Men waving rainbow flags from a jeep during the London Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Pride event, 5th July 1997. (Photo by Steve Eason/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

Numerous service members, veterans and concerned citizens have written WND to express their fury about the repeal of the military’s ban on open homosexuality.  We encourage readers, especially those on active duty, to let us know what you think about allowing open homosexuality in the military and how you plan to respond to the new policy.  Following are excerpts from selected letters arranged by topic:

Sexual assaults

• I was in the military from 1955-59 and joined the U.S. Navy when I was 17. My first assignment after boot camp was on a large Navy base where I knew nobody except a friend that joined with me. Within a week we were both approached, separately, by a non-commissioned officer who was large in stature. He propositioned both of us on separate occasions and was quite aggressive. To receive unwanted sexual advances by another male was both repulsive and sickening And this was back when the military did not allow homosexuals to serve. …
Nevertheless, I was physically threatened by disgusting advances from this person. My friend and I compared experiences and agreed to go up the chain of command and report the incident. Unknown to us was the fact that the “chain of command” consisted of other homosexuals of higher rank who quickly buried our complaints. It was less than a week later that we were both re-assigned to another base. I don’t know if you are a homosexual and I don’t care. That is not my concern. But allowing homosexuals in the military is just plain WRONG. … During my navy enlistment, I experienced the tension that exists between people of different sexual orientation and it was a very unpleasant experience for me. I sincerely hope that you will change your mind on this matter. If the existing policy is changed, I couldn’t in good conscience recommend anyone to join the military.

• In 1958 I was stationed aboard the destroyer U.S.S. Eaton. I was sent to the paint locker to obtain paint from the 3rd class petty officer that was in charge of the paint. As I climbed into the hatchway, I was confronted by the P.O. that quickly put his hand on my privates and said “Do you want to have a little fun before you leave?” Being just 18 years old at the time, and not really realizing exactly why he touched me in that way, I knew instinctively that it was wrong. I told him to keep his hands off of me, but he insisted. I found it necessary to defend myself, and although he was my superior, I hit him several times and got out of the hatchway. Ultimately, I was cited to have a Captain’s Mast for assaulting a superior. The Captain’s Mast was very fast, and when I explained why I hit the petty officer, my case was dismissed. Sir, this was in 1958. How many times do you think this has happened to young men in the military since?

• I entered the Navy when I was 17 years old. I was very naive at the time and was molested twice within the first year by other “gay” sailors. Homosexuals by their very nature are promiscuous and aggressive and will take every opportunity they have to make advances on straight heterosexuals. It is their stated goal to see how many straight individuals they can subvert. I can’t imagine what it will do to our military readiness if they are allowed to serve openly.

Unit cohesiveness

• In combat in Vietnam many lousy commanders were shot in the foot or leg and a new lieutenant was assigned. If the commander has a lover in a small group of men and the ‘lover’ never pulls
a rotation on point do you think a fragging will happen? To one or both? Every decision will be questioned because of sex happening between the two.

• When I was in boot camp (Nov. 1941) one element of conventional wisdom was the proposition that “liars, thieves, and queers” were to be driven from the company of normal men. The methods for driving were not specified. I assume that same attitude prevails today. You just can’t have that kind of corruption infesting a close knit group like a squad of Marines.

• Well, President Obama has succeeded in bringing back what we called the “blanket party” back in my era in the service. “Gays” were never welcome in the barracks and in the showers with straight men. When we found out someone was “gay,” they were given blanket parties, and generally Section 8’ed out of the service.

• When I was in the military I was told, by my friendly drill sergeant, that my constitutional rights had been suspended as long as I wore that uniform and the Army owned my worthless butt 24/7. They proved that to me on more than one occasion. I can tell you that openly “gay” or lesbians will not be trusted in combat by their fellow soldiers and combat, in the military, [that] is where the rubber meets the road. That is just the reality of it.

• As a military vet, I can assure you the new policy will result in pitched battles between the “straights” and the homosexuals. The president has no military background and the other people favoring this bizarre move have never been in a shower with a large group of sailors/soldiers. A “gay” in the shower will be carefully watched for any sign he is aroused by the sight of other naked men. When that occurs, the other men will take action. This move will debilitate the military when it leads to charges against men or women who will not accept showering with those people they view as freaks of nature.


• As a retired Sergeant Major from the U.S. Army, I receive letters from the Department of the Army requesting that I talk to young people about joining one of the armed services, the Army in particular. Although, I have not actively recruited someone to join, I have talked to many youth interested in a career or just to join to learn about the world. I will now stop doing this in a positive manner. I threw out the positives of giving of yourself for service to the country and the defense of our freedoms and beliefs. With the passing of this law, I no longer believe our youth should have to live with this type of social engineering within the military services.

• You may have to ask Congress to bring back the draft just for national security.

• As a 26-year veteran I have advised my grandson, who wanted to be a Marine officer, to find another dream. He agreed and has plans to go into another career. One look at the freaks in a queer pride parade was all it took to understand that this kind of perversion will be in our military along with the harassment complaints filed by by “gays”. Someone should track VA disability claims made by “gays” who contract AIDS while in service. This means that money will be spent on them that would be used to help wounded and others with claims not related to their perverted behavior. … MSgt, USAF, Ret.

• I spent six years in the Marine Corps. As a Christian, I would never have joined had homosexuals been welcomed. It is ungodly and perverse to give the wicked a place in our armed forces.

• Words can hardly express my outrage concerning the despicable actions of the Obama regime in attempting to force the military to accept open homosexuals. It would do the present occupant of the office of president to observe what our first President, the father of our country, George Washington, had to say on this subject. General Washington forbade homosexuals from service in the Continental Army. What does Obama know about the military that Washington did not? … I volunteered for the Army in 1969. I would not so again at this present moment.

• I got out a few years ago from the Navy after ten years in for family reasons. I have considered rejoining now that those reasons are no longer a factor. However, with the signing of the repeal of DADT, no thank you. I have nothing against homosexuals on a personal level, but I’m not going to go through the sensitivity training, the forced acceptance of people who for the first few years are going to be “‘gay’ first” “sailor/airman/soldier/marine” second. I don’t have time for that. The life of a service member has enough stresses, this is one more then was needed or wanted.

Military culture

• After more than 25 years in the U.S. Army I’ve come to appreciate the unique culture we have in the Army. But it appears that that culture is about to be irrevocably altered by some who fail to see the bigger picture. It would seem that the powers that be have already decided that openly homosexual people can serve in the military with no ill affect on the larger whole. I certainly beg to differ based on my observations of the Army family culture. I’m not talking about the usual issues many have already raised, such as trouble in the fox hole or in communal showers between heterosexual and homosexual soldiers. While those are legitimate concerns and will cause problems, what I’m talking about are those things that draw us together as an Army family. The whole military family culture that is the base support for all we do. It revolves around the traditional family unit; not the homosexual lifestyle and certainly not homosexual marriage. … One more concern that the politicians, and especially the media, are blatantly ignoring is the fact that many of the foreign armies that have integrated homosexuals are having many problems. HIV/AIDS rates have soared in the Australian army since they integrated homosexuals; there are reports of commanders in the French army (as well as others) having to segregate homosexuals into their own “gay” companies in order to lessen their negative influence on the rest of the unit, just to name a few. Of course, they are not allowed to talk of this to the media and it is doubtful that any media outlet would conduct an unbiased investigation or report any negative effects of open homosexuality in any military force.  

• I am a military man, have been in the service 18.5 years so far. My father served 20 in the military and I am following my family’s legacy. Before my father died we used to sit and chat about what our military has turned into. What used to be a proud, self-sufficient might has been forced by military leaders in the past two decades to “make sure you’re fired on first and almost killed, then we might not court-martial you if you fire back,” and NOW they want to add “gays” to that?? I can tell you myself that I will be DISGUSTED if an openly “gay” man serves in MY military! My father used to tell me our military is the last safe haven from “gays”. There is just NO room in here for them and ALL of my comrades in arms agree! btw I am an Oathkeeper, a Minuteman, and I believe in God.

• What is the benefit to our military of repealing “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell?” None. … the gamut of being openly “gay” goes from the previously described type of “gay” person to openly in your face “gay,” cross-dressing, gender-changing radical people. Once the door is opened to openly “gay,” there is no way to govern what type of “gay” a person can be without engaging in some sort of discrimination. When someone is “gay” in the military and they are disciplined for improper performance of work, the first thing they will claim is discrimination. This will needlessly tie up the personnel management system.


• I am a retired Navy chief petty officer and I am vehemently opposed to the DADT policy. … There has been much discussion about the showers and bathrooms, which is true. In the Navy, you are berthed in close quarters. What is a person to do if he wakes during the night and hears/sees two men or two women in the same bunk?

• I am a veteran of the U.S. Army 92-96. This repeal is a huge mistake. Homosexuals should not be allowed to serve. The military is a conservative organization and people need to know that before they join. This is a disgrace that the Democrats are only doing to gain votes. I am sickened by it. Most people in the military I’d guess are Christian. This is a slap in the face to them. I can only imagine “gay” people and their partners flippantly walking into the barracks, having nasty sex in front of their roommates, etc. This is going to put homosexual activities in everyone’s faces! The people running this country are evil and now they want our military to be evil too.


• I have a son in the National Guard who just returned from an infantry tour in Iraq and an 18-year-old daughter who has been talking about joining the AF. … I am deeply concerned with this outrageous policy to homosexualize our armed services and am especially peeved at Senator Richard Burr who “turned coat” on all North Carolinians to vote for this abomination. … Not an iota of consideration was given to do a valid survey of our military or to receive input from the electorate before ramming this ill-fated policy down our throats! No thought is EVER given to the poor young people being seduced into this lifestyle as to how they can be assisted to be reformed from it. It is a one-way trip DOWN into a depravity that leads many to hopelessness and even suicide. … AND NOW OUR MILITARY LEADERS ARE EXPECTED TO DEVOTE RESOURCES –FUNDED BY TAXPAYERS!!–TO PROPAGANDIZE THIS DEPRAVITY AS WELL????

• If you have the ability to obtain a copy, I volunteer to critique the market research that was used to provide cover / justification for this outrageous change in policy. … For many years I ran what was probably the largest market research department in the world. Based on an informal assembly of comments about the DOD “research” it is VERY likely that work bordering on fraud was conducted. If so, I can establish that claim as fact.


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