This is not to suggest that American presidents should allot a lot of time studying the downfall of Communist dictators. But some ugly headlines lately do suggest that a timely lesson from the final hours of Romania’s Nicolae Ceausescu might serve the president and the nation well.

The Romanian strongman and President Barack Obama seem to share a lamentable trait. Public unpopularity in the case of both leaders serves, not to inspire changing direction, but rather as proof that the “agenda” is working and should be intensified. You’ve heard the theory that President Obama is not “making mistakes”; instead, he’s on a course deliberately calculated to bring America down so as to allow for a Marxist makeover.

Just before Christmas of 1989 Ceausescu felt no reason for unease. His “Securitate,” Communist secret police, kept the nation in fear as effectively as Hitler’s Gestapo. His order of “lights out” at 7 p.m. to save resources drew Romanian profanity, colorful but not deadly. His “pet project,” a palace that would rival Versailles in senseless grandeur, was progressing on schedule, and Ceausescu used to visit the site often to rub his bare hands over this monument to his greatness. His desperate subjects trying to escape by swimming the Danube across to Yugoslavia were shot in the water or, if the Securitate’s “navy” men felt sporty, chopped to pieces by the propellers. It was a dictatorship with hundreds of love-poems to the dictator and zero back-talk from the masses.

Political flattery is like perfume: to be inhaled, but not swallowed. By late 1989, the Romanian people wanted to rip Nicolae Ceausescu and his evil wife to pieces. A provocation against Romania’s Hungarian minority led to a violent confrontation, with about a thousand demonstrators slaughtered by the Securitate.

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You think Nancy Pelosi is in denial when she tells the press, “I’d rather be where we (Democrats) are today than where they (Republicans) are!” While his entire nation was seething with hatred against him and his wife, Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu left on a state visit to Iran!

He returned to a nation that wanted him dead. Insanely, he called a rally in Bucharest’s Central Square which he thought would bring the people over to his side against the traditionally hated Hungarians. Not a single one of Ceausescu’s advisers had the guts to step up and say, “Hey, Boss, maybe we’d better try to cool this thing.”

Hear and heed the lesson of this murderous, sadistic Communist tyrant, Mr. President? When Ceausescu got back from Iran (where he should have stayed!) and faced the crowd, he heard, for the first time in his life, boos, hisses and overt cries of “Down with Ceausescu!” It was too late, but at least and at last he got it. He interrupted his own speech, darted back into the palace and made hasty plans to flee from the rooftop by helicopter. Dante described many kinds of hell. David Kupelian (author of “How Evil Works”) identifies many kinds of evil. Ceausescu fits at the top. But at least he was smart enough to realize that when he heard the very first peep of opposition out loud, the whole game was over. Ceausescu and his wife were executed by military firing squad during their escape attempt.

Please, Mr. President, learn from Nicolae Ceausescu! The American mood is very ugly and getting worse. In 1940, Republican candidate Wendell Wilkie took an egg in the face from a Roosevelt supporter. I remember nothing of the kind, or any kind, aimed at Barry Goldwater, who won only five states; George McGovern, who won only one; or big losers Mike Dukakis and John Kerry. The national negativity is much worse at this moment than when the absolute worst befell President John F. Kennedy.

Overt hatred of you, your team and what you represent, Mr. President, has soared to a new level. Former Vice President Al Gore’s speech was shattered the other day when someone yelled, “You’re a fraud!” Those who agreed obliterated the rest of Gore’s remarks. You, yourself, recently had to stand there lamely and gamely and suffer face-to-face excoriation from a woman your protectors and image-buffers had every reason to believe was on your side.

You know what you’re doing that generates this negativity. Stop it! Cut it out! Reverse it, please, while we’re still far from any “Romanian” moment! You and Ceausescu both decided to “stick it to them”; in his case, until it was too late. You still have time to use the glow of our anger as your guiding light.

We will oppose you in the American, not the Romanian, way. The letter “D” beside a candidate’s name may as well mean “delete.” You and your Democrats are not our only betrayers. You are, however, our most recent betrayers, and we want you out – safely, cleanly and, above all, non-violently.

We want to see the smashing of your diseased agenda, the retirement of your tax-evading cadres and the abrupt annulment of your incontinent lunge to the left.

But we want you to be OK.

You can help!

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