One of the worst human qualities is the desire or addiction of gaining pleasure from the pain of other human beings. It is a seemingly universal trait that in its most benign form manifests as laughter when someone trips. In its most maniacal form it manifests as torture and oppression as commonly demonstrated in totalitarian societies.

Alarmingly, this is what we are witnessing give birth right before our eyes. The Obama administration has now engaged in a systematic campaign of terror against those that refuse to be submitted to an illegal search of their person by way of the invasive porno scanners. The punishment for not obeying the federal government is the humiliating experience of having to undergo a sexual assault as TSA thugs grope traveler’s genitalia. There have been repeated instances of little children being sexually molested by TSA agents, the elderly being traumatized and the chronically ill being humiliated.

To date, the only politician on the national stage that has addressed the issue properly is Texas Rep. Ron Paul. Are the other potential presidential candidates really that dumb, or are they all bought and paid for? There seems to be a lot of politicians that talk about the Constitution in an election year that aren’t too outraged over its trampling right after an election.

The Obama administration has declared war on freedom, war on human dignity and war on Americans. If it is unlawful to peep at someone in the nude against their will or to grope their genitals without their permission, then it is unlawful for the government to do so. The government gets is power from the consent of the governed, and if the people the government gets its power from haven’t granted such a power, then the government can’t invent it.

The statist mouthpieces are now saying that we need to strike a balance between security and inconveniencing travelers. That propaganda is being repeated on all of the state-controlled media. Some may be swayed by the talking points being propagated all over. It is, however, an incredulous claim, and most are not likely to fall for it this time.

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The security of aircraft is not a national security issue. The implementation of locking cockpit doors and armed pilots and co-pilots would essentially eliminate the hijack risk. Therefore, we are left with a public safety issue. Yes, an aircraft with armed pilots and locking doors can still be blown up, but it can’t be flown into buildings. The TSA should be disbanded and the security should not be privatized to contractors. Each airline should provide its own security just like a bus company or even a restaurant does.

The national security of the United States lies at the borders that are still not secured a decade after 9/11. Surely terrorists must come and go as they please. Our national security also lies in restricting immigration and travel, especially from unfriendly nations, and using intelligence sources to prevent potential terrorists from entering the country.

There is no logic or rationale to explain why our immigration policy has not changed in the last decade or why our borders are still left unsecured. Keeping that simple fact in context, there is also no rational or logical explanation why American citizens should become prisoners when the very first basic steps toward national security have not been implemented.

During the presidential campaign, Barack Hussein Obama said he wanted to create a domestic military force that was as equally funded as the military. That frightening statement was lost on most voters, who were hypnotized by a mass-media propaganda campaign. It didn’t dawn on them that it was a statement of malicious intent directed toward them.

Americans were the target. The United States spends more on the military than the rest of the world. There is no other purpose for a domestic military force that is funded to that level than to subjugate the American people, to beat them down, to oppress them, to treat the American people as cattle, to turn America into a prison camp.

If this menace is not stopped, if the TSA is not beaten back, we will see porno scanners at every place where people congregate – bus stations, trains, subways, courthouses, sporting events, high-rise building and hotels, and just about every other place you can imagine.

At some point we must stop giving Obama and the government the benefit of the doubt. At some point we must consider the awful. We must be willing to look at it. To face what we resist looking at. We must consider that chilling possibility that we are living in the equivalent of 1933 Germany. The difference being that it isn’t an ethnic minority that is being targeted. It is the whole population.


Joe Sansone is the author of “Obama in Wonderland.”

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