Will the last masculine institution fall?

By Dave Welch

As the battle over “don’t ask, don’t tell” continues to rage inside and outside the D.C. Beltway – or as a good friend of mine who works there calls it, “the work-free drug place” – some larger questions must be asked. The underlying premise behind the GLBTQIA juggernaut that brought us to this point is that there are no moral boundaries governing sexual behavior.

Who decides what is moral? Who decides if there is such a thing as “morality”? Who sets the rules and has the right to establish standards of right and wrong? Whose “values” are best, or is there such a thing as “best”?

What gives me the right to tell you what you are doing is wrong? What gives me the right to say that your lifestyle is destructive and to say it cannot become the “norm” for society?

The answer to all these questions is not what or who, but rather, Who. More specifically, it is “I AM that I AM”(Exodus 3:14). Since I’m using an Old Testament passage that is foundational to both Christianity and Judaism, I’ll call on my rabbi for some back up. Rabbi Daniel Lapin nailed a fundamental truth when he states in his book “America’s Real War”:

The secular liberal believes deep down that teaching morality and ethics to young children makes about as much sense as teaching morality to snakes and seals. What is “good” for one person is not necessarily “good” for another. What is “right” is not absolute, but only relative to the situation or how you feel. Character? Who’s to dictate what makes good character?

I’ll take the rabbi’s assertion one step further and say that religious liberals believe something very similar. How else can you explain liberal “Christian” and “Jewish” clergy standing and speaking in unity with atheists and agnostics on everything from abortion to state sponsorship of sexual deviancy and anti-Christian aggression to Darwinian evolution?

The common basis of all the above is their rejection of a Creator who spoke the universe into an intricately sophisticated and ordered existence, created mankind in His image, created them male and female and subsequently provided personal instructions based on His character as to how we should live.

Those who reject the Creator altogether are doomed by their own assertion to personal and corporate chaos of random chance. Those who admit the existence of a creator but deny His absolute sovereignty over creation and His absolutes are doomed to live in the same primordial soup.

The wildly successful campaign to secularize our culture, our government (including schools), the arts and now our churches has brought us to the point where in much of the country we are arguing about what defines male and female. The old demand for boys to “Be a man!” is not only passé but offensive, because being a man means you can now dress and live like a woman if it is what you feel like – and vice versa for women.

DADT is not really about military effectiveness as much as about unleashing the demonic aggression that is now teaching kindergartners about condoms and gender identity full force into the last “masculine” institution that represents the essence of right and wrong. If homosexuals, lesbians, bisexuals and the gender confused are allowed to “serve openly,” then they are given carte blanche to demand equality and acceptance at every level of military policy.

The failure of the Christian and Jewish clergy in this nation to fearlessly assert the clarity of moral truth based on God’s unchangeable standards has brought us to this final frontier of takeover by amoral activists who will then use the military to turn their venom against God directly toward those of us who have not bowed to their agenda.

Just this week another pastor and I met with a young wife and mother of three children whose husband decided after 15 years of marriage that he is a woman. He filed for divorce and simultaneously filed for a name and gender change. Imagine her and those precious children’s devastation at having a six-foot, 200-pound “daddy in a dress” come pick the kids up from school.

Texas is now being forced to add specific language to state law defining male and female, and I can assure you that this battle is being waged in every major city and every state, separately from DADT and the more visible attack points. For example, do you know the difference between “transsexual” and “transgendered”? I do now and so must you.

Passive Christians and, most egregiously, passive pastors are the greatest problem, and the only remaining question is whether we will find enough males who are men in pulpits who are willing to take the risk of being branded and ridiculed by our opponents for daring to speak truth.

Bigots, hate-mongers, un-Christian, intolerant … bring it on. Our sacrificial and courageous men and women serving us in the military can face bullets and IEDs, so we should be able to handle a little verbal heat. Our God requires it of us, our children deserve it from us – and closing words from my rabbi give us the good news:

Commencing the daunting task of restoring America means that there will inevitably be times when we will wish we had left well enough alone. It may appear to be getting worse before it gets better. That is fine. We know the biblical blueprint, and persistence will pay off. Little by little we will once again see America adopt that ancient and effective blueprint as our society’s road map.