treated with this low level of fluoridation, resulting in decreased incidence of “dental caries” in the population. According to Bob Sprague, Mary Bernhardt and Dr. Stephen Barrett, the benefits have not been universally embraced despite the numbers:

In recent years, fluoridation has been reducing the incidence of cavities 20 percent to 40 percent in children and 15 percent to 35 percent in adults. The reduction is less than it used to be, probably due to improved dental hygiene and widespread use of fluoride toothpaste. Currently, more than 140 million Americans live in fluoridated communities. But 80 million others receive public water supplies that are not fluoridated – thanks largely to the efforts of poisonmongers.

“Poisonmongers” refers to the antifluoridation conspiracy theorists, whose alarmist websites and printed matter railing against the supposed dangers of fluoride in drinking water far outnumber the pages explaining, reasonably and logically, why fluoride in your tap water is not dangerous to you. According to the conspiracy theorists, fluoride was first added to water by the Nazis. It is, they say, one of the primary or active ingredients in Prozac, which means it is a mind-control drug used to make you more malleable in the face of external government control. For that matter, they claim, fluoride is an industrial waste product – a poison so deadly that it causes cancer, Alzheimer’s, attention-deficit disorder, arthritis, heart disease, kidney disease and, yes, even autism.

Except that it wasn’t, it isn’t, and it doesn’t.

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Five years ago, the leading dental researcher at Australia’s Adelaide University decried the misinterpretation of Australian research into tooth decay. Conspiracy theorists such as Paul Connett (of the quack-group “Fluoride Action Network”) were, you see, falsely claiming that the Australians’ work had shown no benefit from water fluoridation.

“Dr Connett misrepresents the study as an analysis of the benefits of water fluoridation, which it was not,” John Spencer explained. “[Connett] also misinterprets the study’s indirect evidence on the benefits of water fluoridation on decay. … [O]ur work has repeatedly found support for the benefits of water fluoridation.”

Jason Armfield, writing in June of 2005, cited multiple studies that establish the safety of water-fluoridation programs. No link to cancer or any of the other diseases or conditions alleged to be the results of water fluoridation has ever been established. There is absolutely no credible evidence of this. It hasn’t happened. It doesn’t happen. It isn’t true.

It also isn’t true that the Nazis first used fluoride in their concentration camps. Let me repeat that: THE NAZIS DID NOT USE FLOURIDE. This claim is a favorite of the fluoride conspiracy theorists, but it simply never happened. One of the sources cited for this historical “fact” is Charles E. Perkins, who wrote a book called “The Truth about Water Fluoridation.” Perkins, who thought fluoridation of drinking water was a communist plot, never mentions the Nazis in his book.

Conspiracy theorists claim Perkins wrote a letter to the Lee Foundation for Nutritional Research in 1954. In the letter, he is supposed to have said that German chemists “worked out a very ingenious and far-reaching plan of mass-control … through mass medication of drinking water supplies. … In this scheme of mass-control, sodium fluoride occupied a prominent place.”

Ignoring his book’s claim that fluoridation was a scheme invented by communists (there is no documentation establishing that World War II–era Russians did this), Perkins makes this staggering claim (if indeed he made it) while providing no documentation or proof whatsoever. In other words, if he said it, he made it up. Joseph Borkin’s book “Crimes and Punishment of I.G. Farben” is frequently cited as support for the claim, but there is no mention of fluoride or fluoridation anywhere in the text, nor does Perkins have any connection to I.G. Farben itself.

Tying this to the “brain-softening mind-control drug” angle, both flouride and Prozac contain fluorine, but Prozac’s fluorine content is a much lower level by mass (10 percent). The idea that two substances that contain one common ingredient must necessarily produce the same effect regardless of whatever else they comprise is laughably simplistic illogic.

The facts are that water fluoridated to one part per million has been demonstrated to reduce cavities by two-thirds. Excess fluoride does cause something called “dental fluorosis,” which produces brown mottling in its worst manifestations, but dental fluorosis is not caused by the low levels of fluoride used for drinking water. According to the ADA, there were only five confirmed cases of “crippling skeletal fluorosis” in the U.S. from 1965 to 2000, and no dental fluorosis among those whose water had 20 times the ideal fluoride level.

Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral, not a deadly industrial waste. It was not used by the Nazis or the Soviets. It does prevent tooth decay. It doesn’t cause cancer. It doesn’t soften your brain. It doesn’t control your mind. It isn’t a conspiracy … except in the minds of those so firmly convinced of fluoride’s evils that no evidence, no logic and no reason will ever dissuade or discourage them.

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