On Dec. 7, President Obama quite suddenly, at 12:30 p.m., called a press conference for 2:30 p.m.

In astounding contrast to almost all White House daily briefings (which are so often as long as an hour), this last-minute scheduled presidential press conference began five minutes early, at 2:25 p.m.

It was held in the White House press room rather than in the East Room, and the president ended it just 33 minutes later.

His opening statement was unusually brief at four minutes.

After recognizing only six of the at least 60 reporters who jammed the room – he concluded and walked out.

Before recognizing every one of the six favored reporters (four of whom were allowed to ask two questions each), he looked down, in every case, at a cue sheet. This was the list of Obama-favored reporters who were picked in advanced – in a rigging that is so foreign to the press conference traditions I remember with the eight presidents I have covered as a White House correspondent.

By the end of this event that lasted hardly a half hour, the president returned to his very bad habit of filibustering in response to the selected few allowed to ask and took eight minutes to answer just one question from the Wall Street Journal.

I also learned when I went to the White House press room before this surprise press conference that on that night the president and Mrs. Obama were hosting annual Christmas receptions for the media – from which I have been barred for the second year by the Obamaites.

My primary regret about this exclusion is the fact that my wife, Sylvia, known as “the Berkley Democrat,” has very much enjoyed attending these events. I am sad, indeed, that the exclusion of me also applies to her – when so many other presidents of both parties never did this – except Jimmy Carter around Christmastime after he lost to Ronald Reagan.

I am sorry that the spirit of “Peace on Earth, good will toward men” has – by either the president or one of his minions – been denied to the two of us.

I continue proud and grateful to be White House correspondent and columnist for WorldNetDaily, which continues to raise the still-unanswered questions engendered by the (alleged) Obama birth certificate.

This document has neither the name of the purported hospital in Hawaii, nor the attending physician. Could WND’s justified curiosity and unrelenting determination to uncover the details of the president’s birth have anything to do with the snubbing of the news site’s White House correspondent?

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