Consider this scenario: A member of Congress shares his personal perspective on what’s wrong with the nation and how, specifically, to fix problems such as entitlements, Social Security, Medicare and the like – and people are cheering him on and demanding more.

That’s just exactly what has developed with the release of “Restoring the Republic: A Clear, Concise and Colorful Blueprint for America’s Future” by California Congressman Devin Nunes.

“This guy has written the best congressional book in ages. I couldn’t put it down. At a time when the federal government is bigger than it has ever been, someone has finally stood up and said, ‘Enough,'” wrote John Dickinson in a review at

“And a whole lot more. Nunes names names and tells stories out of school of what really goes on in Washington,” he continued. “All to lead the reader in the direction of real solutions that can be enacted into law tomorrow.

“That is, if Congress were really serious about balancing the budget, slashing the national debt, and saving Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. But they are not. We need more members of Congress like Nunes, and soon. In the meantime read ‘Restoring the Republic’ and wait. Help is on the way,” he said.

Nunes, since the book’s release from WND Books, has been in a nonstop schedule of interviews on America’s broadcast waves, including appearances on Sean Hannity’s program on Fox News, the Jerry Doyle Show on Talk Radio Network, America’s News HQ on Fox, The Dennis Miller Show on West Wood One, America’s Morning News in Washington, the nationwide Mancow Muller Show, Citadel Media’s John Batchelor Show and the Bill Cunningham Show on Premiere Radio Networks, among others.

On Amazon, Jean Luke said, “This book is a must read for conservatives and others who are alarmed by the changing nature of American government and the growing power of the left.

“A quick read but loaded with good information. Rep. Nunes provides a gripping diagnosis of America’s challenges, followed by a prescription for change. Unlike most political books I have read, this one has concrete proposals in it – ideas that you can read about and either support or oppose,” Luke added.

“Note: This is not a political rant book. It is more of a manifesto of ideas that tackle the problems we face.”

Amazon explains the book “lays out a detailed agenda for solving the menacing problems that threaten our nation’s future.

“At a time of unprecedented government spending, historic deficits, and gathering foreign threats, America stands at a crossroads. We can either reassert fiscal discipline and reduce the government to the size envisioned by our Founders, or we can continue on the current path of spending ourselves into oblivion,” states Amazon.

Nunes is serving his fourth term in the U.S. House representing the agriculturally rich San Joaquin Valley, and is a member of the Ways and Means Committee.

Nunes, who currently is conducting a scorching hot media tour about the book, which WND Books already has in its third printing, said even the recent “Pledge to America” from members of the GOP falls short.

“It’s not taking us where we ultimately have to go as a country, dealing with entitlements and permanent tax changes,” he told the Washington Post. “But I can’t fault the [Republican] leadership, because it is political season and they are putting out the best possible thing.”

Nunes recently appeared on Fox News’ “America’s News HQ” and further distinguished his plan. His energy solutions include drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and the Outer Continental Shelf, expanding nuclear power and increasing coal use and oil shale production.

“How are you going to get around the environmentalist?” asked host Gregg Jarrett. “They’re still there. They’re still going to be filing lawsuits.”

Nunes didn’t flinch.

“(W)e’re going to have to,” he answered, ” … China today is now using more energy that we use in the United States.”

Nunes’ health-care plan pledges to repeal Obamacare and allows families to purchase coverage in any state. He promotes replacing the personal income tax with the flat tax, replacing the corporate tax with a business consumption tax and abolish taxes on interest, dividends and capital gains.

“Lots in the book, including immigration,” said Jarrett. “I actually enjoyed reading it, learned a lot.”

Beyond outlining several broad and bold policy proposals, “Restoring the Republic” reads a like a novel, as the narrative is infused with quotations and recounts high-stakes backroom deals and tense political bargaining sessions. Nunes also details how Big Business marries with the political establishment to create legislatively supported marketplace conditions that “make mockeries” of the principles of free enterprise.

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