As if 16 years of Bill and Hillary Clinton and George W. Bush, and their corrupt advisers like James Carville and Karl Rove, in and around the White House were not enough to bring our nation to its knees, the last one and one half years of President Barack Obama’s reign have set new lows in leadership, to put it mildly. Here is my scorecard of the worst aspects of Obama’s ultra-leftist if not borderline communist rule, which has left the country on the brink of total disaster.

First, there is Obama’s huge “commitment” to insert government into every aspect of our lives. Rather than a belief in God, Bolshevik-style Obama and his sympathizers and supporters worship the “deity of government” rather than our actual savior. Whether it is trillion-dollar taxpayer bailouts of banks, socialized health care, phony regulation of the financial industry, proposed “cap-and-trade” and near total government control over the environment, the state is always involved. We have been told, and ultimately forced, to bow down to the altar of government.

Two, Obama and his black Muslim or radical friends like Louis Farrakhan, Rev. Wright and others – who I believe have a deep-seated prejudice if not hatred of Jews and white Christians – have sought in every way possible to severely harm the state of Israel. It is no longer “fashionable” to be overtly anti-Semitic, so the whipping boy becomes the Jewish state. As a result, Israel – which has been abandoned – will ultimately have to act on its own against the mullahs in Iran and other threats to its national security. And, no longer seeing the United States as an ally, Israel will now seek to form other alliances, not necessarily totally friendly to our interests. Even my liberal Jewish friends are disgusted by Obama and the self-hating far-leftist Jews the president surrounds himself with – which he uses as cover for his anti-Semitic, anti-Israeli actions.

Three, Obama and his comrades are all show and bluster; they are even more incompetent that George W. Bush was as president. I could go on and on, but one need only reflect on how he and his government god handled the BP Gulf Coast oil spill to see through his charade of “reason.” Can you imagine how Obama would react if a terrorist group detonated a nuclear weapon on American soil? God help us all.

Four, Obama has subverted our system of justice with the assistance of his felonious Attorney General Eric Holder. This is the same Eric Holder who illegally sold pardons when he was deputy attorney general in the Clinton Justice Department, and it is the same Eric Holder who had Nolanda Hill indicted – one of late Commerce Secretary Ron Brown’s girlfriends – when she wanted to cooperate with and testify for Judicial Watch in uncovering the now infamous Chinagate/campaign-finance scandal. This scandal was first uncovered at Brown’s Commerce Department while I was chairman of Judicial Watch. I discuss this in my new book, “Whores: Why and How I Came to Fight the Establishment.” Now, Holder is up to even more skulduggery, advocating reading Miranda rights to non-U.S. citizen terrorists, opposing Arizona’s anti-immigration law, SB 1070, shutting down the Guantanamo prison and outrageously moving terrorists inside the United States, advocating for newly confirmed Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan and other acts intended to subvert our Constitution, our sovereignty and national security.

Five, Obama has disgraced us internationally and worked against freedom and human-rights movements and activists worldwide. The Iranian opposition, who just a year ago looked as if it might overthrow the neo-Nazi-like Islamic regime, has gotten no support from this administration and is now all but dead. And, even Voice of America – our television and radio network, which is intended to promote freedom around the world – has been muzzled and subverted by Obama, with the son of a mullah, Ali Sajjadi, in control of its Persian News Network – as just one obvious example. Then there is Hugo Chavez’s Venezuela, which not coincidentally supports the Iranian mullahs and who continues to spread his Marxist ideology all over Latin America. The “best” and “toughest” thing Obama has done to Chavez was shake his hand during last year’s meeting of the Summit of the Americas. The message this sent is that Obama supports Chavez, and the two seem to have a real kinship. All of this is not to mention the ongoing disasters in Afghanistan and North Korea – all of which are festering and ready to explode.

Sixth, Obama has failed to protect our borders, allowing more illegals to flood across the Mexican border into the United States – which undoubtedly include more terrorists – that threaten the well-being of the American people. At the same time, he opposes Arizona’s reasonable anti-immigration legislation and is scheming to find a way to grant amnesty by fiat, going around Congress. I am pro-immigration, but Obama lacks any appreciation of the legitimate concerns of the American people that immigration should only be of the legal variety.

Seventh, Obama has given too much power to his wife, first lady Michelle Obama, who many analysts, myself included, believe is the radical “force” behind the throne. When will Americans wise up? We do not elect first ladies (or first men), and in my opinion they should be seen and not heard. And, who can forget Hillary Clinton and her evil and destructive ways during her husband’s administration?

Eighth, Obama is not hardworking. He has even taken more vacations than George W. Bush. As the American people can barely afford to eat, send their children to school, find housing and just make ends meet, this sends a terrible message to the nation, which is being asked to sacrifice.

Ninth, Obama has used his press secretary, Robert Gibbs, more than most modern presidents, to lie to the media and the American people. Our presidents should answer questions directly to the media and Congress – as is true of prime ministers in Great Britain – rather than using surrogates to lie for them. This has destroyed confidence in our system of government.

Tenth, Obama’s arrogance and aloofness – almost as if he is above and better than us all – is more than annoying; it is dangerous and incendiary during this time of crisis.

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