Barack Obama loves to portray himself as a compassionate humanitarian.

Assuring justice and avoiding unnecessary punishment is such an obsession, he would have us believe, that he opposes detaining those participating in acts of war against the U.S. He even insisted on a civilian trial in New York for the man who confessed to masterminding the Sept. 11 attacks.

But Obama’s compassion does have its limits.

There’s one distinguished U.S. Army officer and physician who appears to be headed to prison soon.

He hasn’t committed any crimes.

He has served his country honorably in foreign wars.

His reviews by superiors were all impeccable.

Yet, he is headed for a court-martial and a likely prison sentence and discharge because he wanted to ensure he was upholding the oath he took as a commissioned officer to support and defend the Constitution.

Lt. Col. Terrence Lakin wanted to determine with certainty that the president who was ordering him deployed to another foreign war was actually constitutionally eligible to serve in office.

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All he asked was proof of that simple requirement in the form of Obama’s long-form birth certificate to be released publicly so that he and the 58 percent of Americans who are also in doubt as to Obama’s qualifications can sleep at night knowing the Constitution still prevails as the law of the land.

Instead of complying with this request, Obama took a hard line. He has actively fought all legal efforts to get him to release his birth certificate as did his rival in the 2008 presidential campaign, John McCain, when questions about his eligibility arose. Obama has spent at least $2 million fighting efforts to release his birth certificate.

Still, there are those in the media and elite political circles who attempt to laugh off this issue.

I don’t know why they’re laughing. The joke is on them. No one spends millions of dollars protecting a document as simple and innocent as a birth certificate, or sends dedicated U.S. military officers off to prison because it would be inconvenient to release a document Americans have to produce dozens of times throughout their lives. No one, that is, except Barack Obama – or someone else who has something to hide.

Obama has compassion for the worst kind of terrorists and murderers, but he can’t find an ounce of compassion for Lt. Col. Terry Lakin. Does that make sense?

What are the secrets contained in that birth certificate? Was Obama an overweight child? Was he born prematurely? I mean, come on, this is a birth certificate!

More likely, the birth certificate contains information that would absolutely undermine and contradict Obama’s entire life narrative as he defined it (or Bill Ayers did) in his celebrated book, “Dreams of My Father.”

Maybe his parents weren’t who he claimed them to be.

Of course, that wouldn’t disqualify him for office. In fact, Obama would likely have a better case of proving eligibility if that were the case. But how could he explain that? It would mean Obama’s compelling life story was all a work of fiction – not just most of it, as has already been established, but all of it. Even the title of his book would be a lie. Even his name would be a lie.

That would be pretty shocking.

But would a truly compassionate man let another good person go to prison to cover up his secret?

Or maybe, just maybe, Obama wasn’t born in the U.S. at all. Maybe that laser-printed short-form “certification of live birth” is a fabrication, something Obama’s parents or grandparents obtained to bestow “anchor baby”-style American birth rights upon the little boy.

Obama may not be compassionate enough to release his birth certificate to keep Terry Lakin free and his honor intact. But I know millions of Americans are compassionate enough to help this brave military officer in his time of need.

It’s time for two acts of compassion in this matter:

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