Nearly 40 years ago, America was shocked by news that researchers recruited hundreds of black sharecroppers with syphilis, promising them free food, free medical exams and free burials, but never telling them they had the sexually transmitted disease and never treating them for it. And just two weeks ago, both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton apologized on behalf of the U.S. government for “science experiments” during the 1940s when hundreds of people in Guatemala were intentionally infected with syphilis.

They were all used as human guinea pigs to track the natural progression of the disease.

Will America be equally shocked to learn that one of the most famous and influential researchers in modern history conducted and sponsored experiments on hundreds of young children, even infants, that included raping them? It seems too unbelievable to be true. Yet it is fully documented – and now an elderly survivor of that horror has come forward to tell her story.

In a multi-part series of exposés running now in WND, “Esther White,” a pseudonym for a woman now in her 70s and living in California, tells how, at age 7, celebrated sex researcher Alfred Kinsey encouraged her father – even paying him – to rape her repeatedly for “data” that could be used in his internationally best-selling books, “Sexual Behavior of the Human Male” and “Sexual Behavior in the Human Female.”

The latest book from the foremost expert on how sexuality has been twisted in our day: “Sexual Sabotage: How One Mad Scientist Unleashed a Plague of Corruption and Contagion on America”

While the Kinsey Institute has asserted the research used in those works was gathered from interviews with pedophiles about their past activity, the new charge by a victim of Kinsey’s nightmarish experiments reveals he was actively involved in perpetrating horrific and monstrous crimes against children – crimes that still haunt survivors today.

Those crimes would be shocking enough if they happened in a social vacuum. But they did not. Kinsey’s research has largely shaped America’s notions of sex ever since his work was published decades ago. It was the kindling that ignited the sexual revolution of the 1960s, leading to abortion on demand, the radical feminist agenda, the loosening of restrictions on pornography, no-fault divorce laws and the gender-bending demands of the so-called “gay rights” movement that is radically redefining marriage, the oldest social institution on the planet.

It was this barbaric “research” a generation ago that has led directly to the sexual victimization of a new generation today in public-school classrooms across America where innocence is shattered with lessons on how to perform oral sex, sodomy and intercourse without the slightest concerns about the social, emotional and psychological impact on young children.

Nearly 70 years after being raped repeatedly by her own father at the direction of Kinsey, the victim is speaking out in hope of prompting Congress to investigate the “research.”

No matter how you slice it, Kinsey’s crimes were more serious and had more impact on our society than anything that occurred during the shocking Tuskegee experiments.

What Kinsey perpetrated was the torture of children – even babies.

Those victims deserve a full hearing today. It’s time for a nation that changed its views of sexual morality largely based on Kinsey’s lies to take a hard second look at his methodology and his bizarre agenda.

This was not a researcher. This was a monster.

The victim in WND’s stories – whose serial rape was treated as “research” by Kinsey and his team – describes the most famous sex scientist in history as “insane,” “evil” and “Satan incarnate.”

Confirming that her father and grandfather were paid by Kinsey and that Kinsey was fully aware of what was being done to her, the now-elderly victim describes how her father actually used a stopwatch while sexually abusing her, and also filmed some of the sessions and sent the home movies to Kinsey. She also witnessed Kinsey handing her grandfather a check.

“I think the experimentation done with government funding is an ongoing issue,” the victim tells WND. “That’s what was going on with Kinsey. Scientific experimentation. They didn’t care about people, they cared about statistics.”

Help spread the word – before more children are victimized by Kinsey’s “research.”

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