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Why I'm debating GOProud

Next week, I will debate the founder of GOProud, a homosexual activist group gaining influence and currency among conservatives, on whether the group is indeed conservative at all.

It is my intention to expose GOProud’s real agenda – pushing the special interests of homosexual activists inside the conservative movement, gaining acceptance for radical ideas like same-sex marriage from those who should be opposing them and softening up opposition to ideas that are anti-American, anti-God and affirm sin.

I believe this could be a historic debate for the very soul of American conservatism.

But first, a little background: WND’s “Taking America Back National Conference” in Miami, Sept. 16-18, was conceived and organized, in part, because of the conservative movement’s capitulation to the radical homosexual agenda:

While all of this was happening, there was no more than an undercurrent of conservative protest.

I stepped into the breach, first by disinviting Ann Coulter to WND’s “Taking America Back” conference, and now by challenging GOProud to an open and public debate on its real agenda.

It was inevitable that some would see my invitation to debate GOProud as contradictory to my position opposing Ann Coulter’s speech to the faux “conservative” homosexual activist group’s “Homocon” conference.

That’s why, before disinviting Coulter, I carefully asked her about her motivations for taking the speaking gig and how she viewed GOProud. She made it clear that she agreed with much of GOProud’s agenda and that she wasn’t concerned about how her appearance would bolster the group’s acceptance within conservative circles.

My intent is to expose GOProud’s stealthy agenda for all to see. My hope is that this event will awaken sleeping conservatives to the enemy that is now within its gates.

No matter what GOProud calls itself, it is not conservative. Its agenda includes:

Ironically, America has been having debates about these subjects, and average Americans have soundly rejected this agenda every chance they got. But conservatives have, for whatever reason, feared such a debate. Conservatives are in full retreat mode.

Why is this such a big deal?

Because I don’t believe there is any development that could more quickly destroy America’s ability to remain a self-governing society and the very fabric of western civilization than the tacit acceptance of these ideas – ideas that are steamrolling over our political and media culture.

There is no compromising with radical ideas like this. They need to be soundly rejected, repudiated, exposed and discarded.

That’s what I intend to do next week in Miami.

I hope you will do all you can to be there.