Oprah Winfrey recently did a special on men and molestation. She invited popular black director Tyler Perry and 200 other men on her show to talk about their most personal issues.

Perry just released a film, “For Colored Girls,” which depicts black women as in a constant state of victimhood at the hands of deceitful, no good, black men. The filmmaker confided in Oprah that a neighbor and a pastor had sexually molested him as a child, and then Perry broke down in tears on national TV.

Oprah trotted out other men and showed taped interviews of their graphic stories of abuse and violence. Male perpetrators allegedly molested most of the victims.

Sexual abuse is a horrible trauma. But as I watched these grown men breaking down, it became clear that Oprah is degrading men for ratings and to feed her judgment of men.

The day before Perry’s segment, Oprah had Latin singer Ricky Martin on to promote his new book and discuss his life as a homosexual. During the interview, Oprah made the outrageous comment that “if everybody who were gay were to come out, it would … absolutely change the world!” I submit that the change would not be for the good.

So which is it, Oprah? One day you’re celebrating homosexual men, then you’re talking about the evil of molestation – yet you fail to mention the disproportionate number of homosexual men who molest boys. You can’t have it both ways.

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Oprah loves pointing out the evil that men do; perhaps she’s motivated by unforgiveness she still harbors toward men in her past. She has recounted her own story of being raped by a male cousin. Oprah also said she was sexually molested by her cousin’s boyfriend and then her uncle. She said that she was continually molested from the age of 9 to 14.

I’ve yet to see a show where Oprah’s actually helping men. For that matter, I can’t recall her helping women overcome their issues, either. All she does is make people feel sorry about their problems, which does nothing but put them deeper in a hole.

At one point during the Tyler Perry interview, Oprah had all 200 men stand and hold up large portraits of themselves as young kids to represent their age when they were molested – all this while their wives and girlfriends were in another room watching this drama unfold.

Generally, women cannot help but judge the weakness of men. Therefore, men must deal with these types of personal issues in private. Airing these matters on “Oprah” only reinforces the negative judgments that many women have about men, and makes all men (including the innocent ones) suspect in the eyes of resentful women.

Until I repented of my anger some 21 years ago, I was a liberal and an immoral man. But even in my weakest state I knew not to look to women to help me solve my personal problems. It’s always best to go to an older man with a sound mind, such as a father, grandfather or minister.

Angry and resentful people enjoy judging other people’s problems because it makes them feel better about their own issues. By airing people’s dirty laundry on TV – and exploiting the weakness of men – Oprah has kept millions of women glued to her show and built a media empire. That’s the dirty little secret as to why the program has been so popular with women for almost 25 years.

The constant portrayal of men as victims of degrading crimes or as predators alienates them from children. With men being depicted as dangerous to women and children, what man is going to want to coach Little League or get involved with the Boy Scouts?

This is a deliberate attack on men, and as a result, evil is having its way with women and children. Christians need to understand and realize that this is a spiritual battle of good vs. evil. Oprah is for the “gay family,” but she rarely promotes normal, traditional families. How will men and women ever come together in the right way and have good families if men are considered to be abusive cheaters, rapists and now child molesters?

Women need men to be strong, just as Christ is strong for men. Men are the spiritual heads of their families. Even if the man is weak, he’s still a representation of Christ in the home – so when you degrade that man, you’re degrading Christ.

I can’t imagine Christ being weak and carrying on about his burdens to women, let alone an Oprah type of woman. We respect and believe in Christ because of the way he dealt with life and how he overcame evil with good. His strength and love encourages those sincerely seeking to believe in God.

Molestation is bad, but it still doesn’t come close to what Christ went through and endured. Man’s salvation lies in Christ, not in the bosom of a woman, or on the set of “The Oprah Show.”

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