The influx of Muslims into the United States, and what this potentially means to our society and culture, is a serious and profound topic that should be discussed and examined dispassionately and without rancor.

Fortunately most Muslims in the United States today are secular and western in their orientation, at least at this juncture in time. Yet a scenario exists, one that cannot be credibly denied, in which fundamentalist Islamic clerics could make inroads into that community in the future. Therefore, as a form of national inoculation, the doctrines of Islam must be publicly exposed and the practices and mores of the true believers in Islam must be understood without equivocation. Additionally, serious attention should be paid to the track record of the recently established Muslim minority communities in Europe.

Where are the social scientists? Where are the high-minded intellectuals who have vigorously examined and written interminable articles claiming that Christian fundamentalism threatens American democracy? Their silence on the topic of the potential influence of Islam in America seems to indicate that the intellectuals are part of a left-wing cultural dictatorship that has chosen to view criticism of Islam through the lens of intolerance and any critique of Islam as a form of bigotry regardless of its level of accuracy. The liberals, by their dishonesty and cowardice, pose as much of a threat to our society as does a potential element within the Muslim community. Besides, Christianity, unlike Islam, is a religion of tolerance and individual choice.

The basic doctrines of Islam are well known but are rarely discussed in polite company and those doctrines illustrate anything but tolerance. Islamic Shariah law calls for the execution of apostates, homosexuals, women who are seen in the company of men other than their husband or guardian and anyone else deemed by Islamic authorities to be an active political or religious opponent of Islam. Remember Salmon Rushdie and Theo Van Gogh? Islam calls for the military physical subjugation of the entire planet under the scimitar. Islam calls for perpetual war, or jihad, against that portion of the planet that refuses to submit to its rule. Islam calls for the slaughter of Jews and Christians who refuse to submit. Islamic societies tolerate minorities only if they accept dhimmi status in which they have no rights. Islam supports lies and deception on the part of Muslims in the non-Muslim world, or what Islam calls the world of war, if those lies further the interests of the Islamic agenda. Islam is imperialistic and militant by nature as opposed to by exception.

The aforementioned statements are documented and irrefutable facts. Islamic doctrine is not just theoretical but it is an integral part of all Islamic societies to varying degrees. Islamic societies are not free but they are rather authoritarian in nature. Perhaps, in time, and with western influence, Islamic societies may become more free and women in particular will no longer have to live in fear and in a state of submission. As a governing philosophy, Islam is not compatible with American notions of freedom. These statements are not meant to be chauvinistic. Freedom transcends American society. Freedom is available to all people who choose to grasp its meaning and significance. Freedom is the natural state of all human society.

Islamic influence is becoming more prevalent every passing year in America. There are 6-7 million Muslims in America today, and there has been a 75 percent increase in affiliation on the part of Muslims with the ever-increasing numbers of mosques springing up across the country. How many of these mosques might at some point host a fundamentalist Muslim cleric who might preach a message of violence and hate? Even if such an event is rare, an Islamic cleric preaching anti-Semitism, homophobia, male patriarchy, Islamic supremacy, that event could spawn recruits in the ongoing jihad plaguing the free world today.

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Chuck Morse is the author of “The Nazi Connection to Islamic Terrorism: Adolf Hitler and Haj Amin al-Husseini.”

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