What if we elect a Republican House and Senate and they don’t challenge Barack Obama on every front?

I’m beginning to worry about this possibility.

I see victory within reach.

I know the freshmen class of Republican House and Senate members in January will be freedom fighters.

But what of the Republican leftovers?

Will they stand in the way of a real revolution in Congress next year?

I’m asking the question because I am disgusted by Rep. Darrell Issa’s comment that there is “not a chance” Republicans in the House will impeach Obama.

“Not a chance at this point,” he told Political Capital. “I don’t see it happening. Look, disagreeing with the president, the president using his authority, maybe even misusing it that’s not what impeachment’s for,” he added. “Do we have disagreements? Yes. Do we want to see that the president strictly adheres to process? Yes.”

Dear Mr. Issa: This isn’t about “process.” It’s about the Constitution. It’s not just about Obama “misusing” authority. It’s about Obama exceeding his constitutional authority. Is there any doubt about that?

I heard this nonsense back during the Clinton administration, too.

But the abuse of power exercised by Obama makes the Clinton administration look like the George Washington administration by comparison.

The future of our nation is at stake.

The survival of our nation is at stake.

This is no time for playing patty-cake with Obama.

That’s not what the anticipated electoral revolution of 2010 is about.

It’s about time Republicans in Congress start thinking about the Constitution and returning the rule of law to America.

We’re at a crossroads, and there is no margin for error.

Obama must be challenged on every front – even if we don’t win every battle. It’s time to go on offense, buddy.

We won’t get a second chance this time.

Obama should be impeached.

This isn’t just about policy disagreements. It’s about the biggest and most egregious abuse of power in American history.

If you think I’m exaggerating, tell me how.

It’s time to step up to the plate. Americans are not sending Republicans to Congress this year in record numbers because they want a counterbalance to Obama in Washington. They are sending them there to change the direction of the country – radically.

What’s wrong with impeachment?

Impeachment is a political process. It’s part of the Constitution. It might fail, because there are plenty of wimps among Republican members as well as a fair number of Democrats apparently sworn to overthrowing our constitutional system.

Nevertheless, political battles are won on offense, not defense.

In case you Republican incumbents don’t yet understand what’s happening in America today, the people are calling on you to fight.

They want you to fight for the future of America.

They want you to take on Obama at every turn.

Let me ask Mr. Issa this question: Do you think Obama should remain in office for another two years?

This is a political question. If the answer is “no,” there is a political solution. It’s called impeachment. It is not a judicial action. It is a political action.

Congress has the power. Congress has the responsibility. Congress has the duty to see that the Constitution is followed to the letter.

Why would any Republican take this option off the table before the election?

It’s inconceivable to me.

Obama represents the gravest threat to the future of America in the world today. If there is a legal and constitutional mechanism for removing him from office – and there is – why would Republicans settle for any less?

It’s time to take the fight to Obama.

That’s what this election is all about.

Don’t you get it?

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