The news many times isn’t good for Christians in America, with church attendance on the decline, Christian youth abandoning their beliefs in college, formalized government attacks on biblically supported standards and the like.

Part of the problem appears to be that many Bible-believing Christians today simply no longer know their own history and therefore can get sidetracked or diverted by court opinions on issues with religious foundations, political positions on those same issues, and activists’ propaganda.

Even Pew Foundation surveys say American Christians no longer know their own history.

There is now, however, a solution.

Leben Magazine, a new publication aimed at Christians and their history, is ready to turn the tide by retelling the incredible stories of patriots and patriotism, pilgrims and pilgrimages, missionaries and mission work and the martyrs who were the real architects of freedom across the land.

The publication is a beautifully illustrated four-color quarterly that brings to readers the powerful and compelling stories of people who have been willing to risk all rather than deny their faith.

Each issue is filled with delightful stories that will enchant all family members.

Inside the pages of Leben Magazine are details about amazing personalities that you’ve never heard profiled, and stories that have been researched carefully and told skillfully.

The problem it aims to address isn’t complicated.

“American evangelicals have simply forgotten the things their forefathers knew,” said Frank Walker, professor of historical theology at City Seminary in Sacramento, Calif. “It’s not unlike what happened in Europe. People simply forgot – or chose to forget – the great deeds God as done for His people in history.

“There is an urgent need for Christians today to reclaim their heritage,” he said.

The magazine is offering an option for a free six-month subscription, after which the regular subscription price of a modest $9.95 per year would apply.

The publication is becoming the nation’s fastest-growing magazine of Christian history and biography.

It has addressed such questions as were the Founding Fathers Christians?

Certainly not, according to revisionists who have been rewriting America’s history schoolbooks.

But Leben has reported the truth – that there was a battle raging for the hearts and minds of the leaders of the new-born republic in 1776 that continues to this day.

Leben is published by the students, faculty and friends of City Seminary.

The seminary launched the magazine several years ago as a way of teaching future pastors the importance of knowing the sacrifices and faithfulness of early Christian leaders.

And it reaches out to all. The seminary says that while denominational backgrounds vary, “we can all celebrate the labors and sacrifices of the missionaries, patriots and martyrs who have gone before us.”

And what about the name?

“Leben” is a German word meaning “life,” the magazine has explained, chosen because of its portrayal of lives in history but also representing a Christian’s new life in Christ.

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