As if the recent decision of federal Judge Susan R. Bolton largely invalidating Arizona’s new anti-immigration law was not enough, now we have a new outrage by openly gay federal Judge Vaughn R. Walker, in California, throwing out the citizens’ Proposition 8 and holding that the state ban on same-sex marriage is unconstitutional. So much for traditional Judeo-Christian teachings and centuries of established law that marriage is meant to be between a man and a woman. It would appear that this homosexual judge has one-upped Woody Allen’s sick gag line, “There is nothing like love between a man and a woman; it just depends which woman and which man you get in between.” Now it applies to the same sex!

This “decision” by Judge Walker – which defies the will of the people of California exactly like Judge Bolton’s one-week-old “decision” defied the will of the people of Arizona – will undoubtedly wind up before the Supreme Court – which brings up another serious concern: Who now is the new justice of the Supreme Court? Thanks to the U.S. Senate vote yesterday, none other than Elena Kagan, the ultra-feminist former Harvard Law School dean and Clintonista who falsified a medical report leading this same Supreme Court to invalidate the ban on partial-birth abortion. And, just like Judge Walker, who is openly gay and unethically refused to recuse himself from the case on same-sex marriage, many have questioned Ms. Kagan’s disclaimers that she is not a lesbian. Will she sit and vote on the case about same-sex marriage and defy what is a possible “conflict of interest”? If Ms. Kagan is a lesbian, she should come out of the closet and admit it and recuse herself immediately. Indeed, in overturning Proposition 8, Walker incredibly and dishonestly found that there is no evidence that homosexual couples raising children are in any way different than heterosexual parents in terms of its effects on the children. Why would he rule otherwise, given his built-in bias and prejudice?

Clearly, the federal judiciary in particular is out of control. It has broken away from “We the People” and become a “renegade” terrorist group of former lawyers who not only think and act as if they are “above the law,” but above God and His teachings.

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I, for one, will not sit by on behalf of the American people and wait for more bad things to happen in our courts or elsewhere. Now that the U.S. Senate, a bunch of do-nothing, overstuffed, hair-dyed “nebbishes” (that’s the incomparable Yiddish word for worthless zeros) has chosen to confirm Elena Kagan, Freedom Watch, Declaration Alliance, other concerned citizens and I will go to phase two and commence an impeachment campaign against her, in addition to prosecuting the complaint to have her disbarred before the same Supreme Court of which she will soon be a part. The stakes are too high just to sit back and complain about the state of the nation and our judiciary. Now is the time for action!

As a practicing lawyer for 33 years, I am ashamed of my profession and the judges who masquerade as unbiased servants of the law – who think they are “untouchable”! But I am more ashamed of the politicians who claim to run our country. Indeed, it was Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger who, despite being the elected leader of the people of California, refused to put up a legal defense for the majority of citizens in the case before Judge Walker that overturned Proposition 8. While he has little time left, Arnold acted more like the squealing pig from the old television sitcom “Green Acres” – Arnold Ziffel – than the leader he was supposed to be. But unlike “Arnold the Pig,” “Arnold the governor”‘s conduct and abdication of his responsibility were not funny!

I am not a homophobe – and gay and lesbian people have made significant contributions to our society and should be respected as fellow citizens and children of God – but I also believe firmly in my heart, as do the majority of Americans, that they should not have any role in raising children. Nor do I believe that they should be married. If they want to enter into contracts with each other, that is their business. And, what they do among themselves in the privacy of their homes is also their business.

But when a society loses its ethical and moral underpinnings and renounces traditional Judeo-Christian or, for that matter, common-sense universal values, it is the beginning of the end of that culture and its civilization.

That’s what happened in ancient Greece, then Rome and elsewhere. The “past is a prologue.”

“We the people” can and should waste no time and now have no choice in rising up, peacefully, and overthrowing the despots who are running roughshod over our republic and our sacred Constitution.

Please join me and others in the fight to save our nation.

Unlike earlier columns, I have no catchy phrases today. Just a sense of outrage! The time has come to wage a second American revolution before it is too late!

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