More fury over open homosexuality in military

By Brian Fitzpatrick

Pentagon survey was flawed

• The Department of Defense survey that was used as grounds to repeal DADT began by specifically saying that if DADT is repealed, the military would not lower standards for personal behavior. If we are to believe the authors of the survey, then all the repeal of DADT means is that people who are tempted to engage in gay sex will be allowed to enlist but they will still not be allowed to engage in that immoral behavior. If these sections of the Uniform Code of Military Justice were removed, it would constitute a betrayal of the assurances that all service members were given when they completed that survey.

• I am a retired Navy chief petty officer who served 20 years continuous active service. When I wrote my two senators, I told them that those knuckleheads forcing this law on the military have never, and I mean never, been asleep in a bunk and been awakened by a hand slowly moving around your “junk” or perhaps kissing you on various parts of your body. I don’t accept the polls that say the military rank and file agree with the law. There will be bloody assaults, and even murder by a straight serviceman when the homosexual individual picked the wrong one.

• I served twenty years in the U.S. Army. I have worked in the theater of operations for the past seven years in support of Operations Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom. I have conducted my own unofficial survey of literally hundreds of troops in those seven years. The main difference between my survey and the one conducted by the Department of Defense is that mine allowed for discussion. The DOD only allowed for answering direct questions. I will admit, upon initially posing the question to some soldiers if they had a problem serving with gays, many said as long as the gays didn’t pursue them personally, they didn’t really care one way or the other. However, upon further discussion, when asked if they would be willing to share billeting and personal hygiene areas with gays, their answers abruptly changed. An overwhelming majority that I would estimate at greater than 95 percent, stated they would not want to share those facilities with gays.

• As a former officer in the U.S. Navy, ship’s executive officer, and officer in several veteran’s organizations, I would like to express my and most of my peers’ outrage over the positions taken by the secretary of defense, chairman of the Joint Chiefs and many senior officers over endorsing or consenting to open service by homosexuals in the armed services. I believe the Joint Chiefs are playing politics, their polling was designed to minimize objection and even a fair reading of their polling shows unacceptable problems. Have we been so swayed and lulled into indifference by the constant pro-homosexual propaganda that we have lost our ability to reason? The needs of the service come first. No one has a “right” to serve. The military must be free to select those individuals who can best protect our country. The military is all about trust in your unit. Unit cohesion is about shared values. This is what boot camps are all about.


• Do you think the military will rebel against the homosexuals in service when the barracks become hotbeds of same-sex orgies in rooms that are all pastel pink? I can see the draft coming back into force because people like my grandson, who is putting his life on the line so the queers can join up, has already said he will give up his career in the Marines if DADT is repealed. I am thinking he will be looking for a job as soon as his enlistment is up.

• We have become a soft country. I have often pondered my decision to get out of the Marine Corps but am now con tent with my decision. To allow gays to openly join the military and ask our fellow military members to accept this is obscene. They won’t and then what? Yes, people will leave the military and good minded young men and women will opt not to join the military because of this.

• When you consider the problems occurring in the French military, and in other European militaries, as well as the experiences of Australia’s military, you have to consider the fact that none of those countries has been as thoroughly inculcated with Christian values as our own, and all have had a far more “laissez faire” attitude toward homosexuality in general, than we ever have, yet they have had to make room for special units to control their problems. … As a Christian man myself, I strongly suspect we cannot keep a military, with this policy, without reverting to a draft, and I know I would not accept being drafted into an openly gay military, it would not happen, I would take up arms and march on Washington first. As a retired Marine, I can no longer suggest the armed forces as a career or even as a temporary start for life, but have to call it for what it has been turned in to, and what it will become.

• I am an Air Force veteran. I’ll make this brief and to the point! After what Congress and others in positions of authority in this nation have done with the repeal of “don’t ask, don’t tell,” there is ABSOLUTELY no way that I would ever serve in our military again and if I were on active duty now, I would leave the military regardless of the cost!

Military culture threatened

• From a chaplain’s point of view there are several problems. Who is going to provide this training? Chaplains, as we do most of the relationship training, suicide intervention-prevention training, and some sexual harassment and abuse prevention training. Most of us will not train this material due to our religious objections. That leaves us with disobeying a direct order and facing military disciplinary action. Catholic, evangelical Christian – and we are the largest group by far – Orthodox Jewish and Muslim chaplains will simply be unable and unwilling to compromise to suit the P.C. crowd. What about those hospital and chaplain counselors with professional counseling training, serving in positions in which the job is counseling? [Homosexuals] will demand evangelical chaplains provide them counsel for marital issues and then sue when they cannot get that type of counseling. Also, in divorce cases the military moves the non-military spouse back to their home of record. Homosexual unions are notorious for short terms, so these ‘divorcees’ will get a free ride with their goods home. Currently the Army spends $1.7 billion dollars a year on moves. I can only image that this will rise incrementally as well.

• I am a retired USAF mustang major. The repeal of the DADT policy is not really about equality. There is NO right to serve in the U.S. military. This repeal is a diabolically calculated move. By inflicting homosexual policy and culture upon the conservative majority in the U.S. military, progressives hope to force those conservatives to either comply and accept the deviancy as normal behavior, or exit the military in droves. This forces the usually ultra-conservative culture of the military to radically change to a deviancy-sympathizing culture. It changes the entire demographics of the U.S. military from the inside out. By using the military as a test tube to incubate progressive worldview and Marxist philosophy within a previously conservative public body, the military not only is eliminated as an obstacle, but it becomes the ultimate poster child for promoting the end mission of the progressives: the complete social engineering of the U.S. population.

• I am a captain in the medical corps of the U.S. Navy, with 25 years active duty, and significant time assigned in Marine units. I have observed an interesting behavioral shift in communal showers that is very clearly generational. Older guys like myself, who grew up when homosexuals were firmly in the closet, tend to be very unself-conscious. When we finish our shower, we throw the curtain to one side, grab our towel, and begin to dry off. We step out buck naked into the center area to get our clothes off the bench, and begin dressing. If anyone is watching, we are generally unconscious of it and take no notice. Not so with the younger generation that is highly conscious of homosexuals because they have grown up being constantly confronted with the issue. When the younger generation finish a shower, the curtain is moved a few inches to the side, and an arm will snake out to grab the towel on the hook. The towel disappears back into the stall and the curtain closes. When toweling stops, the soldier/sailor/marine emerges with the towel wrapped around his waist. Invariably, the first article of clothing donned is the athletic shorts, which are pulled up under the towel, which is only removed when the shorts are in place. The younger guys are very conscious of the possibility that some queer is secretly checking them out and it makes them very nervous to potentially be the object of another guy’s sexual interest. Times have changed, and for the worse.

• I was in the U.S. Army from 1982 to 1987 as an MP. The military is a way of life, it is not a job or a hobby. When you join you swear your allegiance to your country, your commanders and your fellow service men and women. You wear the same clothes, talk the same talk, eat the same food and sleep in the same places. In the military you are NOT an individual and that is for a very good reason. Even in a SEAL, special forces or Ranger company they work in TEAMS to get the job done. Individuality is not helpful and is most of the time extremely hurtful. Individuals that choose homosexuality as a way of life have chosen to put their own personal desires over and above others. Teams work together for the betterment of the whole not themselves.

• Excuse my ignorance but, what does being “openly gay” mean? Am I openly straight? Looking at a gay and me, how can anyone tell? On occasion, I go to San Francisco to see my adult daughters who live and work there. A few times I witnessed a gay celebration. Some of these celebrations get out of hand by some participants going naked and doing unacceptable displays. (You can figure out what I mean.) As far as I know, straight people do not hold these affairs. What is needed is a military order describing what is unacceptable for both gays and straights. We are in for a rough ride.

• So what’s next? How is the military going to handle two homosexuals walking and holding hands? What happens to the open bay barracks when they get the urge? What happens to the militant homosexual who gets into his officer’s or NCO’s face? Who is going to take action? What happens when an aggressive homosexual tries to put the make on a straight? What part of the UCMJ pertains to this action? All these questions will have to be answered but the cowards in Washington will not have an answer for them. Glad that I am retired now, but I feel for the active duty people of today!

• I read your December 24th editorial, ‘The coming LGBT military’ and it occurred to me that there is still an article in the UCMJ that would specifically apply to any homosexual or lesbian activity. Given the latest miscarriages of justice by both the military and the DOJ, it certainly will not surprise me if this article is completely ignored. Chapter 47, Uniform Code of Military Justice, §925. Art. 125. Sodomy (a) Any person subject to this chapter who engages in unnatural carnal copulation with another person of the same or opposite sex or with an animal is guilty of sodomy. Penetration, however slight, is sufficient to complete the offense. (b) Any person found guilty of sodomy shall be punished as a court-martial may direct.

• There is no place in the military for a homosexual. It will destroy the entire moral fiber of the armed forces, and the morale as well. The homosexual movement has nothing to do with wanting to fight for America, their goal is to force the government into giving them rights that exceed the rights of a normal person. Here we go, let’s embrace some more “change” so we can destroy what remains of a once proud nation, because of a small majority who have no pride, conscience, or morality. They are totally deviant.

• I am a Vietnam veteran. My country is a Christian nation (regardless of what Barry Soetoro says) not Sparta. Throughout ALL of our nation’s history we have had an honest and trustworthy military. Homosexuality is a deviation from the normal and forcing the military to endure costly deviant training will weaken our military. What’s next? Openly accepting proven terrorists and forcing more acceptance training on the troops? I suppose the homosexuals will want base housing and marriage allowance for their partners too. Fantasyland? The DADT must be continued. God please help our nation.

Harassment and sexual assault

• During Infantry training one of the men in training with me was 17 years old and very small, about 5’2” tall. On a Sunday morning four recruits at the rifle range decided to rape this young Marine in a Quonset hut. There were four other Marines in the Quonset hut that witnessed the rape of this 17-year-old Marine and never stood up to protect him. The rapists were tried, convicted and sentenced to many years of hard labor in the Marine Corps brig, while the other four witnesses were discharged immediately for being “unfit for military duty.” All this is a matter of public record on file, it happened between Sept. and Oct. of 1970 at Camp Pendleton. The four rapist Marines were all homosexuals and that is exactly what is going to happen if “We the People” permit these lousy politicians to shove this crap down our throats. In the Democrats’ malignant pursuit to acquire more votes to keep themselves in office they are throwing our armed services under the “lawn mower!”

• About 1960, I had a cubicle mate in the Navy who I thought could have been homosexual. His behaviors were both disgusting and harassment, I believed. Though there was no “Don’t Tell, Don’t Yell” policy at the time, I thought it best just to keep my mouth shut. I wish now I had reported this fellow to our C.O. and just waited for the chips to fall. I hope that with the recent changes, on homosexuality in the military, that our straight service people will, upon feeling harassed by gays, will just “tell and yell.” If there is enough pressure from within, perhaps they will choose to go back in the closet.

• I am a veteran of the U.S. Air Force of almost six years and I can tell you that I am definitely against allowing gays in the military. When I was in basic training at Lackland Air Force Base, our flight had a homosexual it that actually harassed us in the shower, gawking at us and saying “Oh yes.” All of us guys hurried to get out of the shower to keep from being harassed by this pervert. What about our right to be safe from harassment? I have a son now and I cannot in good conscience recommend to him to join the military, nor could I encourage anyone else to do so as long as these perverts are being allowed in there, I would not want to be responsible for some poor kid being raped or molested after joining the military.

• I believe homosexuality is a sin and a perversion and will tear our military apart. I expect violence to increase immensely if straight soldiers are exposed to these perverts. I was approached by two homosexuals in 1983 while in the Marines on a four-day pass. It was around 2:00 am at a rest stop near Richmond, Va. I had been driving for over four hours plus had worked all day. It shocked me so bad I pulled a weapon and told them to back off. These were very large men and it happened in the rest room so I was cornered. I hate to think of what I would have done had they physically touched me. I am very concerned because if my soldiers try and defend themselves , they will be made to look like they are homophobes. The perverts are not the victims of this, we the people with morals are.

• Personally I was surprised to read in your article about some gay encounters within the U.S. Navy even near the time I served from 1955 to late ’58. At that time, however, going on liberty meant a virtual attack by civilian gays continually on the prowl for inexperienced and naive servicemen. I can’t help but believe that this continues and will exacerbate an already serious problem as civilian homosexuals descend on military personnel with impunity. There is not a doubt in my mind that allowing homosexuals to serve openly will negatively affect the military in a multitude of ways from certain people being ostracized within their units to as serious as vengeful attacks of retribution against unwanted advances or attention. I believe repealing DADT is virtually opening a Pandora’s box of troubles for our military in all branches at all levels.

Unit cohesion/morale

• If and when DADT is revoked two things will happen immediately. The draft will have to be reinstated and the term “man overboard” will take on a totally new meaning. I spent three and a half years aboard USS Albany, I know where I’m coming from.

• I’m afraid Obama is overlooking a serious element to this matter. I’m referring, of course, to the reception open gays could meet in the military as enlisted personnel. I know something about this, NOT because I was gay (I wasn’t/am not) but when 20 I looked like one. I was super skinny (109 lbs) and I suspect that my slim face could have been made “pretty” with makeup. I had not one friend in the company, but was generally tolerated as I quickly learned to talk and act “tough.” Also, I heard a number of open conversations on how “queers” might “accidentally” fall down stairs or other ways they might get hurt. I’m sure Obama can justify his thinking by finding enough GIs who will say gays are welcome, but bear in mind there are MANY others who will cause trouble.

• As a military retiree, with 23 years of service, and my enjoyment of reading, I have been convinced that throughout history there have been homosexuals that have been in the military of all nations. However, those who tried to serve openly and attempted to make others join their life style did not live long enough to be discharged from the military. They were put in graves somewhere. And it was seldom caused by an enemy of our nation, it was one of our troops.

• I am a veteran of the U.S. Army, 1957 to 1963. When I was in the Army, people who were homosexual slept in pup tents in the quadrangle and ate from their mess kits if they were found out. You think all that is going to change? No it will not.

• As a former military man, United States Navy, I can attest to the destruction of morale and unit stability of gays in the military. In late 1970s I was in boot camp in San Diego. One of the company commanders assigned to my drill company turned out to be a homosexual and was using his position of authority to commit sexual acts on the new recruits. Halfway through boot camp, this individual was relieved of duty, not only was this destructive to te company, multiple recruits were effected and even discharged over this. There is no telling how this incident continued to affect the Navy, the lives of the individuals involved, or the careers that were destroyed. The new recruits that were discharged were never able to fulfill their aspirations of service to their country.

• There is no fundamental “right” to serve in the armed forces. So this is not a rights issue. If you are fat, elderly, too young, can’t swim, have flat feet, a facial tattoo, criminal history or are HIV positive, have seven dependent children and a host of other disqualifying criteria, you can’t serve. If you think unit cohesiveness is not an issue, then you underestimate having openly gay men serve aboard a submarine. Why our finest warriors need to be subjected to each and every politically correct social experiment frankly escapes me. Over 1000 retired flag officers signed a letter against the repeal of DADT. If that is not a leadership opinion in support of General Amos, then what does it take to convince you? Being openly gay is not the issue, it is the behavior — a 30-year military service veteran.

Hoorah, Lt. Colonel!

• I wholeheartedly support the officer for refusing to push sensitivity training that is against his values and virtues. This repeal of DADT is contrary to values that wrote the constitution and founded the republic. More destruction of the republic by the Kenyan and his puppeteers! Thank you for your reporting. I appreciate you, and it.

• Thanks for the report on the officer who is standing his ground. After reading the Lt. Colonel’s letter, the question that came to mind is “How can we blame God when tragedies and calamities happen?” Several years ago, when I researched and recognized what Obama was all about, it does not shock me to see him making this move. One of the goals of the New Left is to eliminate the U.S. military by replacing it with an international fighting force under the authority of the United Nations. Demoralizing and humiliating our troops is just another tactic.

• Thanks for the recent article on the Army Lt. Colonel. Where has been the media on the Manning fellow? AWOL, as usual. Thanks to you light is being shined, and must be shined on this critical possible destruction of our great military.

• “Very few soldiers are fine with open homosexuals in the service,” said the officer. “I cannot believe the numbers jibe with what was published in the previous survey,” referring to a study commissioned by the Pentagon to assess whether the military could safely repeal DADT.”
And so it begins! Didn’t take long.

• Great article! I had a feeling this would happen. This is just one more knife in the backs of our military. This current regime in Washington, D.C. has political correctness on the brain and not one ounce of common sense. They care nothing about our brave men and women fighting to keep our country free from tyranny. I fear for our country!

• I am a retired Navy Lt. Commander. I served 27 years on active duty and retired in 2007. Your story and the Lt. Colonel’s points are spot on! This is the very reason why I departed the active ranks with 27 years and not 30. I saw the changes on the horizon and did not like what I saw.

• I am ashamed of what has happened to our military and indeed the left turn the nation has taken in recent years, I applaud this Lt. Colonel’s leadership as well as his conviction of character. Exactly what this nation needs in its leaders. I am presently in Iraq serving as a government contractor in order to make ends meet because of the horrific economy in the States. I shouldn’t have to come overseas to be successful after serving my country but that’s our unacceptable reality. I want my country back!

• My credentials include: active duty Sep. 57 – Oct. 63 as a B-47 copilot and Atlas “F” combat crew missile officer, ready reserve for six years flying C-124 aircraft, inactive reserve for 16 years, retiring as a USAF Reserve major. This new policy pending implementation is absurd to the highest degree. Placing our nation’s safety in jeopardy because of social mismanagement, political correctness, and pressures from unthinking, selfish, disloyal, elitists who have never been part of military operations, is funny-farm insanity! I totally agree with the Lt. Colonel who will not sign orders to his command for sensitivity training, homosexual brainwashing, and similar disastrous actions. If I knew how to reach him I would personally thank him for his heroic stand for principle and standards that have made our nation safe with the best military in the world, bar none!

• When I read this article, I lifted my hands in praise to Jesus, that He has raised up a man who will do what is right. Early Christians died doing what this man is willing to do. May this serve as an example for other men. Maybe even some of our senators and congressmen.

• This Lt. Colonel deserves a medal for standing up to this kind of garbage, but without a doubt will get a less-than-honorable discharge. Thank you for the story.

Don’t brainwash me

• I am an airman with eight years of service in the USAF. All this really makes me wonder what I will do when they try to “indoctrinate” me. I can’t accept it, and won’t. I have recently just deployed, and I have already seen displays next to some of the living quarters. They have formed the words “NO GAYS” out of rocks next to their entrance. I should have taken a picture of it. It is clear to me that the repeal of this policy will do much more damage than good to the military. Plus, they now have to completely rewrite the UCMJ which strictly forbids any kind of sodomy. I will have to seriously consider whether or not I will re-enlist in 2014 if I’m still in the service and haven’t been kicked out for not accepting the brainwashing and propaganda they will try to cram down our throats. What a world we live in now. Do decency and morals even still exist?

• I am a SFC in the Virginia Army National Guard and a former Marine. I am appalled and sickened over the repeal of DADT. I have 17 years of service, have been on active duty four times with the Guard since 9/11/01. I will not attend any pro homosexual briefings or behavioral modification training. I guess our country has become Sodom and Gomorrah and we will soon be judged as a nation.

On politics, politicians and culture

• When I was serving in the military during Vietnam, homosexuals were given “undesirable discharges.” In Vietnam, American troops won every battle but lost the war. Now it appears that these same losers in Congress want to impose their will on the military and keep our troops fighting indefinitely to appease the freaks who want to use the military as social entertainment.

• I was in the military in the 70s. Several times, I was approached by higher ranking personnel in a sexual way. That I was known to do some 50 one-armed pushups made their advances cautious but STILL they made them. It WAS the 70s and many things were simply shrugged off. I believe that EVERYTHING the Liberals do is intended to weaken this country socially, educationally, financially, militarily and Spiritually. I often wondered if a trans-generational diary existed that chronicled the ultimate fall of Rome. I have a hunch it would closely mirror the daily “goings on” of America over the past 90 years. There is a concept called “gradualism.” What one generation calls tyranny, the next generation calls daily life. On and on this goes until a given nation ultimately falls.

• I make the following statements based upon my 23 plus years of service to our country in the U.S. Marine Corps. I am deeply saddened by what I see happening to our country with this ‘undocumented alien” squatting within our White House. This impostor continuously implements laws, orders and other policies that are quickly leading our country down the path of destruction. Our country in general, and our military in particular, have reached a new low with the implementation of allowing gays/lesbians to serve openly in our military. Sadly, the vast, vast majority of the politicians voting to eliminate the DADT policy have never served in the military, in an infantry unit, nor ever heard a shot fired in anger. They seems to think that gays and lesbians will be able to serve in hostile situations without causing disruption to integrity and unit cohesion. They have lots to learn. Politicians seem to be unaware that Marines serving in combat cannot, like the politicians, simply walk away from a situation if it is disruptive to them. That openly gay/lesbian will be implanted right in the middle of a finely tuned group of young Americans that has their very life dependent upon the full trust and confidence of the Marine next to him. Like it or not, most of us would feel deeply uneasy knowing that they had to share a fighting hole in the ground with someone that was openly gay. I know I would, and if others would admit it, they would also. What a pitiful bunch of total idiots we currently have serving in Congress and our White House!

• As a vet who served in the U.S. Navy and the U.S. Air Force I am sick of what has happened to our military by our Congress and Senate members in voting for the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. This action has nothing to do with civil rights of anyone. To hear the top military general say that it is good for the military makes me want to PUKE. Retired USAF/Navy NCO.

• I am the wife of a Navy vet (tin can sailor), mother of two Navy vets with 5 and 9 years respectively. I fear for the well being of our Republic. Admiral Mullen voiced his contempt for the Christians in the military including the chaplains and the families that sent them to the military, and now to war. His remarks were more or less, “TOUGH, here’s your hat, what’s your hurry? LEAVE!” The arrogance of these top-level commanders is mind-boggling. They are more loyal to their careers and their politics than their oaths. Those like Mullen are nothing but toadies to this person we euphemistically refer to as “president.” As far as I am concerned this is nothing short of treason to put added stress on our military in the time of war, it’s bad enough that they, as the Vietnam vets before them are forced to abide by stupid rules of engagement that have gotten many of ours killed or wounded. It’s well past the time for the military to demand verification of Barack Obama’s eligibility to issue such orders.
• I am a vet (infantryman, Iraq 2006); I recently withdrew my membership from the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America because that organization backed the repeal of DADT. I would be interested in seeing if you could figure out how many members actually left.

• Homosexuality is a sin. But since our nation now refuses to recognize sin, homosexuality will now be out in the open in our armed forces. Anyone with any sense of history knows that open homosexuality is the last sign of a crumbling and soon to be extinct nation. We are being judged by a fierce and mighty God. He loves us and wants us to be holy. Homosexuality is an unholy lifestyle, like drugs, alcoholism, and prostitution. Yet our nation wants to legalize all these activities. We are not only an arrogant people, but we are also a stupid people. We voted in this bunch of political hacks and now we are paying the price. But since I am a Bible-believing conservative, I do not worry. Jesus told us not to in his scriptures. The unrepentant will all be left behind when Jesus comes for his children. I’ll see the rest of you all in paradise!

Time to fight back

• Although I have not been in the military myself, I have many family members who have served. We are all very upset about the repeal of DADT. This will have a negative impact on military effectiveness. I pray that many in the military will stand up against this outrageous act that our government has done.

• I strongly believe there will be efforts to nullify the intended effects of the repeal of DADT. There will be efforts in the House to defund any proposed changes, and I am strongly urging my Congressman, Duncan Hunter, to stay on top of the Pentagon and the DOD and stop them from implementing any changes without the approval of Congress. Please, please don’t just tell me how awful the repeal will be. Tell me what I can do to stop its intended effects, and do that immediately! Provide me with the emails, phones and faxes of every member of the House Armed Services Committee and even the Senate Armed Services Committee. Give me the email, phone, and fax numbers for the Pentagon and the DOD, and I mean the DIRECT numbers of those who are working on this, not just the public comment numbers or emails. Give me the names of organizations I can support that are working on nullifying this, like the Family Research Council.

• I am a Marine veteran and have recently set up a FACEBOOK page entitled REINSTATE DADT, which is intended to work with and complement RESTORE DADT, another newly-created Facebook page. While the RESTORE DADT FB page has been permitting discussion from all quarters, the REINSTATE DADT FB page is intended as a working page to foster communication and coordination between like-minded individuals and organizations. The singular task of this page will be to help roll back the DADT policy repeal. We are of the belief that the 111th Congress had absolutely no mandate to make such a sweeping change to military standards, particularly in light of the fact that the US voting population had sent it a stunning rebuke a mere matter of weeks before. Please join our group by clicking on the ‘LIKE” button. Our intent is to increase your profile amongst active duty service personnel, veterans and other like-minded supporters of traditional family values and military honor so that they can be aware of and participate in DADT rollback operations.

Opposing views

• Your article is full of scare tactics. The repeal of DADT does NOT allow for “open homosexuality.” It simply allows gay people who are in the military to not have to lie about who they are, and get fired if someone finds out who they are because someone stumbled upon a picture of a fellow troop’s boyfriend, or a letter written to a male troop’s boyfriend, for example. There is no reason to believe a gay or lesbian troop will suddenly change his/her behavior. There are rules of conduct in the military whether you’re gay or straight. Nothing will change except for that the person can’t be fired for their sexual orientation. Stop the homophobic scare tactics.

• So tell me, why should anyone believe this story [about the Lt. Colonel who refuses to indoctrinate his troops]? You got no name, no regiment, and oddly enough, no other real news agency is reporting on this alleged ‘story.’ You and your piddling right wing slander sheets are so [expletive deleted] full of bigotry, hatred AND [expletive deleted], that you should all be collectively horsewhipped.