Imagine your hard-earned money. Every month you get your paycheck and notice that hundreds of dollars have been deducted to support a state that refuses to take responsibility for its actions. Then you notice hundreds more deducted under the state and federal income-tax heading. Now imagine the latter being flushed down the toilet … or better yet, gambled away by ungrateful, wasteful welfare recipients. That is exactly the situation in California.

The California Department of Social Services tracked the funds spent by welfare families from 2007-2010. Their findings were reported by the Los Angeles Times. I must warn you; you should sit down for this one. Almost $69 million was spent in Las Vegas, Hawaii and on cruise ships in the Caribbean. Now, I don’t know about you, but the last time this hard-working girl took a cruise was …well, never. I work hard for my money, and yet I am unable live a lifestyle similar to those who take my money every month.

You and I are paying for families to take extravagant vacations to Hawaii. And why not? They deserve it, right? They’ve earned that money, or at least that’s how the government sees it. Don’t even try to tell me that the families caught spending our money are in need. Just because a person is irresponsible with their finances doesn’t mean they need us to fund their lifestyle; what they need is to be taken out back and disciplined. These people have some nerve, especially since they didn’t even spend the money in the same state it came from. Instead of the funds going back into California’s economy, these lazy good-for-nothing moochers spent the money elsewhere.

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While thousands of hardworking state employees, like my friends and family, lose 15 percent of their income on top of their state and federal tax withholdings, these well-un-fare beneficiaries are living la vida loca. How wonderful to see these families flourish in such tough times.

If people want to judge me for calling these welfare con artists out, you be my guest. I have every right to be upset, as do you. According to the study, $11.8 million was withdrawn from ATMs in Las Vegas casinos. Try justifying that to me. I would love to sit these thieves down and find out what they have to say for themselves. Although I can’t imagine they’d show remorse. That’s a characteristic few people have these days.

This money was meant to feed and clothe struggling families. It’s supposed to help families get back on their feet. All it’s really doing is enabling them. What they need is an intervention. But our government doesn’t see it that way. The raging liberals in California will support welfare until their last breath. I don’t know if it’s out of spite as in “We’ll show these Republicans who’s boss,” or if they’re really that dumb to think this is the way to help American families.

My mother was a single parent with two kids. She didn’t have help from her parents or anyone else. She provided a roof over their head, food in their bellies and clothes on their back. Not once did she resort to welfare. So don’t tell me that it’s necessary. It’s obvious through this study that it’s another useless tool in the liberal belt.

Welfare supporter Jessica Bartholow, a legislative advocate for the Western Center on Law and Poverty, said, “I think when somebody hears it’s in a fancy hotel in Hawaii or Vegas, it’s too easy to assume the (welfare recipient) is visiting that place and it wasn’t somebody who stole their card.” Color me shocked. She went for the old, “Blame someone else” response. Typical. Guess what, Jessica, the Department of Social Services is on to that one. They know if it is a recurring action. These weren’t one-time transactions. The same people were popping up on the grid over and over. The only thing she got right was to assume the card users were thieves. More accurately, it’s called welfare fraud, but a thief nonetheless.

How anyone can defend these actions is beyond my comprehension. There is no excuse for anyone to take what is not rightfully earned. If you want to take a vacation, get a job and earn it. Why is it that the state employees are considered second-class citizens and these toxic-waste welfare idiots are held in high esteem? “Let’s not blame them, let’s blame their circumstance.” I call that B.S. No one has a perfect hand dealt to them, but you rise above it and move on. People cannot do that if they’re given handouts.

You’re fooling yourself if you think California is the only state with this problem. Every year the U.S. documents millions of dollars lost to welfare fraud. But hey, what’s a few million compared to state workers losing their jobs? They can always go on welfare, right?

My dose of honesty: We cannot allow selfish, lying crooks to dictate our policies. And I’m not just talking about our representatives. I’m also talking about the crybabies who think they deserve your money. No one has the right to steal from you, least of all our government programs. And to the welfare recipients who are guilty of these accusations, you better be careful. What goes around comes around – and I wouldn’t want to be you when it does. Hope you like prison, because that’s where you’re headed when they catch your cheating behind. Though I suppose that’s just trading one tax-funded program for another, and we’ll continue to support your lifestyle once you’re behind bars. But I’ll feel much better knowing that you’re not on a beach in Hawaii. Instead you’ll be fighting with your cellmate over who gets the top bunk.

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