Did you know you could earn a decent living and win accolades from peers in the media by pretending to be a “conservative” who loves trashing conservatives and defending socialists?

That is who Jonathan Kay is – in addition to being managing editor of the opinion pages of Canada’s National Post.

When Kay set his sights on me last May in a piece called “Cult of the False Prophet,” I didn’t even respond. Who would care enough to read what would have to be a lengthy column pointing out numerous falsehoods, ad hominem attacks, mischaracterizations and religious bigotry he displayed in the piece? After all, who was Jonathan Kay?

But now, I suspect, Kay has crossed a bridge too far – at least for his fairy tale about being a “conservative” to have any traction, at least on this side of the border.

Not content to go after those asking legitimate questions about the constitutional eligibility of Barack Obama – and doing some darned good reporting on those questions, I might add – Kay has taken to attacking American conservative icon Glenn Beck and defending the meddling globalist billionaire George Soros. (Watch this guy wind up working for Media Matters or Huffington Puffington Post, one of these days, when Toronto tires of his politically correct “gay” obsession and the “conspiracies” he finds under every bed.)

Last month Beck did an admirable job recounting George Soros’ history and illustrating what a force he has been in undermining the precepts and institutions that have made America exceptional in the world.

Kay doesn’t actually counter a single accusation Beck made in his thorough and well-researched profile of Soros. Instead, he attacks the messenger by all but accusing him of anti-Semitism.

The December issue of Whistleblower shines a thousand-watt spotlight on the “dark lord” of the left – billionaire investor George Soros

“According to Beck’s conspiracist (Kay’s favorite word) narrative, there seems to be no sin that cannot be laid at Soros’ feet – even “the crimes of the Nazis,” writes Kay. “Soros is Jewish. When the Nazis occupied his native Hungary, Soros, like some other Jewish children, was recruited to help deliver deportation notices to Jewish families. Out of this fact has grown a mythology that paints Soros (who was 14 at the time) as a full-blown Nazi collaborator. Beck wallowed in this material during his Fox broadcast.”

Beck did no such thing. He didn’t wallow in this material. In fact, he simply recounted Soros’ own description of this period in his young life – pointing out that he “enjoyed” working for the Nazis and victimizing his fellow Jews.

Kay continues in his smear of Beck: “Of course, lots of people casually throw around Nazi references these days. The anti-war left likened Bush to Hitler during the Iraq war, and the tea-party movement returned the favor with Obama. Yet there is something especially unsettling about Beck’s smear on Soros. Despite Beck’s upbeat, high-energy, everyman schtick, his case against Soros unwittingly taps into some very dark ideological currents. The idea that a secret cabal of all-powerful financiers and ‘puppet masters’ is deliberately seeking to crash the world’s economies and thereby create a ‘one-world government’ has been kicking around right-wing conspiracist (there’s that word, again) circles since the publication of The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion – in which the fictional Jewish ‘Elders’ are shown as plotting to render ‘all the goy States to bankruptcy,’ and to create a ‘Super-Government Administration.’ This helps explain why the Anti-Defamation League described Beck’s rants against Soros as ‘offensive’ and ‘horrific.'”

Here Kay marches right up to the point of labeling Beck an anti-Semite and then cowardly backs down with this slam: “Yet no one can say Beck is anti-Semitic (not even the ADL makes that claim). The man is too ignorant to understand the historical origins of his conspiracist (there’s that word, again) mythology.”

Now, I’ve made no secret of the fact that I have bones to pick with Glenn Beck. But I’d pay to see Jonathan Kay match wits with him. My guess is he wouldn’t have the courage to make these charges to his face. And my second guess is that Beck would eat his lunch.

But I think it’s about time someone blew the whistle on this phony – even if he is just a second-rate columnist pretending to be something he’s not and who has been shamelessly promoting a book he has written for a year before its publication date.

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