The sex genie that Alfred Kinsey let out of the bottle is costing America a terrible price, according to leaders on a wide range of cultural battlegrounds ranging from homosexuality to abortion.

Despite Kinsey’s questionable academic methodology, rejection of traditional moral standards and even testimony from a victim of his “studies” that Kinsey paid her father to rape her, his books on sexual behavior are enormously influential around the world

Published in 1948 and 1953, the Kinsey Reports have made Kinsey known as the father of the sexual revolution.

But Janice Crouse, head of the Beverly LaHaye Institute, the think tank for Concerned Women for America, has been researching and writing about sexuality and moral issues for 20 years, and said Kinsey is responsible for today’s “anything goes” atmosphere.

“Kinsey has had a remarkable impact on culture,” Crouse told WND. “So many of the things common nowadays were taboo before Kinsey. He believed any sex act between consenting adults and even children was acceptable, even healthy.”

She also said Kinsey pursued his academic ventures with a “vested interest.”

“He was very interested in changing [America’s] sexual mores, and the media was complicit because it’s what they wanted, too.

“Kinsey started us down the path where promiscuity is the typical behavior for a large percentage of our young people.”

Judith Reisman, a longtime critic of Kinsey and the Kinsey Institute, warned that, “no civilized world can remain civilized living under the yoke of a Kinsey sexuality, a complete repudiation of all moral standards.”

“Do not be surprised,” she said, “that the Pentagon has 265 people caught downloading child pornography, that our teachers, along with priests and others, are off the charts raping and sodomizing children, that our divorce rate is similarly off the charts, that STDs are rampant and that every solitary measure of sexual pathology has increased a thousand fold since Kinsey. We are his legacy.”

Matt Barber, director of cultural affairs at Liberty Counsel, said Kinsey’s “stated goal was to undermine the Judeo-Christian sexual ethic and introduce sexual anarchy.”

“He viewed human sexuality as purely of an animalistic nature, so there can be no right or wrong when it comes to sexual expression,” Barber said.

“Post-Kinseyan sexual relativism has brought us skyrocketing STDs, teen pregnancy, 50 million slaughtered unborn children, unwed motherhood at astronomical rates, and an epidemic of motherless and fatherless homes. The bastard child of Kinsey’s fraudulent research was first the sexual revolution and now the LGBT movement.”

Peter LaBarbera, president of Americans for Truth about Homosexuality, is a prominent leader in the fight against the homosexual activism.

Peter LaBarbera

“More than anybody else, Kinsey helped mainstream homosexuality with his bogus research methods,” said LaBarbera.

“Kinsey created the perception that perversion was a much larger part of the landscape than it really is,” LaBarbera told WND. “The actual number of homosexuals is between one and three percent, according to a 1990 University of Chicago study. But Kinsey interviewed perverts out of proportion to their presence in society. He interviewed a bunch of deviants and people in jail.

“Kinsey posited that many more people were engaging in homosexual sex than anybody ever thought. One of his statements was that four in ten men had engaged in homosexual behavior. Four in ten is absurd,” he said.

“Kinsey made homosexuality seem mainstream, which of course fit right in with the gay revolution and what homosexual activists wanted to say. Kinsey helped destroy the idea of normal in American society. He created the perception that perversion is normal. What could be more useful to a movement based on mainstreaming deviance than that?”

Leslee Unruh, the founder of Abstinence Clearinghouse, is fighting for the hearts and minds of the next generation. As one of the nation’s leading promoters of abstinence education, her main battleground is the nation’s classrooms.

Leslee Unruh

“Kinsey said he felt the only abnormal sex is no sex,” Unruh told WND. “The world views of Planned Parenthood, SIECUS, and the Obama administration are all rooted in the Kinseyan world view.

“They’re teaching kids in schools the Kinseyan philosophy that children are sexual from birth. It’s all rooted in Kinsey,” said Unruh. “They believe kids should be allowed to have sex, the earlier the better.

“Many kids have picked up the message that not having sex is not cool,” Unruh told WND. “We are creating a counter-culture, we are standing up and fighting back. We have to return to the pre-50s sexual morality.”

Vicki Burress, founder of American Family Association of Indiana, has been battling for years to defund the Kinsey Institute. The state of Indiana subsidizes the institute through Indiana University.

“Sex education in the schools, coupled with the Planned Parenthood push to put condoms in the schools, is based on Kinsey saying kids are sexual from birth,” said Burress. “Sex ed started based on false data. I cannot imagine how many children have been affected by this in our schools.”

Shelley Lubben, executive director of the Pink Cross Foundation, is a leader in the fight against pornography.

“The whole porn industry grew up because of Kinsey,” Lubben told WND. “I can’t believe some of the things Kinsey has done to this generation. He groomed the entire nation for the sexual revolution.”

Crouse said that while Kinsey may have succeeded in increasing the quantity of sex in society, Kinsey may have reduced its quality.

“Many married couples now think they have to be doing far-out activities to have a satisfying sex life,” said Crouse. “A new study I found interesting determined that people are doing more and more avant-garde sexual activity but finding it less satisfying. They have forgotten about relationships, what it is that draws men and women together and what makes sex satisfying. It’s the intimacy between man and woman, not the experimentation.”

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