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Fight 'gate rape,' virtual strip searches

WASHINGTON – A campaign to “bury” Washington in a sea of protest letters about enhanced and intrusive new security procedures at major U.S. airports is aiming to get 1 million delivered by Christmas.

“I have every confidence that when Congress sees what’s coming, the ‘gate rape’ and virtual strip searching with be ended,” said Joseph Farah, editor and chief executive officer of WND and the organizer of the campaign. A previous campaign to put Congress on notice about big spending and constitutional excesses succeeded in delivering 9 million “pink slips” to individual Capitol offices earlier this year.

The program is simple, fast and economical, says Farah. It allows individuals to send 537 letters to Barack Obama, Janet Napolitano and every members of Congress for a flat price of $29.95. To replicate such a feat without the program would cost more than $206 just for postage. But the campaign letters are not just mailed. They guaranteed delivered to congressional and other government offices by Fed Ex.

“Let’s get the terror out of the airports,” says Farah. “We’re punishing the wrong people for the terror in our skies. We’re punishing everyone for the sins of a few. This is absurd.”

Farah’s campaign is called C.E.A.S.E – Cease Enhanced Airport Security Excesses – and it is dropping the first half million letters of protest to Congress, Barack Obama and Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano.

“WND has a lot of history with these kinds of campaigns, having famously delivered 9 million ‘pink slips’ to Congress last year, providing members with an early warning of what was to come in the midterm election,” reminded Farah. “I believe a similar success will end this hideous program of needlessly irradiating, molesting and virtually strip-searching Americans simply trying to get on an airplane. This is Big Brother at its worst.”

WND simultaneously established a free online petition to these same officials.

“If $29.95 is not in your budget right now, at least sign the free petition,” urges Farah. “I understand what politicians in Washington have done to our economy. But don’t let them cow you into silence as they march us like sheep down the road to tyranny and degrading subjugation.” You can read the letter to see if you agree with the contents before shipping it off to 537 of the nation’s decision-makers.

“I am urging Americans to stop acting like lemmings,” said Farah. “This is not the American way. It’s time to stand up to this abuse or worse will come from an out-of-control government.”

Already, several members of Congress have criticized the new security arrangements, and Rep. Ron Paul has introduced legislation to stop it.

“But we can’t afford to wait around for legislation to make its way through the Washington maze,” said Farah. “I want to raise enough heat right now to force the Obama administration to back off.”

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