Although they don’t realize it yet, the will of Americans is being tested by the federal agency known as the Transportation Security Administration. Not being content with forcing air passengers to leave their deadly nail clippers and water bottles at home, the TSA now wants them to submit to full-visual X-ray examination machines that are now being installed as standard security devices at airports around the nation.

Most travelers have naturally shunned the machines, since going through one is the practical equivalent of posting naked monochromatic pictures of yourself on Facebook. So, to encourage those who happen to be reluctant to provide complete strangers with a digital record of their naked splendor, the TSA has instituted a policy of blatant sexual harassment to make any refusal to go through the machines as uncomfortable as possible.

It doesn’t matter if you are a man, a woman, or a child, if you won’t go through the machine, you will now be subjected to a “physical grope test” which involves having your breasts and genitals fondled by one or more TSA agents. And lest you think that “fondled” is not the correct term, note the following incidents that have happened recently.

“Last week, one of my flying partners (captain with Skywest) was going through security at DEN with his 18-year-old daughter. As his daughter approached the detector, the TSO working the NoS said on his headset, “heads up, got a cutie for you.”

The TSA employees not only know that what they’re doing is unpleasant, invasive and sexual in nature, they take a sadistic professional pleasure in it. Take a close look at the photograph of the security checkpoint at the Indianapolis airport in this Gizmodo article. The image on the security agent’s computer screen is this image of a fake children’s book titled: “My First Cavity Search.”

It is true that one does not have a constitutional right to fly. So, if Americans do not wish to see Somali immigrants pawing their teenage daughters’ breasts, fondling their prepubescent boys’ penises and running their gloved hands between their wives’ thighs every time they travel by air, they have no choice but to shut down the airline industry by refusing to fly until the TSA and the federal government back down.

Nov. 24, 2010, has been declared National Opt-Out Day and Americans are being encouraged to refuse the scanner option en masse. But that is not enough. Refusing to voluntarily submit to sexual harassment does not send a sufficiently strong message to Washington, D.C. One has only to look at how easily Obama, Reid and Pelosi have shrugged off the results of the recent elections to realize how stubborn and contemptuous of public opinion they are.

The one and only action that will force the TSA to back down and take away the porn machines, the sexual harassment and the strip searches is if so many Americans refuse to travel by air that the industry is threatened. Only then will the airlines and airport commissions find the motivation required to tell the TSA to engage in a thorough self-cavity search using its collective cranium. Only then will the politicians panic enough to order the bureaucrats to back off.

Naturally, many Americans will tell themselves that the machines are really not all that bad and justify their decision to submit to this invasive and Orwellian system by thinking about how disappointed Grandma will be if she doesn’t see the grandkids at Thanksgiving or how upset Aunt Martha will be if Billy and Susie don’t come for Christmas. It’s just this one brick, after all, so why not just go along to get along?

Consider this: “The Transportation Security Administration” is responsible for security in all modes of transportation. If Americans submit like stupid sheep to this procedure, there can be little doubt that the technology will be adapted over time for use in trains, buses and perhaps even automobiles, all in the name of national security. And once it becomes ubiquitous throughout the various modes of modern transportation, it will also replace the millions of metal detectors and security cameras that are installed in so many buildings and public places.

At which point, the totalitarian Panopticon of which technocratic fascists have long dreamed will be erected over the “Land of the Formerly Free and the Home of the Erstwhile Brave.”

For many of us, it will be a sacrifice to stop flying. But sometimes liberty requires sacrifice, and simply refusing to fly is hardly the equivalent of the great sacrifices that were made on our behalf by our Founding Fathers and our fallen soldiers. The tea party began on Dec. 16, 1773. In like spirit, let the National No Fly Zone begin on Nov. 24, 2010. Don’t just opt-out, America, refuse to fly until the TSA removes its machines and agrees to keep its hands to itself.

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