Michael Savage has a “manifesto for saving America,” and it will come as no surprise to his millions of faithful radio listeners that it offers prescriptions that aren’t found in the House Republicans’ “Pledge to America.”

Savage’s 37-point plan – “Trickle Up Poverty: Stopping Obama’s Attack on Our Borders, Economy and Security” by HarperCollins – hits bookstores today with a call to “run the country like a business, not an empire; close the borders; institute a flat tax; use profiling to prevent terror attacks; and privatize the regulation of Wall Street;” among others.

“The more conservative points were left out of the Republican plan for America,” he told WND in an interview. “They have no specifics about cutting back on government spending. They have no specifics on stopping the flow of illegal aliens.”

While some tea party leaders have de-emphasized or set aside abortion and other social issues, Savage tackles them head on, calling for a ban on the deadly procedure, with the exception of the physical survival of the mother as determined by two licensed doctors.

Savage doesn’t apologize that the book is “quite radical” in some respects.

“I don’t claim to be middle of the road, nor do I claim to be Mr. Milquetoast,” he said.

Savage makes his case with details about Obama’s history ignored by mainstream media and with his trademark recall of lessons from growing up in the Bronx in an immigrant family.

He learned in his youth that the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom, but, today, he said, people seem to fear nobody.

“They don’t fear authority, they don’t fear the police,” he said. “The children don’t respect the teachers; no one respects preachers; nobody respects anybody. It’s anarchy.”

Savage told WND he wrote the book “hoping to alter the course of human events” that have accelerated under President Obama with unprecedented speed, calling the current administration the “greatest fraud perpetrated on the American people in history.”

Without hesitation, he dubs Obama “the most divisive and dangerous man that’s ever occupied the Oval Office.”

“The man is walking around with a scythe, like the grim reaper, to everything that is sacred and everything that is wonderful about America,” Savage said. “I don’t know of one thing he has done that is positive. I’ve never seen anything like this.”

He likens Obama to the mid-19th century “child king” Ludwig II, who ascended to the Bavarian throne at age 18.

Ludwig “had such grandiose ideas of himself and such narcissism that he bankrupted the public treasury with projects such as building a replica of the Palace of Versailles, down to the Hall of Mirrors,” Savage said.

“We have almost a child president, someone who has never fully molted and grown into an adult. He’s acting as though he is still a teenager trying to get even with the man.”

But there is a method to Obama’s madness, Savage contends. In “Trickle Up Poverty,” he examines Obama’s “Marxist-Leninist roots” in some detail, noting, for example the assessment of John Drew, a contemporary of Obama’s at Occidental College in Los Angeles who described himself as a serious “Marxist revolutionary.”

Drew came to view Obama as a “blood brother” and a “member of this revolutionary elite that was going to turn around our country when the revolution hit.”

Savage explains that Obama isn’t the stereotypical Marxist of “the red beret, the marching, the Russian revolution and killing the rich.”

In the book, he places Obama in the historic Frankfurt school of socialism that espoused a gradual transformation from capitalism to socialism to communism.

Documenting numerous radical-left influences in Obama’s past, Savage concludes it’s no wonder that as a candidate he spoke of “spreading the wealth around.”

Recognizing others have addressed Obama’s radical past, Savage said his book is different because it shows specifically how the president’s ideologically fueled policies affect individual Americans and their families.

He recalled the Roman historian Cato the Elder’s observation that the average Roman didn’t care about what the legions were doing in foreign lands.

“You know what they cared about?” Savage asked. “They cared about the pebble in the shoe. Meaning, what affects them on a daily basis. They didn’t care about great victories in Spain, or in Germany. They cared only about the pebble in the shoe. Did the price of meat go up? Did the price of bread go up? Did taxes go up? That’s all they cared about. Did they have a job?”

Borders, economy and security

On the immigration front, “Trickle Up Poverty” emphasizes Savage’s long-time theme of “borders, language and culture,” but under Obama he finds new reasons to worry.

Illegal immigration, he warns, is not just about Democrats procuring more votes and workers. Many don’t realize, he said, that Obama is sympathetic to a movement – led by groups such as La Raza, which translates “the race,” and the Chicano nationalist student organization MeChA – determined to one day return major portions of the U.S. Southwest to Mexico.

He noted Obama appointed a former La Raza senior vice president, Cecilia Munoz, as his director of intergovernmental affairs at the White House in January 2009.

Savage advocates closing the borders to illegal immigration and eliminating “anchor babies,” the granting of American citizenship to anyone born on U.S. soil, regardless of the parents’ citizenship.

“Who ever heard of a sovereign nation being so passive to an invasion of this magnitude?” he asked.

“Who ever heard of this?”

The son of a Russian immigrant, he acknowledged “everyone has sympathy for immigrants, because we are all descended from immigrants.” People ask him, “How can you be against immigrants, Michael, your father was an immigrant.”

He responds: “Yeah, well he didn’t sneak across the border, and my grandfather didn’t either. They waited in line.”

Savage sums up Obama’s handling of the economy with the recent news, based on government data, that Obama has added more to the national debt in the first 19 months of his presidency than all presidents from George Washington through Ronald Reagan combined.

Obama’s approach to foreign policy and national security is even more worrisome than the borders and the economy, Savage said.

“Never forget that he gave speeches in the last year in which he said he wants to have destroyed one-third of our nuclear weapons,” he said. “Do people have any idea what this means? It’s giving Russia a strategic advantage because we are going to destroy our weapons, including some of our newer nukes, while Russia gets to keep all of their weapons, so we’re at parity. But all of their weapons are newer.”

Obama’s defunding of NASA is another telling policy, Savage said.

“How in the world can people not see that this man is enacting the dream of every college leftist for the last 40 years?” he asked. “He actually said he wants to buy seats on the Russian space shuttle for American astronauts. What a humiliation.”

‘Don’t underestimate him’

In the face of the powerful tea party movement and dismal approval ratings, Obama and the Democratic-controlled Congress have slowed their agenda, putting on the backburner, for example, issues such as control of the airwaves.

But Savage, who continues to battle the Labour Party government’s speech-related ban on his entry to the U.K., is concerned that if Democrats hold on to a majority, they will press forward with unpopular policies such as a revival of the “Fairness Doctrine” or a similar measure that would virtually shut down the dominant conservative voice on talk radio.

“Don’t think this man has stopped just because he’s unpopular,” Savage said. “Don’t underestimate him.”

Savage said he hopes the predicted Republican rout in November in
rebuke of Obama’s administration takes place, but he warns that the GOP
shouldn’t get too cocky about the 2012 presidential election.

“First of all, there is a long way to go, there are a lot of
things that could happen,” he said. “And more than any of that, the
Republicans are notoriously famous for shooting themselves in the foot.”

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