My dad was a teacher. He taught me how to read the Bible, eat spinach and hold a handstand.

To hold a handstand for one minute or longer without walking forward or backward, one must kick up and fall down for five years. Place your favorite foot out front, fingers stretched to the sky, lean over, place your hands on the ground, (a flat, hard surface is preferable) and kick up. If you kick too timidly you don’t get up. If you kick too hard you fall over. At first you may want to lean your feet against a wall. Build up arm strength. Wear clean socks. Then, gradually push your feet away from the wall and balance. I scrunch my fingers up like a caterpillar. Bend your elbows, constantly wiggling them sightly, constantly adjusting. Knees are straight. Toes pointed. Stretch. Touch your toes to the sky. Head must be up, eyes looking at the ground space right in front of you. Hold it one second at a time. If you drop your head, you fall.

I am a teacher. I taught my children how to read the Bible, eat spinach and do a flip flop:


Learn. Know. Care. Share.

Dad taught me all he knew. When I was 18 and asked him whom I should vote for, he said, “Anyone with an R next to their name.” I said, “Are they Christians?” He said, “No, but closer to it than the D’s.” With all I’ve learned in my recent two year self-taught political crash course, Dad was pretty much right, now that the tea party is bringing the R’s back over to the right.

Al Franken once told me that at his childhood family dinner table, politics was discussed nightly. Our family discussed the Bible and gymnastics. Maybe that’s why he’s in the Senate and I’m doing handstands at tea parties. Although, I do question the “means” Franken used to win his seat.

I’m trying to teach my children about their responsibility to be personally involved with their government. We the People are the boss. This lesson is difficult since they are distracted by more urgent things. One is getting ultrasounds. One is getting pimples. But,I will not allow them to be apathetic. They will learn, know, care and share.

Apathy is our greatest enemy. I drive down the freeway with my bumper stickers; a big Glenn Beck one, “FoxNews: Truth,” “Clone Reagan” and “Marco 2010.” (I need to get a “Palin 2012” one.) I don’t get any honks, thumbs up, or even middle fingers! Not one. That is scary.

We need to educate our friends and family on what is happening because the media are not telling them.

My Diamond Chris Cassone is a teacher. He uses his gifts of music and humor to spread the truth. Watch “Spooky Dude.” Diamond Jonathan Wilson created the best tea party in America, and now shares how with others. Basil Hoffman, currently starring as Ebenezeer Scrooge in “A Christmas Carol” at Riley’s Farm, teaches freedom through his talent. Diamond Dan Feely cares and shares his audio-techie talent with every freedom cause. Diamond Jim Riley is Patrick Henry every day.


Dan, Chris, Jonathan, me, Basil, Jim

This is what my Diamonds do. They teach. They don’t just hang shiny on my metaphoric necklace.

Diamond Pastor Dan Fisher from OKC’s Trinity Yukon Baptist Church is in the Black Robed Regiment. He travels to churches teaching the historical fact that the American Revolution began in the pulpit by gospel- and freedom-loving preachers.

Diamond professor Terry Lovell cares and shares. He was going through chemo, battling cancer and showed up to host the Arizona Freedom Rally II. He has the gift of teaching. Watch him explain the immigration problem in this video. Dr. Lovell was kind enough to let me squeeze a handstand into his tiny radio studio while we did his live radio program.

Liberals teach, but it’s mostly lies. Liberals teach that fixing illegal immigration is racism, that tolerance only applies to them, that the unproven theory of evolution is fact, that abortion (murder) is “women’s health care,” that there is no right or wrong, that sexual immorality is good, and that books like “Conversations with God” and “Conversations with God for Teens” are truth. These two deceptively titled books twist Scripture into New Age Relativism.

Why would I want to be a liberal? I love truth not deception.

This week in my self-education, I learned that 1) The government does not punish websites that leak national security top secrets, but they do unconstitutionally terminate music websites – this is the beginning of their attack on our freedom of speech. 2) The “climate change” enthusiasts, the Earth Worshippers, are using their lie to internationally redistribute world wealth (crash the U.S. economy). Obama’s end to off shore drilling has the same goal. (Diamond Al Sonja Schmidt’s book, “Deb & Seby’s Real Deal on Global Warming” says that one volcano produces more greenhouse gases than all the human-made cars of all time.) 3) There is a two-page section in the 2,700-page Obamacare law that no one read that gives Obama a private army of 6,000 or more that answer only to him.

Ignorance is bliss. Sometimes the truth is just too ugly. That’s when you need a moment to stop and look up.

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