I simply could not believe what I’d heard. It couldn’t be so. I Googled “Obama’s $200 million a day trip” – and found it was so!

Though liberal-tinted Snopes and ultra-liberal Huffington Post tried to downplay and justify the obscene expenditure – the numbers of fellow travelers involved and the numbers of planes and all the inexcusably extravagant “security measures” and the rest of the details for Obama’s trip to Asia – I found that Reuters and other international news services confirmed the earlier stories. (While the administration denies the reported figure, it will not confirm any specific taxpayer cost of the president’s Asian adventure.)

Immediately after the voters of America soundly reprimanded the president and the left-leaning administration for their outlandish and unwanted policies – their lethal stimulus profligacy, their takeover of banks and auto manufacturers, their piling $3 trillion dollars more debt on the hapless citizens who have no discernible way to pay it – we hear of the next frontal “in your face” assault on the taxpaying people who elected Barack Obama after he promised to “fundamentally transform America.”

According to the various news services, and not denied by the administration, this president is taking an entourage of 3,000 with him on a 10-day trip to India, Indonesia, China and Korea. The reports indicate he’ll need 40 planes, the whole Taj Mahal Hotel in Mumbai (recently the target of the murderous Islamist terrorists from Pakistan), and 30 or more U.S. warships maneuvered into the region for “security” for the whole mob. This is the choice of a president who should feel chastened and at least mildly repudiated by the unprecedented voter turnover of the House of Representatives to conservatives, and by all the polls, even the most liberal, that document the massive disapproval of his policies by an angry electorate.

Only a few tidbits of explanation have been offered by his aides as to the purposes and goals of this trip, but no one has been able to come up with any rationale for such an unprecedented, ostentatious caravan.

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And the reported tab for this untimely Gypsy expedition? Two hundred million dollars, more or less, each and every day! And for 10 days, totaling somewhere in the vicinity of 2 billion dollars! I say it again … 2 billion dollars!

Friend, no matter what the expressed purpose may be, there has never been such an extravagance in White House history! At a time when this nation is drowning in unpayable debt, when 15 to 20 million Americans are either flat out of work or underemployed, when millions of families are desperate to keep their heads above water and hold on to their homes, when school systems are crying for more money to properly educate our kids, when Fed Chairman Bernanke is printing up billions and billions of paper money backed by nothing, and the United States is technically bankrupt – how can there be any justification at all for such a pompous display of hubris?

Three thousand people, including 500 U.S. businessmen looking for contacts and contracts perhaps, hundreds of media and press types, endless aides and “advisers,” friends and supporters and maybe big donors … and who else? Who can even think of sensible reasons for 3,000 people taking a 10-day jaunt with the president, with the poor taxpayers footing the outrageous bill? At a time when many who voted for this prophet of “change” and “hope” are wondering where their next meal may be coming from?

It’s hard not to see this scenario as an arrogant, thumb-in-your eye gesture to a conservative uprising that all the president’s men knew was coming. It’s hard not to see this as an angry, imperious response to an impudent, ignorant tea party that dared to question this Man of Destiny. It’s as if you can hear him say, “You think you’ll elect a few hicks to undo what I’ve already done, and try to stop all that I’ve already set in motion? You don’t know yet whom you’re dealing with. You don’t seem to see that I’ve already got all the power in place I’ll ever need. I’ll show you. I’ll take a procession to exotic places, to foreign capitals, to meet with international leaders and visit the home of my youth like the conquering hero I’ve become. I’ll dazzle the world capitals with a procession of pomp and power and lavish spending rivaling even the splendor of King Solomon. And you conservative upstarts can pay for the whole thing!”

Well, back in the stunned but stirring USA, a newly elected flock of “upstarts” is already planning a “welcome home” party on the return of the president and his entourage.

If they’re the men and women I think they are, they’re planning to make specific demands of the chief executive and his minions:

  1. Never again will there be such an unwarranted, completely senseless extravagance, no matter what the mission.

  2. All the current tax breaks will remain, and many others will be sought, to give the middle class – the folks Mr. Obama promised to protect – resources with which to create jobs and grow their businesses.
  3. All “pork,” greedy and self-promoting earmarks, will disappear from future budgets.
  4. Actual budgetary experts will go through federal agencies and programs with fine-toothed combs, draining billions from government expense.
  5. The much vaunted, but largely unwanted, health-care law will be picked apart and reduced to the bare bones practicality it should have had.
  6. Hopefully, a number of the unconstitutional “czars” will be looking for other employment.
  7. The Fed’s printing presses will be will be choked way down.

Some monumental tussles lie ahead, in which a conservative Congress confronts the most liberal president in our history. It’s a contest between citizen political servants and an imperious executive who has said the Constitution is a “flawed document,” and has shown little regard for the separation of powers demanded by that document.

Americans have been down this road before, and prevailed. And now, with an arbitrary 2 billion-dollar presidential trip, we’ve been given 2 billion good reasons to prevail again.

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