Editor’s note: The following are first-hand accounts of alleged voting abnormalities reported to
WND by readers through WND’s exclusive Voter Fraud Hotline. Most local election concerns can be addressed by voters by contacting their local supervisor of elections office or county clerk’s office.


I went to vote this evening, and found out I’m not even registered!  When I moved to Pennsylvania in May, I went to the Department of Transportation to get my new license.  At that time (5/5/10) I registered to vote.

She asked me how I wanted to register, Independent.  She then went on to explain to me that I would not be able to vote in a primary, which I already understood.  So we clearly had a discussion re: my voter registration.  Well, tonight it seems that she never followed thru on my registration.

They allowed me to cast a Provisional Ballot but stated that it is likely it would not be counted, or if it was, they would only count the “first couple of choices.” What does that mean?!  I am outraged that I have been robbed of my ability to express my opinion and cast my vote.


I voted at the Harmer Township Borough building, Harmar Township, Pa., this morning.  The person who was demonstrating how to use the machines was instructing people to press their party button, which was a straight party vote.  When I balked claiming that I wanted to select each candidate, they feigned ignorance claiming that this was a vote where you had to vote party, i.e., a primary vote.  I instructed them that that was incorrect, but I think their feigned ignorance was a sham.

Additionally, when my sister’s turn came, the woman doing the demonstration pressed the straight Democrat button, and when my sister balked, since she is a straight-up Republican, they could not initially get the machine to clear so that she could re-choose.  We finally made it right.

This is wrong on so many levels.  It denies people of both parties to make informed choices. 

What can I do to stop this?  I cannot stay at the polling place, since I work full time.  Is there someone local that I should call?


Live on the noon news on WNEP-TV in Scranton, Pa.,  they were doing a live broadcast from a polling area about the Kanjorski-Barletta race.

In the background, standing at the entrance, people were handing out cards or whatnot. THAT IS IN VIOLATION OF PA. LAW! I believe it’s 50 or 100 feet they need to be away!


I went into vote at my local voting place, The Watermark Residences, in Philadelphia, Pa.

There was a lady sitting in a chair in the voting room alongside of the people checking IDs and marking off voters arriving. She had a sample voting ballot in her hands the “official Democratic ballot.” Whenever anyone elderly would walk up to the table the 4 people behind the table would ask if they needed assistance in their voting stating that the lady (with the Democrat-only voting guide) could help them.

I saw her go into the booth with one elderly person showing her what to push and what to do. They tried to pressure other people that were waiting to vote to use her assistance.

After voting I asked who she was with and to see the papers in her hand. I got a copy of the paper, but was asked to leave by one of the voting persons behind the desk. He tried to usher me out the door quickly stating that it was a mistake that she was there helping people vote.


I went to vote at 9:00 am at the Moon Township Middle school.  There was an elector there who told the lady that signed me in to allow this other man to see the books, saying it was ok  because he was looking for the names of the people that did not vote so he could call them and tell them to come and vote.  This is at 9:00 in the morning.


I understand this is not a particularly terrible case of voter fraud, but it is a case of noteworthy passive electioneering. [Allegheny County Democratic Committee brochures seen inside the polling location at the EMS Training Center on 22nd Street in Pittsburgh.]

It does gain traction since I contacted Pennsylvania’s voter fraud hotline in 2008 and was told that they would take care of a similar situation at this same location. Obviously they did not take care of the situation or local officials ignored them.



I am in Clark County, Nev.  This is where Vegas is located and is the biggest populated area in the state.  I have heard about machines not working properly.  There is a business 2 doors down from mine where the owner mentioned that his friend tried to vote for Angle, and it came back for Reid.  The owner of the business is Mormon, like Reid, but they can’t stand Harry any more.  The man who told me this is definitely credible.

Additionally, there are government workers that are campaigning for the Democrat machine while on the government clock.  They are going to rallies, phone banks, etc.  But they aren’t taking vacation time.  My wife works for a state agency.  My wife is a Republican, but naturally stays out of expressing her views while at work.  One of her supervisors is gone almost all the time from work, and yet she is always at Democrat campaign rallies and doing other campaign functions.  This woman is involved in the public employees union.  She is not taking vacation time.

I think that this is probably systematic throughout the country.   And it may be worthwhile to do audits of campaign offices and campaign rallies in the next election 2 years from now.  Basically, these people are getting paid by taxpayers to go see Obama or volunteer on campaigns.   Meanwhile, the rest of us (I am self employed) have to take off from work on our own dime if we do anything to help a candidate. 



On November 2, 2010 at 9:15 a.m. at the Center Moriches Middle School, Brookhaven N.Y.,  I attempted to cast my ballot using the new scanner system.

The ballot card was approximately 11″ x 17″. The election inspector walked me through the process of inserting the ballot into the scanner. I noticed the count on the display was at number 51 and there was a message of “SYSTEM READY”. The ballot was pulled into the scanner and the inspector proceeded to explain what would happen next. After several minutes there was still no change in the display readings. The display never changed from the original count of 51 and remained at the “SYSTEM READY” status.

At this point in time the inspector stated that the machine did not function correctly. This election inspector then notified a senior inspector with regard to this problem and the second inspector called a number to report the machine malfunction. After waiting 15-20 minutes for confirmation of my ballot, I was told that if the machine does this again it will be shut down.

I left the voting place to go home and stopped at the exit poll station to fill out the survey. When I told the survey collector what had happened she informed me that approximately 10 people had told her the same thing. I exclaimed to her that I wish she would have told me this before I went in to vote. She stated how sorry she was for my situation and I went on my way. I notified the Board of Elections of this problem and the person asked me if I was given the opportunity to redo the ballot. She stated that I was entitled to 3 ballot attempts due to error. I stated that I was not informed of that nor given any opportunity to redo the ballot. I am proud to state that I voted conservative down the entire ballot card. Unfortunately my ballot was not counted. I am truly disgusted with this whole situation and feel that this new system is rigged.



I moved to Connecticut and voted by absentee this year. I mailed my ballot on Thursday. Today I saw this story in the San Jose
Mercury News.
Apparently the poll workers are erasing “smudges” on the ballots. This
makes me very curious!!!!



In Scottsdale, Arizona’s Laurel District no receipt is given for ballot and voter is not shown proof when requested of how scanner read ballot. People that seem to be in charge are not representative of local population. There were other irregularities. Polls opened several minutes  late.



I voted at 7:15 a.m. this morning.
When I checked in, I was given a choice between a touch-screen voting machine and a paper ballot. The paper ballot was a fill-in-the-circle type, to be fed into an optical scanner once completed. The election official encouraged voters to take a paper ballot as Virginia is converting completely to paper ballots by 2012.
I noted the counter on the single optical scanner available (#35151) read ’26’ before I fed my ballot into it. The counter didn’t change to ’27’. I pointed this out to the election official sat by the machine. She told me the scanner was actually a back-up machine, and that it had such problems, the regular election officials call it the ‘drama queen’.

There were several people waiting to feed their ballots into the scanner, including my husband. The election official suggested they put their ballots through a slot on the side of the machine, if they were concerned about the scanner. They all did so. The election official was not maintaining a separate count of the ballots put into the scanner by either means.
I asked to speak to the election judge. When I explained my concerns, he said he didn’t know what to do about it and went out of the room to make a call, presumably to the Board of elections. On his return, he told me the solution: after voting ended, the scanner would be opened and the ballots counted. If the number of ballots didn’t match the scanner’s counter, the election officials would then feed all the ballots back through the scanner. I don’t know if the slotted ballots and the scanned ballots are commingled inside the scanner – if so, there’s no way the counter would ever match the number of ballots inside the machine. If the machine’s counter is indeed malfunctioning, there’s no way to tell if the votes are properly recorded once re-scanned.
In any case, the officials continued to distribute paper ballots.
Neither of the parties had a poll watcher in place at the time I voted. On my way out of the polling place, I approached both the Democrat and Republican workers distributing sample ballots to ask if they knew whether their parties had poll watchers scheduled. The Democrat I spoke with said HE was supposed to be the poll watcher, but was outside handing out sample ballots. The Republicans said there was no Republican poll watcher, as far as they knew. I left my name and contact data with them, and asked them to make a report to their supervisor.
I tried to call the Fairfax GOP, but there was no answer, so I called the Republican Party of Virginia’s Election Hotline and made a full report to them.
My daughter voted using the paper ballot at 2:30 p.m. Again, there were no poll watchers in place. The same scanner was still in place. This time, the counter on the machine moved from 270 to 271.



I voted today but didn’t feel comfortable. I had to vote absentee ballot today and asked what happened to my ballot between today and tomorrow. No one seems to know and then someone said, “Well I carry them across the street tomorrow and hand them in.”

She looked like she was barely old enough to vote. The pile of envelopes were stacked by the front door and no one really seemed to be watching them except for some man looking around the age of 90. I felt like I threw my vote away today. Next time, I will not vote early.



I voted in
Belleville Illinois, home of the county seat and where the county clerk is under
federal investigation for the late mailing of military absentee ballots (and
running unopposed). 

The person collecting privacy cover sheets tried to
collect mine BEFORE my ballot was fed into the reader.

Since the county
clerk’s office is on the way home, I stopped by to report it and instead my
right to privacy was also violated there.

Instead of reading the
information off my voter ID card that I provided, the clerk wanted to discuss my
business in full earshot of others who were waiting at the counter.  I
called the U.S. Attorney’s office but they said none of my issues disenfranchised
the vote.  They told me to call the State Attorney’s office in Springfield
to complain about the lack of privacy at the clerk’s office. Don’t bother
advising the local media, they are a McClatchy-owned paper known to delete
comments or block your ID from others.

What a bad taste I was left with on
this day where my voice should have


At the Lake Villa, Illinois Public Library polling place a black poll worker told a white voter that the voter was not allowed to take his personal notes regarding the election into the polling booth.

The sleeve covering the ballots before insertion into the counting machine is too short leaving exposed to public view the top portions of the ballot thereby negating a secret ballot.



My wife voted early in Kernersville, N.C. She pushed the straight Republican ticket and then proceeded to vote in the non-partisan contests. At the end, the machine showed she had voted a STRAIGHT DEMOCRATIC TICKET. She complained and they helped her go back to the beginning and change it to her desired vote.

She told me about it Friday night and on Saturday, I called our elections board to report the incident. They said that if she had “long fingernails” and tried touch the screen with the “pad of her finger” that her nail might have accidentally brushed the wrong button and that they are warning people of this. She was not warned and neither of us heard anyone “warned” while voting.  Also, her nails are stylishly groomed and not particularly long. I asked the lady on the phone from the elections board why no signs were displayed and if they knew this was a problem and she said, “That’s not my call, sir.”



Mail-in ballots are too heavy for standard postage. They need a 61-cent stamp to pass through the mail.

In some counties, mail is being forwarded to the county with postage due, which the county is obliged to pay. But,  in Spokane and other places, clerks have refused the ballots, returning them to the sender for “postage due.”

This was reported to me by a local mail carrier in our county. I would assert the number of ballots that won’t be counted because of this postage due issue is significant, and not accidental.



My nephew is a field medic in Afghanistan and military personnel there were told that they would not be able to vote because the ballots would not arrive on time!!  They are there risking their lives for us and they are being denied the  right to vote!!  What can be done about this horrendous travesty?  Thank you for any assistance you can provide.

New Black Panther Party members outside polling place on Election Day 2008

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