Supreme Court spouse: ‘Tax crisis’ coming Jan. 1

By Brian Fitzpatrick

Virginia Thomas

WASHINGTON – A “tax crisis” will slam taxpayers on Jan. 1 if Americans fail to stand up and confront Congress. So says Ginni Thomas, founder of and

wife of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

“Democratic policies are pushing the country to the brink,” Thomas told WND in an interview. “That’s why Liberty Central is helping to educate and activate people now.

“Their perception of real people is so off,” said Thomas of the Democrats running Congress. “They think we’re all sitting on big bank accounts with extra money to send to Washington if they would only tax us.” is running a petition drive, “Help Stop the Obama Tax Hike,” demanding that Congress extend the Bush tax cuts scheduled to be canceled Jan. 1. Opponents of Obama’s plan have described the move as a massive tax increase, because the Bush provisions have been law for nearly a decade.

Thomas warned that many Americans are not aware that the nation is facing massive across-the-board tax hikes at the beginning of 2011.

Read the WND Q&A with Ginni Thomas.

“There are many types of taxes that will go up,” said Thomas. “The death tax will go from 0 (percent) to up to 55 percent, the marriage tax, business taxes, expensing. The alternative minimum tax will hit millions more taxpayers. There will be over 20 new taxes just from the Obama health care bill.”

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A table on the Liberty Central website shows that tax rates will climb for taxpayers in every bracket. For the poorest taxpayers, those in the lowest tax bracket, income taxes will skyrocket by 50 percent, from 10 percent to 15 percent of income.

Raising taxes is very bad public policy during a recession, asserted Thomas.

“Read Burton Folsom’s book, ‘New Deal, Raw Deal,’ on the Great Depression,” she said. “Folsom proves that raising taxes extended the Great Depression.”

Thomas described Liberty Central as “ambassadors” for the tea party movement, and predicted that the numbers of tea party activists would “swell” if Congress and the president fail to address the issue of increasing taxes at this point. She also predicts that a “tidal wave” of voters would sweep many “establishment” politicians out of Congress in November.

She explained her organization recognizes that the issue of tax hikes “galvanizes the maximum number of people.

“It’s an issue that needs addressing and Congress refused to address it before they left town. I don’t understand the mistake they’ve made in not addressing the tax crisis that’s coming January 1 to all Americans. This issue shows the bubble the Democratic Congress is in. Their perception of real people is so off.”

She said the campaign will end Friday.

Read the WND Q&A with Ginni Thomas.