Miki Booth

There’s little likelihood that the issue of President Obama’s eligibility to hold office ever is going to go away without a full and complete disclosure, based on the dedication of an Oklahoma woman who was so upset at the politician she calls a fraud she launched her own bid for the U.S. House.

“I will fight to my death for this country,” Miki Booth told WND today, shortly after she wrote in a commentary on the Tulsa Today website about the “hateful rhetoric” with which she’s been targeted since asking about Obama’s birth certificate.

“I didn’t just question Obama’s eligibility to be president, I held up my husband’s and son’s birth certificates from Kapi’olani hospital on C-SPAN to prove by comparison that the Internet copy of Obama’s Certification of Live Birth was a fraud,” she wrote.

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She later discontinued her campaign for the House, instead backing another conservative candidate in her Oklahoma district, Charles Thompson, to give her more time to work on “exposing” Obama, she said.

In her commentary, she explained how she changed from being someone who voted only occasionally to “screaming at the TV like so many Americans, angry, frustrated and paying attention to politics for the first time.”

“I joined the ranks of tea party leaders. My political activism grew and I attended every freedom rally I was able. Soon I was invited to speak throughout Oklahoma and the three states that adjoin District 2. The subject that most people wanted to know about is the matter of eligibility and I have the proof that Obama is not only an illegitimate president he is an illegal alien,” she wrote.

However, “running for office interfered with my efforts to expose Obama and his corrupt administration so I made the decision to bow out and support the candidate I felt would have the best chance of defeating [U.S. Rep. Dan] Boren. I endorsed Charles Thompson, a constitutional conservative, retired military major, small business owner,” she wrote.

Booth told WND shortly before departing for the 8/28 rally in Washington organized by Fox News host Glenn Beck that she saw “red flags” as soon as Obama’s name rose to the level of national attention. Her evidence is the documentation of her family’s births in Hawaii that suggest the computer image of a Certification of Live Birth that Obama’s campaign posted online “is a fake,” she said.

“This man is hiding so much,” she said. “I came out strong against him.”

That cost her some friends, she said.

“Shut up, we’re voting for him anyway,” she said she was told.

Booth said it’s clear those who have the power in the country at this point are doing the politically correct thing and protecting the nation’s first black president, “for whatever reasons.”

But the numbers eventually will tell the tale, she suggested.

“I think they really think we’re the fringe,” she said, “But there’s so many of us. They don’t seem to understand that. It’s true we’re growing in numbers. A lot of people think maybe he wasn’t born in Hawaii.”

She said those supporters discount and trivialize the claim that Obama was born not in Hawaii, but in another location, because “they don’t want that to be true.”

She is forecasting that those who raise questions about Obama are going “to have a big showing in Congress” in November when there may be some answers forthcoming.

Until then, she said, “we need to tie up BO’s hand from that pen. He’s going to keep on signing things. He’s really trying to mess us up.”

She cited the Obama administration’s complaints this week to the United Nations about the alleged civil rights violations in the U.S. as well a sudden announcement about the move to dismiss a large number of deportation cases pending against illegal aliens.

“This man wants to tear down this country and put it back with a one-world rule,” she said.

In her commentary, Booth said it’s obvious politicians “have long forgotten the rules they’re supposed to abide by and made up their own on their way up. They’ve also forgotten the oath they pledged to support and defend the Constitution. Forgotten? How can that be? They take the oath at the start of each new Congress – the entire House of Representatives and one-third of the Senate.”

“The Constitution clearly gives federal government 18 enumerated powers and that which it does not, are reserved to the states or to the people. As the 10th Amendment states: ‘The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people,'” she wrote.

She warns that time and the truth will break down Obama’s stories.

“Lately it seems the Obama facade is beginning to crumble. It was only a matter of time before their programmed response to the question of eligibility (laugh and move on) would no longer be acceptable. Would I run in 2012 if Charles Thompson isn’t able to defeat Boren in November? Yes, in a heartbeat,” she said.

The questions over Obama’s eligibility arise from the Constitution’s requirement that a president, unlike other federal officials, must be a “natural born citizen.” Many lawsuits and other challenges have questioned Obama’s story that he was born in Hawaii. And even if he was born in Hawaii, many consider him ineligible since by his own admission his father never was a U.S. citizen.

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