Lt. Col. Terrence Lakin

Wikipedia has scrubbed an entry on the court-martial of Lt. Col. Terrence Lakin, the Army officer who has refused orders because he questions the eligibility of the commander in chief.

The popular online encyclopedia redirects a search of Lakin’s name to an entry entitled “Barack Obama citizenship conspiracy theories.”

The creator of the entry calls the move “a clear attempt by the Wikipedia community to label inquiries into Barack Obama’s eligibility to be president as a ‘conspiracy theory.”

“While Wikipedia has a process for readers to comment after an article has been nominated for deletion, the time between my article being nominated for deletion, being rescrubbed and then being redirected to the Obama conspiracy theory article was a total of only one hour and 11 minutes,” said “Al,” who wants to remain anonymous because he fears reprisals from Obama supporters.

Yesterday, WND participated with Al in an hour-long interview on Peter Boyle’s Denver radio show on 630 KHOW that focused on the Wikipedia scrubbing.

Al pointed out that the deletion process usually takes much longer on Wikipedia, allowing for a rigorous defense and robust debate over the article in question that can stretch over several days.

Lakin faces a court-martial trial scheduled Dec. 14 because he refused orders to deploy to Afghanistan unless Obama can prove his credentials to be eligible for president under the “natural born Citizen” requirements of Article 2, Section 1 of the Constitution.

“Basically, I wanted to copy the structure of a Wikipedia article on General McChrystal, the four-star Army general forced to resign from his command in Afghanistan after making public comments adverse to President Obama’s management of the war.”

Here is the screen capture of the Wikipedia posting on Lakin that was scrubbed Nov. 12:

“Everything I put in the Wikipedia article on Lt. Col. Lakin was factually correct,” Al told the Peter Boyle audience, “including the mention that the chief judge, Army Col. Denise Lind, ruled opening up the court martial to allow Lakin discovery on President Obama’s eligibility to be president could be an ’embarrassment’ to the president.”

The current version of the Lakin article comes up with a URL reflecting the original Terry Lakin posting, even though the page itself shows up now as “Barack Obama citizenship conspiracy theories.”

The same thing happens after the typing in “Lt. Col. Terrence Lakin” in the Wikipedia search engine:

A search for “Barack Obama citizenship conspiracy theories” in the Wikipedia search engine produces the same article, but with its own unique URL.

Al appears to have made more than one attempt to post an article on Lakin, with the first attempt on or about Sept. 20.

The second attempt, largely identical in content to the first attempt, appears to have been posted Nov. 12.

A screen capture of the deletion discussion regarding the first attempt to post an article on Lakin is titled “Wikipedia: Articles for deletion/Terry Lakin” dated “last modified” on Sept. 27 at 23:44:

At 06:04 in the discussion Sept. 24, a poster with the username “AustralianRupert” wrote that the “subject isn’t independently notable IMO (In My Opinion), thus redirect to parent article … seems like a workable suggestion.”

A consensus solution reached by the Wikipedia administrators Sept. 27 at 23:44 was to redirect the article to the “Obama citizenship conspiracy theory” article, conceding to the argument of several posters on the deletion page that the Lakin debate was previously included there.

Here is a screen capture of the deletion discussion regarding the second attempt to post an article on Lakin, titled “Wikipedia: Articles for deletion/Terrence L. Lakin,” dated “last modified” on Nov. 12 at 18:07:

A recommendation to delete the argument was made at 16:44 on Nov. 12 with the comment: “Not notable; one-off event,” submitted by a poster under the username “Weazie.”

The Wikipedia administrators decided once again, at 18:07 on Nov. 12, to redirect to the “Obama citizenship conspiracy theory” article, which appears to have been considered by various posters on the deletion page to be “a previous, shorter version of the article.”

A close examination of the redirect to the “Obama citizenship conspiracy theory” page appears politically motivated, because the discussion of the Lakin case on the “Obama citizenship conspiracy theory” page is much more sympathetic to Obama.

For instance, the “Obama citizenship conspiracy theory” page says the decision by Army Col. Denise Lind to limit the jurisdiction of the court martial was made because “President Obama’s status as a natural born citizen is irrelevant in the court martial case” and that his “eligibility to serve is outside the jurisdiction of a military court martial.”

In sharp contrast, the now-scrubbed separate listing for Lakin had quoted directly from Lind’s ruling, including her comment that allowing Lakin discovery could have led to “embarrassment” for the Obama administration.

The decision of the Wikipedia editors is also inconsistent in that Philadelphia attorney Philip J. Berg has a separate listing on Wikipedia that includes coverage of the Obama eligibility lawsuit Berg filed in 2008, Berg v. Obama, yet Berg and lawsuit Berg v. Obama are also discussed on the “Obama citizenship conspiracy theory page” – the exact type of duplication the Wikipedia administrators argued to eliminate regarding the Lakin page-length, stand-alone entry.

Attorney Andy Martin and former ambassador Alan Keyes also each have their own Wikipedia page-length articles that mention lawsuits they have filed challenging Obama’s eligibility while both are also discussed on the “Obama citizenship conspiracy theory page.”

WND has reported that under Lind’s order, the court martial will be limited to examining the chain of command stretching only to the Pentagon, not to the White House, in deciding whether Lakin had justification for refusing to obey the order to deploy to Afghanistan.

Lind’s ruling essentially denied Lakin the possibility of pursuing a Nuremberg defense that would have required discovery perhaps both with the Hawaii Department of Health and the White House to obtain previously undisclosed birth records, including a long-form, hospital-generated birth certificate.

The American Patriot Foundation, a non-profit organization set up to defend Lakin, has called for Nov. 15-19 to be “Terry Lakin Action Week” in which citizens make calls to Capitol Hill, focusing on newly elected members of Congress, urging them to support Lakin in the month before his Dec. 14 court begins at Fort Meade, Md.

Note: A legal-defense fund has been set up for Lt. Col. Terry Lakin.

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