Lets give credit where credit is due! Without the strong advocacy of Fox News (and of course WorldNetDaily.com), orchestrated by its chief, Roger Ailes – the former Republican ad man that helped elect President Ronald Reagan – we would not now have a strong tea party, and we would not have removed Nancy Pelosi and her fellow socialists from control of the U.S. House of Representatives.

While Fox News’ evening programming has been criticized by jealous leftist cable competitors as primarily right-wing propaganda and not “news,” the nightly lineup was never meant to be “fair and balanced.” And, more importantly, who cares! It is the lone strong voice on television that takes on the rest of the ultra-libs on MSNBC and CNN. And, the fact President Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Keith Obermann, Chris Matthews, Rachel Maddow and the rest of the ultra-left hate Fox News only speaks more highly of it. In Washington, D.C., and elsewhere, you define yourself by your enemies. If I had not been so hated and feared by the Clintons and other corrupt politicians, judges, lawyers and political consultants like James Carville and Karl Rove, for instance, I would not have been doing my job. In fact, I would have been disappointed in myself!

Indeed, people like me, Matt Drudge, Ann Coulter and Joseph Farah helped Roger and his minions build the market for Fox News during the Clinton years with our newsworthy lawsuits, cutting-edge reports, books and related television appearances on the network. So we can take a little credit for its early success. And today, after many years of building on the springboard we provided, Fox News’ viewership outstrips all of the other cable networks combined, and its revenues are huge and expanding – even during the ongoing and seemingly never-ending economic “depression.”

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And why is that? Simply put, because a growing number of Americans see themselves as conservative or libertarian – or an eclectic mix of the two, like yours truly – and gravitate to Fox News for this reason, particularly during a period in our nation’s history when the left thinks they can ram their socialist, Godless and reckless policies down our throats – thanks to the 2008 election of President Barack Hussein Obama, someone I sincerely believe is a black Muslim, anti-Christian, anti-Semite at heart!

So, with last Tuesday’s election results taking away control of the House from the Democrats, Fox News has truly been and hopefully will continue to be the “fox in the hen house.” And no one has been more instrumental in having played a role in flipping this control to Republicans than Fox guru and “professor” Glenn Beck, even if he is not a Republican but a libertarian by nature.

Now that the nation has a “Republican House,” what we have seen, predictably, in the last days since the election is that it more resembles a “Hen House.” No sooner than the election results were announced, Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., the potentially powerful new chairman of the Committee on Oversight and Reform – which conducts inquiries and has the power to issue legally enforceable subpoenas to gather facts – announced to the media that he would not aggressively investigate the many latent scandals of the first two years of the Obama administration, but instead seek to be “friends” and get along with the leftist Democrats. Incredibly, here specifically is what Mr. Issa told Politico, the leading political rag in Washington, D.C., and on the Internet.

“I want to prove the pundits wrong. My job is not to bring down the president. My job is to make the president a success. … We’ve been hired to take America back to the middle.”

So it would appear that under Issa, the establishment Republicans intend to lay an egg and “chicken out” – not so much as a rooster but a fat, constipated hen feeding at the trough of the people’s tax dollars and consolidating their power, as a partner to President Obama and his Marxist allies, above the interests of the Americans who elected them. This is precisely as I had predicted and as many tea partiers had foreseen; and it heralds, if an immediate course correction is not made, the return of control to the “RINOs” in Congress and the Republican country-club establishment. It was this establishment, thanks to their lack of political, moral and religious conviction, coupled with their incompetency, that gave us President Obama.

That is precisely why not only major internet publications like WorldNetDaily.com, but also television advocates like Fox News’ Glenn Beck are so important, and why we must speak out and take strong action to ensure that our nation is cleansed of the stench of the first two years of the Obama administration.

If this does not happen and leaders like tea-party Rep. Michele Bachmann, who is seeking a leadership role in the new Republican-controlled House, are not honored and given rightful power, then this nation will quickly disintegrate into uncontrollable anarchy on the right that could enable the Obamaites in 2012 to retake power not just in Congress, but retain power in the executive branch of government. This will further the unfortunate prospect of heightened peaceful revolution – which I pray will not turn violent – as we cannot afford more than another two years of their arrogant hatred of and attack on capitalism and God.

So, I call upon Glenn Beck and Fox News to keep the pressure on, to not go soft, but instead treat the establishment Republicans for what they are: as much of the problem as the leftist Democrats. And I will do my part at WorldNetDaily.com and elsewhere, as other conservative and libertarians hopefully will as well, to try to put our nation on a course our Founding Fathers envisioned. If we do not seize the moment, then we are truly not only living in a hen house, but a society that has become a dinosaur and is doomed for early extinction.

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