The lame-duck Congress has now passed the Obama-endorsed repeal of “don’t ask, don’t tell” – by a vote of 250 to 175 in the House and 65 to 31 in the Senate.

In the House, the 250 votes in favor of recruiting self-announced homosexuals into our armed forces contrasted with 175 votes against it.

When the newly elected House convenes next month – so many of those Democrats who voted for repeal will be gone – having themselves been repealed by an overwhelming majority of the voters of United States whom these Democrats, as well as Obama, chose to defy.

This begs the question: Is this 250-to-175 vote, plus the 65-to-31 Senate vote, not an absolute defiance of the will of the majority of the American people on Election Day?

Rep. Howard P. (“Buck”) McKeon, R.-Calif., characterized the vote as another attempt to “satisfy the Democratic liberal agenda” and said that Democrats were ignoring the military service chiefs – Army Gen. George W. Casey Jr., Air Force Gen. Norton A. Schwartz and Marine Corps Commandant Gen. James F. Amos, all of whom have expressed reservations about repeal of the policy. McKeon noted that Gen. Amos said this week that having openly gay men and women serving could become a distraction that could cost lives.

“This is something we all ought to pay serious attention to when we are fighting two wars,” he said.

Will the incoming House of Representatives – which is so overwhelmingly Republican – vote to repeal the repealing of DADT? And will the 2012 election remove a number of U.S. senators who voted for repeal? Or, if they fail to do so, what if an amendment is then introduced to provide armed forces recruitment of all sexual orientations rather than confining such recruitment to homosexuals, lesbians, bisexuals and transsexuals?

Since practicing non-monogamous homosexuals have this nation’s highest per capita rate of AIDS, why should they be recruited but not other alternative sexual orientations?




    polyandrists (women with multiple husbands)



    necrophiliacs (sex with corpses)

    coprophiliacs (those sexually aroused by feces)

    urophiliacs (those sexually aroused by urine)

    zoophiliacs (practitioners of bestiality)

    incest practitioners

    klismaphiliacs (sexually stimulated by enemas)

Brian Camenker attends an orthodox synagogue in the Boston area. As the founder of the pro-family group Mass Resistance, Camenker declared the following about Connecticut’s independent U.S. senator:

“Sen. Joseph Lieberman, who has the incredible chutzpah to call himself an orthodox Jew, will desecrate the holy Sabbath to go to work – the U.S. Senate – and vote to force the U.S. integration of homosexuality into the U.S. military. He is a shameful disgrace and embarrassment to orthodox Jews everywhere.”

Peter LaBarbera, president of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality, was also strongly critical:

“Shame on Joe Lieberman – who professes to adhere to ancient Jewish moral law – for confusing the noble civil rights cause with an agenda that seeks to normalize destructive homosexual behavior. Lieberman is wrong: Homosexuality is not the basis for ‘civil rights,’ which in the past has been based on unchangeable skin color – not sexual misconduct that can be resisted or changed (as evidenced by thousands of former homosexuals who now live happy lives in accordance with God’s will).

“There are no ‘ex-blacks’; there are many ex-‘gays.’ This helps explain the difference between President Truman’s noble reform to racially integrate African-Americans into the military – and President Obama’s misguided push for open homosexuals in the military, which is really about pandering to his liberal, pro-‘gay’ political base.”

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