NEW YORK - AUGUST 20:  A Sears store is seen August 20, 2009 in the Brooklyn borough of New York City. Sears Holdings posted second quarter losses of $94 million missing expectations and causing shares to plunge.  (Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images)

Generations of Americans have grown up with Sears, through the catalogs, retail stores and, of late, website. But a family organization now is raising a protest because alongside the appliance, electronics, tool, jewelry and fitness categories for products, one line of items for sale features explicit nudity.

The poster images are graphic: four couples with arms and legs intertwined who appear to be wearing nothing but each other and some foamy waves lapping at their ankles.

The poster image is highlighted by the theme: “Safe sex is hot sex.”

Another reveals two topless women embracing, wearing only the skimpiest of shorts, a model who appears to be wearing some water and a small sponge, and a group of women wearing revealing lingerie.

That’s raised the ire of the American Family Association, which monitors and lobbies corporations to clean up their product lines and social advocacy.

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“Sears is content to sell pornography,” the organization says in its new Action Alert sent to constituents about the situation.

“And, if you are offended, they don’t seem to care!” the AFA continued.

The group has documented the images on a link from its website, behind a warning screen, for those who insist on tracking them down.

But they are images that cannot be used on the WND site.

The AFA Alert said employees with the family-oriented group had tried “more than a half-dozen times to reach out to Sears quietly and professionally” to encourage the company to halt the sales and remove the offending products.

“Sears’ public-relations department has refused to return our calls and e-mails,” AFA said.

The organization now is encouraging consumers across the U.S. to contact the company and express concern over the products.

“Unless Sears hears from you, they will continue to sell offensive posters,” the organization said.

The group’s suggested message to Sears is:

I can’t understand why Sears is choosing to sell adult materials on its website.

As a supporter of American Family Association, it is also disappointing for me to learn that you have casually discounted several calls from AFA by refusing to discuss our concerns.

Back-to-School is a busy time for Sears. I will certainly consider doing my shopping elsewhere as a result of the company’s adult-oriented product offerings.

The request is signed by Tim Wildmon, president of the AFA.

Sears declined to respond to a WND request for comment.

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