Here we are just days after Ann Coulter entertained GOProud’s Homocon event in New York and a little more than a week after my debate with the group’s leader at the Taking America Back National Conference in Miami.

What have we learned?

It was my contention that Coulter’s paid appearance before the well-heeled, well-funded group attempting to bring the homosexual agenda to the Republican Party and conservative movement was an error in judgment. That’s why I disinvited her from our conference in Miami a week before.

Some argued I was making a mistake because I didn’t know what Coulter was going to say. I explained it really didn’t matter because her appearance at Homocon inherently offered affirmation of GOProud, which is exactly what it was seeking.

Was I right?

Here’s how Politico reported the event: “Coulter’s talk drew a mixed response, but her presence marked the increasingly mainstream Republican embrace of gay rights. Coulter had a falling out with a conservative website that has published her, WorldNetDaily, over her attendance. ‘She’s doing something important – she’s showing her base that it’s OK,’ said one attendee, Michael Lucas. (Lucas also confided to a reporter, ‘I wonder what Ann will think about the fact that I am the biggest producer of gay porn on the East Coast and probably in the whole U.S.’)”

I wonder, too.

But the point I was making was driven home by all of the press coverage of the event – that “her presence marked the increasingly mainstream embrace of gay rights.”

That’s the trouble with allowing yourself to be exploited by a group with a dangerously extremist agenda that includes the promotion of same-sex marriage, open homosexual service in the U.S. military and a wink and a nod toward hate-crimes legislation.

If a celebrity chooses to speak to the Ku Klux Klan, there is no question the Klan benefits from such an appearance – no matter how much the speaker might attempt to explain the differences he or she might have with the group’s agenda. Justifying such an appearance by suggesting it’s just another paid speaking gig would hardly mollify the criticism or negate the benefit the Klan received from the event.

Of course, no one in respectable public life would consider speaking to the Klan for those reasons.

However, I would suggest the ungodly, sin-glorifying homosexual agenda represents a far greater and far more imminent danger to the future of the United States than does the Klan’s racist, ungodly and sin-glorifying agenda.

That’s not to say we should never speak to or evangelize sinners – be they Klan members or homosexual activists. In fact, that’s exactly what we should do. What we should never do is to embrace or celebrate or validate their activism in any way.

That was my central point in the Miami debate with Chris Barron of GOProud. Jews and Christians who take their faith in God seriously understand what the embrace of homosexual conduct is all about – the embrace of sin.

If there was an organized group of adulterers promoting legislation more accepting of their “lifestyle,” I doubt very much if anyone in either political party would openly embrace it.

At the same time, we all know adulterers and interact with them on a regular basis. We don’t advocate stoning them. We don’t advocate depriving them of their civil rights. But we also would like to maintain our individual rights of religious conscience to avoid forced associations with them. We also want to maintain our inalienable, God-given rights to denounce their sinful behavior without fear of being prosecuted for “hate crimes.”

This is the battleground.

And Ann Coulter, no matter how talented she might be as a political pundit, did a disservice to the conservative movement by speaking to Homocon. I don’t say this because I’m a “publicity whore” or a “swine.” I don’t say this because I’m a “fake Christian,” as Coulter suggested. I say it because someone must say it. Even conservative celebrities need to be accountable to the truth.

Coulter is not alone.

Much of the conservative movement is being homo-conned by GOProud, a group that, like it or not, celebrates sinful behavior and a political agenda designed to validate it.

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