With the elections now behind us, there’s a lot of discussion about whether the Radical-in-Chief (credit Stanley Kurtz) will put aside his father’s dreams (of fighting the evil colonialist powers and redistributing wealth from the Haves to the Have Nots), moderate his hatred of Western culture (which would allow him to more openly enjoy golfing, vacations at Martha’s Vineyard and dinner with the Queen of Anti-Obesity at New York’s finest restaurants) and reach out to those whom he pretended didn’t exist while ramming through Obamacare and other anti-constitutional legislation.

After spending his first 21 months in office blaming George Bush for everything from the Haiti earthquake to the emergence of Glenn Beck, the naïve among us want to believe that our community-organizing president now realizes the error of his ways and intends to reach out to Republicans in Congress – at least Republican progressives. And being a master of the stealth approach to radicalism, he will likely do all he can to make it appear that way.

But those of us who have read about Barack Obama in depth know that whatever else one may think of him, he is sincere and unwavering in his Marxist beliefs. Nevertheless, a lot of dunderheads who are still hung over from the euphoria they felt after voters elected the nation’s first African-American president are certain to buy into the illusion that Obama suddenly has a desire to work with the “enemies” he recently urged voters to “punish.”

Egged on by the Colmeses, Beckels and a whole army of low-level liberal media pundits who still insist that Obama is a middle-of-the-road guy, many Americans will choose to listen to the words coming from the Duplicitous Despot’s teleprompters and ignore his actions. Fool me twice, shame on me!

More to the point, what you will be witnessing over the next two years is what is known in finer communist circles as The Big Fakeout. As I pointed out in my article “The Great Pretender,” Obama has had a Marxist agenda since even before his pot-smoking days at Columbia. It’s right there for all the world to read in “Dreams from My Father.” Or in Dinesh D’Souza’s and Stanley Kurtz’s books, “The Roots of Obama’s Rage” and “Radical-in-Chief.” To paraphrase Ursula the sea witch in “The Little Mermaid,” fundamentally transforming the United States of America is what he lives for. Literally!

While doing what he does best – reading nonstop lies from his teleprompters – now that the elections are over, BHO will have his non-elected thugs and progressive allies in both parties of Congress pushing the anti-freedom accelerator to the floor to make certain that even if he isn’t re-elected in 2012, it will be too late for an electorate of sheep and an impotent Congress to do anything about it.

The bottom line is that it’s wishful thinking to believe that progressives are going to go away. Most people do not realize that they’ve been working behind the scenes in America for more than a hundred years, and have no intention of giving up the enormous gains they have achieved under the Obamafia. Rest assured that the teachings of Mao, Lenin, Alinsky, et al. are alive and well, as was so clearly demonstrated at the communist gathering “One Nation Working Together” in Washington on Oct. 2.

Of course, Obama has no intention of losing in 2012. As they have clearly demonstrated over the past month or so, he and his cronies will do anything – make that anything – to maintain control of the reins of power. That includes staging a phony crisis, if necessary, as a justification for declaring a state of emergency as the 2012 presidential election draws near, implementing authoritarian control of the government and, where necessary, employing violence – a trademark of the far left that all too many people fail to take seriously.

From this point on, be on the alert for The Big Fakeout. Ignore what Obama says about wanting to reach out, and pay close attention to what he actually does. It’s going to make a lot of “moderates” gasp in horror, but I’m making a flat-out prediction, here and now, that a brazen power grab is coming.

Can good-guy BHO pull off The Big Fakeout? Yes, but only if he can get enough people on the government dole to give him even more proletariat support than he now has. As the legendary political philosopher John Stosselectus puts it: “People like free stuff!” This one simple truth about human nature is the key to destroying America – or any other culture, for that matter.

From Karl Marx to Andy Stern, the communists have used the wrong word in spouting their favorite slogan. It’s the parasites of the world who are uniting, not the workers. And hell hath no fury like a parasite scorned. Just ask any politician in France or Greece.

Stay alert, because the parasites will soon be coming for your stuff. And while faking a move to the center, Chairman Obama has every intention of giving it to them.

Be forewarned.

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