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Obama introduced as 'fellow Kenyan'

It seems no matter where President Obama goes, he continues to be called a “fellow Kenyan” for some strange reason by Kenyan officials.

As reporter Jake Tapper of ABC News notes, “There was an odd little moment with Spice Jet founder Bhupendra Kansagra when President Obama spoke to CEOs Saturday in Mumbai.

MR. KANSAGRA: “Thank you. Welcome, Mr. President, to India. As a fellow Kenyan, I’m very proud to see that you have made —

THE PRESIDENT: “Made something of myself.” (Laughter.)

MR. KANSAGRA: — India as the focus of your drive for exports out of the U.S.

Tapper, who has been critical of reports casting doubt on Obama’s birthplace, closed his brief story by stating, “Obviously the president is not a Kenyan. One supposes Mr. Kansagra meant ‘of Kenyan ancestry’ or something.”

Already, a video has been posted on YouTube making note of the incident.

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