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Increasing Islamist attacks on Hindus in India have intimidated local police to inaction, allowing militant Muslims to act with virtual impunity in their “growing Islamization” efforts in the region of West Bengal, where India’s fourth largest city, Calcutta, is located, according to a report from Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin.

The development could pose increased threats to the stability of India, a U.S. ally, as neighboring Pakistan, which looks upon India as its enemy, assists Islamist proxies to engage Indian troops not only in India proper but in the Indian-administered region of Jammu-Kashmir.

As G2 Bulletin has reported, Islamist militants are in a virtual undeclared war with the Indian government. For some time, there have been numerous attacks in far-flung towns. Then in 2008 Islamic terrorists attacked India’s largest city, Mumbai.

It was that November when Islamic terrorists hit 10 locations, including the Taj Mahal Palace and Tower Hotel, a hospital, theater and an Orthodox Jewish-owned facility. The attack was launched by elements of the Lashkar-e-Taiba, or LeT, a Pakistani-based Islamist terrorist organization. The LeT is associated with al-Qaida.

It also is in the Jammu-Kashmir region that al-Qaida and other Islamist groups such as the LeT have launched attacks in India aided by the Pakistani Inter-Service Intelligence Directorate, or ISI.

Ironically, the U.S. is working with the Pakistani ISI in its fight against the Taliban in Afghanistan while remaining mute on ISI support for Islamist militants in their increasing attacks against democratic India.

The Indian-Bangladesh border region acts as a major conduit for smuggling by terrorist networks, which could have grave consequences for India’s national security.

The development also could have serious implications for regional security.

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