A new YouTube video in support of Colorado’s pro-life Amendment 62 – the only “personhood” amendment on 2010 ballots across the United States – links President Obama with the “Angel of Death.”

The ominous video urges support for the amendment that would declare an unborn child a “person” under state law – and eligible for all the protections the law gives a “person,” from the beginning of development.

The video has raised a stir, too, among those who support abortion.

The video:

The video talks about stopping in Colorado in 2010 what was begun in the state in 1967, when then-Gov. Dick Lamm drafted the first law legalizing abortion in the nation – some six years before the Roe vs. Wade Supreme Court decision.

The video blames the “decline” of America on that beginning and asserts that agenda-driven judges in Washington contributed to the advance of the agenda of death.

Featuring the “Angel of Death” morphing into a picture of Obama, it explains that the “angel” arrived and hell followed after. It claims that Obama is spending $457 million on international abortion funding.

While pundits expect the measure to be defeated, the video warns, “Never underestimate the American people” as an image of the Boston tea party is on screen.

Obama has been wholeheartedly pro-abortion throughout his career, opposing as a state lawmaker even laws that would require doctors to provide medical care to infants who survive abortion attempts.

NEW ZEALAND - DECEMBER 01:  Stock Photography. A 3D ultrasound showing a baby inside the womb.  (Photo by Fotopress/Getty Images)

As president he’s tried to install abortion services on U.S. military bases, and many critics argue that his Obamacare leaves a wide-open door for hundreds of millions of dollars of federal tax money be distributed for abortions nationwide.

Sandra Fish at Politics Daily said it was a nasty ad.

“As ominous music plays in the background, the video notes, ‘He [Obama] took over banks, industry, and finally, our health care.'”

At the Daily Kos there was a string of critics:

  • “These really are nut cases.”

  • “These whackos are out of control and a danger to the America that they pretend to love.”
  • “Their ignorance would be funny if it weren’t so scary.”

The campaign also is reaching out to voters with a gentler touch.

The organization announced an endorsement from Pam Tebow, mother of Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow and four others.

“A child’s right to life begins at conception, not at birth. From conception, all children are people, made in the image and likeness of God. Thus, I support the personhood amendment and appeal to Colorado voters to vote ‘yes’ on amendment 62,” Pam Tebow said in a statement.

Pam Tebow and her son, a Heisman trophy winner, made news when they were in a pro-life television ad during the 2010 Superbowl.

The headline story was not the ad but Pam’s refusal to let doctors take her son’s life while she was pregnant. The ad was sponsored by Focus on the Family, which also is urging Colorado voters to vote ‘yes’ on Amendment 62.

The Tebows explained the circumstances in which Pam Tebow decided to continue a high-risk pregnancy rather that lose Tim.

“We went to see a doctor in the town we lived in and she said [he] wasn’t a baby at all. [She said] he was a mass of fetal tissue and that I needed to abort him immediately if I was going to save my life,” she said.

“Pam Tebow had the courage and conviction to choose life, despite desperate circumstances,” said Keith Mason, manager of the Yes on 62 Campaign. “Parents facing difficult pregnancies should realize that the child in their womb is a person, just as Pam Tebow realized her son’s humanity, value, and dignity while he was in the womb. He is just as much of a person today as he was when the doctor advised that he be aborted.”

“Pam Tebow’s testimony serves as an inspiration to women in difficult pregnancies,” added Leslie Hanks, cosponsor of Amendment 62. “Although it was challenging, Pam did the right thing, and the world is a better place for it. Likewise, Colorado’s ‘yes’ vote on Amendment 62 is the right thing for Colorado. Amendment 62 will ensure that Colorado is a better, safer place for women and for preborn babies.”

The Colorado personhood campaign earlier had attempted, unsuccessfully, to correct what it said was a misrepresentation of the amendment in the official state “blue book” that describes initiatives for voters.

The “personhood” movement takes aim at the foundation of the
1973 Roe v. Wade decision in which the Supreme Court created the “right”
to an abortion. It is based on Justice Harry Blackmun’s statement in his
majority Roe v. Wade opinion that the landmark case would
collapse if “the fetus is a person,” because the unborn’s “right to life
would then be guaranteed” by the Constitution.

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