While Glenn Beck was focusing on George Soros as the Machiavellian “eminence grise” behind a whole slew of Democratic left-wingers, Justin Elliot, a commentator at Salon.com, wryly made note of the fact that “one of Sarah Palin’s top aides has been on Soros’ payroll for years. That would be Republican lobbyist Randy Scheunemann, Palin’s foreign-policy adviser and a member of her small inner circle.” Not surprisingly, Scheunemann is one of the advisers Palin acquired through her association with John McCain. McCain’s creative reliance on George Soros as a source of funds for his political advisers and associates is well-documented and ought to be well-known.

Considering the source, I’m sure many wishful and well-intentioned Palin fans will be moved brusquely to dismiss this information as an isolated fact being exploited (as usual) by another one of Palin’s leftist abusers. Yet the telltale flaw in Palin’s supposedly conservative credentials is a proven penchant for relying on advisers who mislead her into decisions that are anything but conservative. I have thoroughly analyzed the results in a number of articles you can read at my blog, Loyal to Liberty ― Palin drops the other shoe,” “Sarah Palin — personally pro-life, but …?” “Is Palin’s lead a pitfall for the pro-life cause?” “Why is Palin raising McCain?” and “Palin’s choice: An afterword.”

George Soros provides funding resources for activism that undermines the American constitutional republic. The details of his largesse confirm the fact that this activism is at work in both the Democratic and Republican parties. With one hand Soros instigates the openly leftist push for global, totalitarian socialism characteristic of the Obama faction. With the other he quietly promotes the self-serving crypto-socialist agendas that hide behind the mask of conservative rhetoric put on by Republican leaders in the McCain/Palin mold. As a result, in 2008 the sham two-party system offered a choice between the Soros-backed partisan network of John McCain and the Soros-backed partisan network of Barack Obama. Will a GOP nominee like Palin assure the same sham alternative in 2012?

Be advised against jumping to the conclusion, however, that George Soros is the source and explanation of the deep threat to the American republic. Soros and others like him are its symptoms, not its source. To be sure, like the opportunistic infections that attack people afflicted with AIDS, the symptoms may produce fatal results. But the syndrome itself reflects a fundamental deficiency in the body’s operating system, the system it uses to process information essential to the integrity of its defense against inimical organisms, i.e., those coded to feed themselves in ways that are incompatible with the body’s existence as an organic whole. Instead of living in reciprocal harmony with the body, such organisms masquerade as its guardians and defenders in order to feed themselves at its expense, ultimately causing it simply to waste away (cachexia).

In every respect the American body politic is wasting away. We see this in the reality of crushing national debt and imminent bankruptcy that threatens to collapse our economic system. We see it in the malaise of dysfunctional behavior that threatens to collapse the vital structures of our social life. We see it in the heedless self-indulgence that wrecks the lives of individuals and families. The moral and spiritual understanding, resources and habits that are the key to forestalling this collapse are everywhere under assault, and almost always that assault comes from some self-serving elements of the elite, seeking to maximize their profit, power or personal ambition by inducing or encouraging vices and addictions (dependencies) they can profitably exploit.

At its inception, the American political system was devised by leaders who intended its constitutional provisions to limit the harm that could be done by such exploitative elites. But those provisions implicitly relied on a certain moral understanding and character. The key elements of the requisite moral understanding are articulated in the ideas and reasoning epitomized in the American Declaration of Independence. The key elements of the requisite moral character were supported by religious and educational institutions (beginning of course with the God-endowed natural family) that conveyed and built upon the moral understanding.

If, as many grass-roots conservatives now proclaim, we truly aim to restore and perpetuate the constitutional, democratic republic, we must discard the destructive syndrome of self-serving elite ambition characteristic of the present so-called two-party system. We must discard the masquerade of mutual negativity through which its manipulators seek to herd us toward a totalitarian socialist future under their domination. The American republic represents a positive idea of justice and decent community that begins from the simple premise of God’s creation and concludes in the insistent expectation that the exercise of human power must conform to its moral requirements.

Leaders who encourage the delusion that we can escape from the issues that arise from these moral requirements may pretend to conserve our liberty, but they serve, consciously or not, the forces that seek to destroy it. Leaders who loudly proclaim their opposition to Obama and the openly totalitarian socialists of the Obama faction but who abandon, confuse or obfuscate the key elements of America’s moral understanding may pretend to conserve our republic, but they serve, consciously or not, the forces that seek to destroy it. The only leaders worthy of the cause are those who have articulated and acted on the same priorities, and with the same courageous clarity of moral vision and purpose, that characterized the leaders who prevailed in America’s founding generation. Those leaders acknowledged God and the natural law and right determined by His creation. They articulated and defended natural rights, derived from the willingness to do what is right that arises from our responsibility to the Creator God.

I see among the politicians who participate in the present two-party system not a single one with a record that reflects the consistency of principle, purpose and action of those founders; not a single one willing to put first things first whatever the political heat they take for it. Do you? Words they may offer, but where are their wounds? Where is their willingness to stand with those, like Terry Lakin, now persecuted and threatened with destruction simply because they dare still to reason and act like true Americans? Seeking what is safe, these timid politicos shrink from what the manipulated media (or else their own Soros-funded advisers?) tell them is unpopular. In so doing, they neglect what is right even when the decent heart of the people yearns for it. This is not true American leadership. It is the denouement of an American tragedy. We will avoid the tragedy only by avoiding the leaders who set the stage for it.

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