I spent my whole life trying not to be careless. Women and children can afford to be careless, but not men. …

– Don Corleone, “The Godfather”

Now, I’m not attempting to glorify the chauvinistic wisdom of a Mafiosi; let’s remember that the Don was a fictional character. The point is that there are people who treat their responsibilities – or at least certain ones – with a solemn sanctity. Considering such a value system, there is no defraying blame or responsibility, whether or not it is convenient to do so.

A military commander knows that he is ultimately responsible for the actions of those in his command. He never expects to be excused when things go wrong. There are other such professions, vocations and life roles wherein that viewpoint is – or should be – adopted as a matter of course, and there are no “buts.” A surgeon. An airline pilot or ship’s captain. A parent.

How about a president? The Buck Stops Here.

Those in the alternative press have had a field day with President Obama having taken every imaginable opportunity to blame the George W. Bush administration for more or less every challenge he has faced and every undesirable outcome manifested. Initially, there is the issue of decorum; prior to Obama, no American president had so dedicatedly and regularly discharged his own responsibility directly upon the previous administration. It just wasn’t done.

Erik Rush’s new book is bold, daring and needed: “Negrophilia: From Slave Block to Pedestal – America’s Racial Obsession”

It is but one manner in which this president has debased his office. There are others, but that is not what I address here today.

This comportment evidences Obama’s spoiled, childish perception, but it’s not a big leap from the liberal-progressive-communistic worldview to start with. By their decree, they are more worthy of wielding power than those who have earned that right. We want it because we want it. You should give it to us. You’re mean and greedy.

What happens when they get it? Well, of course, they don’t know how to use it; this has been evidenced many times since the advent of socialism. Society stagnates. Those in power live like kings for a time, but soon either they realize that the system is simply unsustainable (as in the former Soviet Union), or they are overthrown. You can only bleed a dead body for only so long.

But I digress. Both the liberals’ plaintive cries for a say in governance “just because” and Obama’s habit of blaming others are sandbox reasoning. But he started it! is essentially what this president charges. His narcissistic elitism is evidenced by the fact that he believes he is entitled to get away with it.

Despite this, we need to remain aware of this pertinent fact, as well as enlightening our neighbors thereto when the opportunity presents itself: The conditions wherein Obama is wont to deflect blame are conditions he doesn’t consider to be disagreeable anyway. Economic turmoil, joblessness, deficits, debt – these are all things Marxist would-be leaders either exploit or bring about to destabilize the nation targeted for conquest.

And when he has had the chance, Obama has taken actions that exacerbated these conditions.

The blame game isn’t just Obama’s inability to accept his shortcomings. It is that, but it is also a diversion – albeit a disingenuous and immature one – to conceal the fact that he has no pressing concern for addressing anything that millions think he is committed to addressing. If most Americans knew that his agenda was to cripple America in all of the aforementioned areas, the jig would be up. Too many would call for his impeachment for even those worried about blacks rioting in the streets to ignore. It is essential for Obama to maintain the façade of his being the fixer he sold himself as, rather than channeling Gerald Ford and telling America to drop dead.

Somehow, Americans allowed themselves to be convinced that the liberal worldview had merit – or at least validity – on First Amendment grounds. Why? We collectively decided that this was not the case concerning segregationists, white nationalists and separatists, and certain polygamous sects and cults.

As I have indicated previously when addressing the arrested mental and emotional development of progressives: These days must end.

Like the sorority girl who fell asleep drunk, awakening to an opportunistic frat boy peeling her clothes off, Americans let their guard down in a big way. Fortunately, the fear roused us from that torpor and insensibility, and we were able to fend him off before the deed was done. But we have a responsibility now to determine that he doesn’t have the opportunity to harm anyone else.

Americans cannot forget that they mobilized in order to avert a communist coup and must continue to remind the GOP leadership and newly elected lawmakers of that fact. That’s what the midterm election was about.

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