By Victoria Jackson

VIctoria Jackson does handstand on court steps of Oklahoma City tea party. (photo: Don Spencer)

I’m standing upside down on the court steps at the Oklahoma City tea party. The impending Nov. 2 election is a week away, and I’m giving it my all to save my country. I went through the naked body scanner at the airport. I tried to put my hands up high because I look skinnier stretched out, but they scolded me, so I put my hands near my ears as instructed. I submitted to this humiliation for my country. That’s how I look at it. Let’s add TSA nude pics/feel-ups to the long list of things the government is doing without the permission of We the People.

Nick Popaditch

From the corner of my eye, I can see my new best friend for life, Diamond Don Spencer, photographing my handstand. The flash goes off, but I haven’t “stuck it” yet. My dad was a gymnastics coach, so I am always thinking about my form.

There are only 1,000 people here at the OKC tea party. They expected the usual 5,000. Rumor has it that our event has been sabotaged. Beautiful Diamond Margie, the long-suffering organizer, just found out that an e-mail was sent out saying the event was canceled! Wow. That’s playing dirty. It’s creepy. My arms start shaking with the weight of my ever-widening hips, and I remind myself that I probably shouldn’t be doing handstands at age 51. Blood is rushing to my eyeball sockets, and a stroke is hovering nearby ready to pounce into my cerebrum.

My handstand is for my poem that I am reciting between grunts;

An Ode to the Military

Thank you for being so unselfish
to fight for freedom for me.
I admire your courage and bravery.
I think of you often, and every time I see a flag
I ask God to protect you. And, then I brag,
“We’ve got the best military in the world!!”

A lot of veterans attend tea parties. They know freedom isn’t free. They’ve seen their comrades dying next to them. Some are missing body parts. My new friend, Diamond Nick Popaditch, gave his eyesight, his eyeball and most of his hearing for me, for my freedom to come out here, do a 51-year-old handstand and protest the government’s sudden growth spurt (nice way of saying communistic behavior).

Popaditch’s prosthetic eye is emblazoned with the Marine Corps’ eagle, globe and anchor logo. (photo: “Once
a Marine

Popaditch fought the enemy without. He is the recipient of more than 16 military awards, including the Silver Star and the Purple Heart. He was the Cigar Marine in the photo of Saddam’s statue crashing, and now he is back home fighting the enemy within. He just endured a lying smear campaign waged by David Maass and City Beat where he was falsely accused of not voting for 11 years, being an anti-Semite and other nonsense.

You see, I would never even think of sending an e-mail out to sabotage a liberal event or of writing a lie in a newspaper to slander a rival. I don’t think that way. At the Altadena Schiff Obamacare town-hall meeting, the conservatives held handmade signs and flags and sang patriotic songs spontaneously. The liberals had paid groups getting off of a bus who were being handed mass-produced identical signs. They took naps during the one-sided farce of a debate. We all know ACORN’s voter fraud, it’s corrupt tactics of getting Mickey Mouse and dead people to register to vote Democrat, and the voter intimidation of the New-and-Improved Black Panthers.

Remember that Alan Grayson campaign? Dan Webster was telling husbands not to just observe the Bible verse, “Wives submit to your husbands,” but to also obey “Husbands love your wives as Christ loved the church and gave himself for it … love her as your own body …” (Ephesians 5:22-29). It was a pro-wife message. Grayson twisted and edited the message into a Taliban-like, woman-hating rally cry.

The tactics of the left are unethical.

My tactics in this war of “worldviews” are to pray, educate myself with facts and spread the truth. The truth will sway the masses. We don’t need to lie.

The trouble is, the truth is hard to find. Now progressives like Sen. Jay Rockefeller, (202-224-6472), along with Harry Reid (877-851-6437) and his “Disclose Act,” Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry and Obama with their “Fairness Doctrine,” or “fees and fines” are trying to get complete government control over the Internet, radio and cable news, leaving the public with no access to truth. This is the scariest thing to me, and I am adopting the cause of freedom of speech as my focus. Last May, there was a conference in D.C. to “redefine journalism.” One idea they came up with was to have journalists paid by the government, thus having complete control over content. (Put Congress on your speed dial like I did.)

After my handstand and speech, I sit quietly in the crowd and listen to Kyle Dillingham. Tears run down my face as this tall, thin, young man makes poetry, beauty and God’s love pour out of a piece of wood and a clump of catgut. He plays the old hymn, “Turn Your Eyes upon Jesus,” and nothing more needs to be said.

A very sneaky form of sabotage is brainwashing, and since the left owns the airwaves, this is an easy tactic to accomplish. It has inserted the gay agenda into every TV show and movie, even down to this minute detail I observed on “The Talk.” The co-hosts call their husbands “partners” to be on the same level as lesbian Sara Gilbert. The shadow agenda of the show is the viewpoint that women do not need men. You can have it all: career, children and romance. A man is simply a “partner” you can enjoy or throw out. How subtle and wiley are the ways of the enemy. I auditioned for that show last year. I was told that it was a talk show like “The View” that would focus on motherhood. Little did I know that the focus was man-less motherhood. I brought in pictures of my babies from birth to now. I bragged about my husband, my high-school sweetheart, the breadwinner in our family. I was asked how I felt about Elisabeth Hasselbeck. I said she was my favorite because she held the conservative views that were closest to mine. I mentioned that I thought I could stand up for Christianity better than Sherri Shepherd because not only did I know that the world was round, I had a Bible verse to back it up ( Isaiah 40:22). I don’t think there is one representative of Christian conservative values on “The Talk,” is there? Talk about “tolerance.”

Another form of sabotage is lying. Actor Dan Gifford told me that he read in the Huffington Post that I left “Saturday Night Live” because I was “ridiculed for my religion for six years.” I never said or insinuated that. It’s a lie. Many times I’ve been asked why I left the show, and I always answer the same way. It had nothing to do with ridicule. When my contract came up for renegotiation after five years, Lorne Michaels, the producer of SNL, told my agent at William Morris that I was welcome to stay as long as I wanted. I stayed another year, but I was going through a divorce and my 4-year-old daughter was being cared for by my mother. SNL requires all your time and energy. I had run out of ideas. We were supposed to write our own material. My fellow cast members were also burnt out and leaving. The new cast members, Spade, Farley and Sandler, were fresh and flourishing, full of ideas. I was dating my high-school sweetheart long distance. When he gave me an engagement ring, I announced it on my last show with a singing, handstand performance of the song, “I Love a Cop.”

For a news story to insinuate that I was some whiney, defensive nincompoop slanders the cause of Christ in its own little sniveling way. This is a form of sabotage.

I know Christians are supposed to be persecuted for their faith, and I have been many times, but I wasn’t at “Saturday Night Live” – at least not for my faith – to my face. Years after I left the show, I read a quote in the book, “Live From New York,” where Jan Hooks, referring to me said, “I just have a particular revulsion to grown women who talk like little girls. … And, she’s a born-again Christian. I don’t know. She was like from Mars to me. I never really got her.”

One time I was written as the lead character in a sketch making fun of “extreme born-agains.” I had a Jesus salt-and-pepper shaker, I remember. I was supposed to kneel and pray in the middle of the sketch. I thought about it all night, and the next day I went to Lorne’s office, waited for an hour, because he’s important, and finally was let in and I told him that I didn’t think I could do the sketch because I thought prayer was really talking to God, and if I did it, onstage in a satirical sketch, I would probably start crying or get struck by lightning. Lorne smiled and nodded, “I understand.” He gave the sketch to Julia Sweeney who was a Catholic at the time. She is now an outspoken atheist. At dress rehearsal the audience didn’t laugh, so the sketch never made it to the air show.

That is the story I often tell to explain what it was like to be a Christian on SNL. No problem.

Back to sabotage …

I know what liberals are thinking, “The end justifies the means.” So, to them, their tactics – profanity, name calling, lying, cheating and slander – are justified. But, not only are their “means” evil, their “end” is evil. (Oh, but they don’t believe in “evil.” Relativism.)

My husband, Paul the cop, summed it up: “Conservatives follow the rules. Liberals don’t believe in rules.”

The next day, I was shooting a TV pilot in Ft. Lauderdale and I interviewed my co-star Tara Weiner. Ironically, unaware of our viewpoint or previous discussion, she basically said the same thing:

I don’t think Tara realizes that the liberals’ “end” is to elect an elite group (oligarchy) of dishonest, self-serving, greedy, opportunists, whose agenda is secular humanism, communism or globalism, the worldview responsible for the most murders of the last century. Their “end” is a country with no freedom of speech, or freedom of worship, where worship of the state is a requirement.

The conservatives’ “end” is to elect honorable public servants with no interest in monetary gain who humbly represent their constituents, and whose worldview is the Judeo-Christian values of the Ten Commandments. The “end” sought by conservatives is a free-enterprise, capitalistic, moral republic that resembles the model created by our God-fearing forefathers and based on the Constitution and Declaration of Independence.

America is in a spiritual battle (Ephesians 6:12).

The book of rules for the left is “Rules for Radicals” by Saul Alinsky and dedicated to Lucifer.
The book of rules for the right is the Holy Bible by God and dedicated to Jesus Christ. 

So based on the rules of engagement alone, why would I want to be a liberal?