One key aspect of honoring God is honoring His standards. God’s followers should cling to what is good but simultaneously hate evil. And, we are to expose the “fruitless works of darkness,” presumably so repentance and repair can take place, or if all else fails, act in defense.

So what happens now in our military? Do you feel safer, knowing that lavender special interests now have authority? Do you feel “justice” has been done?

As I sat in despondency a few days before Christmas over the homosexualizing of our military by an act of Congress, I was struck by what this really means. Yes, it means my Ohio senators, George Voinovich and Sherrod Brown, are smug, corrupt, blind and believe themselves to be otherwise. Yes, it means that Joe Solmonese and the Human Rights Campaign can blast out a triumphant, deceptive and venom-filled e-mail in the name of “love.”

Yes, it means that more treasonous military personnel like Pfc. Bradley Manning can have free rein to inflict harm on innocent people through their stupid actions, because those in power have been persuaded the homosexually inclined are no more prone to mental, emotional or even spiritual disorders than any other person who regularly attends “gay” pride parades and wants a sex change. So go ahead, entrust these people with national security. Nothing to fear here.

But this also means that the rank-and-file military service members, most of whom are young and brave, will be denied basic justice all in the name of “justice.” Those in the full flower of young manhood or womanhood will be unable to simply act naturally while being who God truly made them. Those who have embraced their God-designed heterosexual identities, as all should, will be unable if confronted with the imminent expression of sodomy to signal or voice distaste or repulsion.

Their rights to disgust – to “hating evil” – are gone. This is a tragedy, because “open homosexuality” means empowerment of homosexual desire, and those who have monitored this movement know exactly what the fascist fruit of such power has unleashed in our schools, our streets, our workplaces, our courts and our churches. It means the exaltation of perversion and the silencing, by humiliation, intimidation and then force if necessary, of those who cherish and want to express traditional morality.

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We were alerted this is how it would be. Adm. Mike Mullen told the Senate Armed Services Committee that if Congress ended the ban on homosexuality in the military, military leadership would comply, and those who didn’t like it could just leave or not join.

This is what “tolerance” really looks like. It has an ugly face, a black heart, and it dwells in deception.

So, cooperate or leave. That means, in practice, that the rights to freedom of association, to freedom of religion and the rights to privacy of our troops will be sacrificed on the altar of sodomy. “Gay” pride parade values trump other interests. Here come compulsory diversity training courses, de facto speech codes and the prompt labeling of any objections as “hate.”

Welcome to the new emasculated America, where the revolution is happening without firing a shot.

You can assess leadership in our churches and in our nation by how increasingly comfortable some are with evil, or conversely, how willing others are to stand up and call it out, even when it’s inconvenient, stressful and risky to do so. Mike Mullen and Robert Gates come across to me as cowards. I am encouraged that there are others of a different stripe who are still in positions of influence, or otherwise it would be tough to sleep at night.

Aren’t bravery, high moral standards and integrity hallmarks of military leaders? I always thought so, but now it may be career assassination to exhibit those qualities.

I’m very sad for our country, even though I know that God will enact His justice one day, and short of repentance, it’s not going to go well for the likes of George Voinovich, Sherrod Brown, Scott Brown, Mark Kirk (who may have issues with homosexuality himself) or Lisa Murkowski. Let’s note that her name, for future Alaska elections, is spelled “c-l-u-e-l-e-s-s.”

When Joe Lieberman confidently faces the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, who’s going to win that encounter? God-1, Joe-0.

And shouldn’t we simply give Maine to Canada, until they can stop sending leftist GOP infiltrators to Washington?

Can the repeal be repealed? It’s time to pray like never before, because the repeal of the ban on open homosexuality will fuel the muscle of this hateful movement far beyond the military. It will be used as a trump card in efforts to pass so-called “non-discrimination” laws coast to coast. “Sexual orientation” is likely to be added within five years to the federal civil rights code, God help us.

And marriage? Think about the challenges to marriage law, when these newly emboldened “gay” service members demand their same-sex spouses – from nuptials performed in states like Massachusetts – receive the benefits they “deserve.” Could the military be the tool needed to force same-sex marriage on the whole nation?

No, there’s no question that, like the tragic election of Barack Obama, God is giving America what we apparently want. And even though the recent November election promises us relief in early 2011, like all disasters, there’s still the interim clean-up of the wreckage. But can this mess be cleaned up?

Now it’s a toss-up as to which movement will take down our country first: radical Islam via creeping Shariah, or the Christ-hating left with a lavender military in the lead.

Jesus, come quickly.

Linda Harvey is president of Mission America and hosts a daily radio talk show in Ohio.

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