San Francisco Police Sgt. Brian V. McDonnell was killed by shrapnel from an antipersonnel bomb built and planted by Bill Ayers’ wife, Bernardine Dohrn, according to an FBI report

A former undercover FBI informant who once spied on 1970s anti-war radicals who bombed government offices is calling on Congress to set up a committee or task force to bring “terrorists” – including those who may be in high and influential positions today – to justice.

The request comes from Larry Grathwohl, whose book “Bringing Down America – An FBI Informer with the Weathermen” alleges Bill Ayers, a friend of President Obama, told Grathwohl that Bernardine Dohrn, who later became Ayers’ wife, placed a pipe bomb outside a San Francisco Police Department building Feb. 16, 1970.

The shrapnel from the antipersonnel bomb’s explosion killed Sgt. Brian V. McDonnell. Another officer, Robert Fogarty, was wounded in the face and legs and left partially blind.

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Grathwohl’s plan was outlined in remarks prepared for the Marxism in America conference sponsored yesterday by America’s Survival in Washington.

Grathwohl also appears in a series of videos to explain his concerns over the still-open case along with Cliff Kincaid, president of America’s Survival, and Max Noel, a former FBI agent and member of the Weatherman Task Force.

The first video of the series:

The remaining videos are posted on the Marxism in America conference website.

“My greatest fear today is that the Department of Justice (under Obama appointee Eric Holder) will protect these terrorists by blocking an attempt to bring them to justice,” Grathwohl said. “Consider that President Obama held his first fundraiser at the home of Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dorhn when he was running for the state Senate in Illinois.

“Do you think there might be some resistance to placing these two people on trial for the murder of Brian McDonnell? These are President Obama’s friends. He and Bill served on a board and appeared at functions together.”

Grathwohl said a resolution would be for Congress to act.

“I urge the new Congress to create a committee or subcommittee to facilitate the efforts of law enforcement in bringing terrorists to justice. For example, a new House Internal Security Committee can assist in that regard. The Senate could consider reinstating a Senate Internal Security subcommittee. Such committees should also investigate the groups that represent a current danger to the internal security of this country,” he said.

William Ayers

“The Marxist terror threat has not gone away, as we have seen with the recent FBI raids on U.S.-based Marxist groups suspected of providing assistance to foreign terrorist groups in the Middle East and Latin America. Some Marxists are now openly supporting what they call ‘revolutionary Islam.’ Osama bin Laden is recommending anti-American books written by U.S. ‘progressives,'” he said.

WND previously reported on the links that appear to connect Ayers and Dohrn to far more violence that they might be comfortable recognizing.

WND also has documented reports from the FBI that Dohrn built and planted the bomb that killed a San Francisco police officer in 1970.

WND reported last year when top law-enforcement officers in San Francisco signed a letter accusing Ayers and Dohrn of being directly behind the bombing, but the Obama Justice Department then told them not to comment on the case.

At that 2009 press conference, directed by Kincaid, the leaders of the San Francisco Police Officers’ Association made public a letter pointing a finger at Ayers and Dohrn that demanded those responsible for the bombing be brought to justice.

“There are irrefutable and compelling reasons to believe that Bill Ayers and his wife Bernardine Dohrn are largely responsible for the bombing of Park Police Station,” the officers stated in the letter.

The San Francisco Chronicle then reported the police-group members who signed the letter received calls from the Justice Department and a local police chief telling them to remain silent.

Larry Grathwohl

No one has been charged in the bombing. Ayers, a Weatherman founder, has denied involvement. In an interview with the New Yorker, Ayers said, “We killed no one and hurt no one.”

Of the McDonnell bombing, Grathwohl has quoted Ayers saying, “It was a success. But it’s a shame when someone like Bernardine has to make all the plans, make the bomb and then place it herself. She should have to do only the planning.”

In the conference remarks, Grathwohl said, “The charges have not yet been brought in this ‘cold case’ but I can tell you that a law-enforcement entity called the Phoenix Task Force is working to solve the murder of Sergeant McDonnell as well as other police officers who died in the line of duty during that period of Weather Underground violence and terrorism.”

Grathwohl continued, “Justice can still be done. And that is why I am here today. I have recently met with the lieutenant in charge of the Phoenix Task Force. … He assures me that the effort remains focused and the motivation is to gather the evidence and bring the killers to justice. I should add that the murder of Sergeant John Young by the Black Liberation Army when they attacked the Ingleside Police Station in 1971 has been solved and successfully prosecuted.”

He also suggested there reasonably could be a sense of urgency over the investigations.

“Let me say that we cannot rule out the possibility that remnants of the Weather Underground network still exist, protecting terrorists and facilitating their activities. It is significant that the FBI recently updated its ‘Most Wanted’ listing for Leo Frederick Burt, accused of bombing the University of Wisconsin, on August 24, 1970, killing a 33-year-old researcher and causing $6 million in damage to the building. He is still on the run. Burt was not a member of the Weather Underground but a spin-off group,” he said.

The conference also addressed the work of Paul Kengor, whose new book “Dupes” shows how “progressives” have been manipulated by international communist concerns.

Kincaid also addressed what the Frank Marshall Davis archives at Washington University in St. Louis reveal about the communist connections and associations of Obama’s childhood mentor.

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