NEA: Let’s celebrate communism!

By WND Staff

Editor’s note: After this report appeared, the reference to the founding of Chairman Mao’s “People’s Republic” was removed from the NEA website.

The National Education Association is suggesting its teachers and NEA-connected schools celebrate China on the anniversary of the repressive communist regime’s violent founding.

The NEA’s website has a page called Diversity Events and lists Oct. 1 as the day to celebrate Chairman Mao’s successful revolution.

University of North Carolina–Wilmington criminal-justice professor Mike Adams says the NEA’s position is borne out of intellectual arrogance.

“Well, the next thing you know they’ll be celebrating the birth of Nazi Germany, but certainly that would be anticlimactic, because communist China has killed more people than Nazi Germany,” Adams said.

“I think the only one way to describe the arrogant hubris of these pseudo-intellectuals is that they’re ‘holier than thou,'” Adams said.

Listen to an interview with Adams:

The author of “Welcome to the Ivory Tower of Babel” says the Oct. 1 entry on the NEA’s website calendar reveals the NEA isn’t really interested in true diversity.

“I think this really shows they’re not dedicated to the principle of diversity. You know the diversity scheme has always been an example of cultural Marxism,” Adams observed.

Worldview Weekend President Brannon Howse says the NEA is also advocating multiculturalism.

“Today we call it political correctness, but the real term is cultural Marxism. It’s also multiculturalism, which is a denigration of the foundational Western worldview,” Howse explained.

Adams believes the NEA’s willing advocacy of cultural Marxism means it is anti-Western.

“It just shows they’re contrarians and they’ll celebrate anything that is contrary to
our Judeo-Christian principles and our capitalistic society. It’s just another example of identity politics,” Adams stated.

Howse agreed with Adams on the basic point. He says he’s not surprised that the NEA would celebrate communism.

“I’m appalled but not shocked because of the National Education Association’s long love affair with communism,” Howse said.

“Most Americans are going to be shocked but this helps us understand who the National Education Association really is. The NEA is a group of radicals who are opposed to parental authority, opposed to accountability, and they’re not for traditional education,” Howse added.

“They’re not reading, writing and arithmetic. They are for a progressive, liberal, anti-American worldview and most of the teachers who pay dues to the NEA do not agree with the liberal stances of the National Education Association,” Howse explained.

Throughout its history, the NEA has historically been willing to ask for federal intervention in the nation’s schools. The NEA website reports that the teachers’ union successfully influenced the federal government to create a federal Department of Education.

Listen to an interview with Howse:

Howse adds that one of the NEA’s heroes is John Dewey.

“John Dewey traveled to the former Soviet Union in 1928 and studied the communist education system in the former Soviet Union, and he came back talking about how great it was. He talked about the marvelous development of the progressive education ideas and practices,” Howse observed.

“Here is John Dewey praising communism, the Soviet Union’s system, which is very much like China’s system, saying we need to teach the progressive ideas and to counteract the ideas of the home and the church,” Howse added.

Howse also believes that the celebration of communism is consistent with the NEA’s philosophy of rejecting the traditional family.

“They support feminism, which is antifamily, anti-father. They openly write about the need to destroy the father, the male, the leader of the home, the defender and the provider,” Howse explained. “Break down the family and it will grow the government and the welfare state.”

Howse believes one of the tools the NEA is using to accomplish its objectives is to revise America’s history.

“They’re at work, and their friends are at work, to try to show that social justice, or communism, or progressive ideology is good. The antithesis, Christianity, is evil,” Howse stated.

“Bill Ayers (the former Weather Underground member), you would think is so radical that he would be rejected. Instead he’s been elected as vice president of a leading organization that writes curriculum. So Bill Ayers is writing social-justice curriculum for America’s schools,” Howse continued.

“So this is how the National Education Association and people like Bill Ayers will work to praise the Soviet Union, to praise China,” Howse added. “Their job has been to rewrite history to make America look bad and communism look good.”

The NEA’s diversity calendar also lists Easter, Christmas, Thanksgiving and traditional Jewish holidays such as Passover and Yom Kippur.

However, the calendar also includes the Islamic fasting month of Ramadan and the festival of Eid al-Fitr, the day to celebrate Ramadan’s end.

Howse adds that the connection between the two ideologies is purely pragmatic.

“The communists and the Muslims are united in their desire to destroy America. Muslims see America as the great Satan. Communists hate traditional America,” Howse said.

However, Howse says that the arrangement pits the two most aggressive ideologies. At some point, those ideologies will clash.

“They’re working together now, but they’ll fight it out later.”

According to Adams, the calendar is an expression of the valueless education establishment, which encourages the celebration of days significant to two of the world’s more aggressive belief systems.

He says that in the end, when those two ideologies collide, one ideology will win out.

“There’s no question that Islam will win out in the end,” Adams said.

An NEA official told WND no one from the organization was available for comment.

Saul Alinsky

WND reported when the NEA made a glowing assessment of radical socialist community organizer Saul Alinsky, enthusiastically recommending American public-school teachers read two of his books, including one dedicated to Satan.

On its website, the NEA dubs Alinsky “an inspiration to anyone contemplating action in their community! And to every organizer!”

It recommends Alinsky’s “Reveille for Radicals,” a 1946 book about the principles and tactics of “community organizing,” and “Rules for Radicals,” a 1971 text that articulated a socialist strategy for gaining political power to redistribute wealth from the “haves” to the “have-nots.”

The NEA, the largest labor union in the U.S., represents public-school teachers, college and university faculty, retired education employees and college students preparing to become teachers.

The NEA explained, “Alinsky’s goal seems to be to encourage positive social change by equipping activists with a realistic view of the world, a kind of preemptive disillusionment. If a person already knows what evil the world is capable of, then perhaps the surprise factor can be eliminated, making the person a more effective activist. Alinsky further seems to be encouraging the budding activist not to worry to [sic] much about getting his or her hands dirty. It’s all a part of the job, he seems to say.”