WASHINGTON - APRIL 15:  Gwen Ifill, moderator of PBS's 'Washington Week,' listens during a taping of 'Meet the Press' at the NBC Studios April 15, 2007 in Washington, DC. Ifill spoke on the controversy that was created by radio talk show host Don Imus' racial and gender comments to the players of Rutgers University women's basketball team.  (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images for Meet the Press)

Blogger Markos Moulitsas of the Daily Kos and PBS host Gwen Ifill could barely contain themselves when they came across an apparent elementary historical-knowledge gaffe by tea party favorite Sarah Palin, but it turns out the left-leaning commentators were the ones with egg on their faces.

Moulitsas – a major power-broker in the Democratic Party’s left-wing base – dashed off a message to his thousands of followers through the Internet social network Twitter after Palin told tea party activists in Nevada, “Don’t party like it’s 1773 yet,” reported the blogger who uses the pen name Cuffy Meigs.

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Moulitsas sneered, “She’s so smart.”

Ifill wrote: “Sarah Palin: party like its 1773! Ummm.”

Others mocked Palin with comments such as “uhhh” and “[expletive] happened in 1773?”

Palin presumably knows the U.S. was born in 1776. But what Moulitsas and his crew didn’t recall was that 1773 was the year of the Boston Tea Party, the inspiration for the grass roots movement that is threatening to sweep the Democratic Party from power in Congress next month.

Palin eventually responded with a tweet of her own on the matter: “Gwen Ifill, et al… Really? Silly.”

Meigs pointed out that it’s clear from video of the speech that Palin was referring to the Boston Tea Party.

Markos Moulitsas, founder and main author of Daily K

As WND reported in 2008, Ifill, host of the PBS program “Washington Week,” moderated a vice-presidential candidate debate between Palin and Joseph Biden amid concerns her book, “The Breakthrough: Politics and Race in the Age of Obama,” gave her a financial stake in the election’s outcome.

Moulitsas has influenced the Democratic Party through his blog and annual conference, the YearlyKos.

WND reported that at a forum of leading Democratic presidential candidates at Moulitsas’ 2007 conference, the moderator refused to let a man in military uniform speak and demanded he identify himself.

The military man, according to a witness, “stood up to argue that the surge was working and cutting down on Iraqi casualties.” But the moderator, according to the American Spectator’s Ezra Klein, “largely freaked out” and when “other members of the panel tried to answer his question, he demanded they ‘stand down.'”

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