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Lebanon’s Saad Hariri and George W. Bush

BEIRUT, Lebanon – A new Middle East intelligence document warns that Hezbollah may be ready to take over Lebanon in a move that Iran supports because it could draw an attack by Israel, which then would be cited as an offensive provocation deserving a response by Tehran, according to a report in Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin.

The report is from Global Information System, which provides unclassified global, intelligence and analysis for the U.S. government.

In its report, “The Gathering Storm Around the Greater Eastern Mediterranean Region,” GIS suggests that Iran actually wants its proxy, Hezbollah, to take over in Lebanon, thereby precipitating an Israeli strike that would be met with a response from Syria and Iran.

“The Iranian clerics are justifiably reluctant to take steps of a military first-strike against Israel, because the consequences – an Israeli retaliation with consequent widespread damage to Iran – would be blamed by the Iranian public, not on Israel, but on the clerics having precipitated the action,” the report said.

“However, an Israeli first-strike against Iran, regardless of how provoked, would be blamed by the Iranian people on Israel, and they would rally around their own government, regardless of how mistrusted it is, as they did on the Iran-Iraq War,” the report added.

The report asserts that Hezbollah is “on the verge” of a takeover of the Lebanese government.

In outlining what amounts to a conspiracy theory, the report further claims that Sunni Saudi Arabia is pressuring Saudi-backed Sunni Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri to accept a “compromise”, which would recognize what it calls an “inevitability” of this development “without an overt show of force by Hezbollah, which could escalate to a coup against him.”

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